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					SVN 3M0                                           GMO Debate

Debates are a useful way to examine both sides of an issue. In this assignment you will argue for or against one of the
topics below. Your audience will be me as well as the rest of the class. Your goal is to convince your peers that your
point of view is correct. You must use research and background information to convince your class, not just your own

The Project
In groups of choose one of the sides or the topic below to debate. You don't necessarily have to agree with your
side, just be able to argue it.

Debate Topic
                      For or Against the large scale use of Organic practices in Agriculture
                    For or Against the use of Pesticides (Herbicies, Fungicides) in Agriculture
                     For or Against the use of Genetically Modified Organisms in Agriculture

Your job is to prepare for a formal debate which will take place _______________________.
A formal debate has 3 parts. Each part has strict rules about content and must meet a minimum time requirement.

Part 1: Opening Statement or introduction 1-2 minutes
In this part each side has the opportunity to introduce the topic and highlight the points they will make. They cannot
argue any points during this time, just outline the topic and their position on the topic. They should also explain any
terminology or general science concepts that are important to the topic during this point.

Part 2: Argument points 1-3: 3-6 minutes
During this part each side has the opportunity to argue for their position. You must have 3 points to back up your
argument, so each person must talk for 1-2 minutes on one point. The object is to convince the audience that their
side is right. Each point must be backed up with an argument or example from research. A minimum of 2 different
examples per argument point should be made here. In total you should have
 3 points to back up your argument
 2-3 examples or points of proof for each point
 3 people talking for 1-2 minutes each

Part 3: Rebuttal 1-3 minutes
During this part each side has the chance to argue or "rebut" points that the opposing side has made. Rebuttals can
only be made against points that the opposition side argued (no new arguments or topics can be introduced during this
A minimum of 1 rebuttal point should be made here

After the 3 part debate the class will vote on which side they take. You will be assessed according to the following

Hand in:
A) Thesis
Create a thesis statement. Outline your position on the topic and the 3 argument points you will use to back it up. Due
on: _____________________

B) Bibliography
Research your 3 argument points. Submit a formal bibliography with a minimum of 4 references (1 per person in the
group). At least 2 of the references must be from online journal sites.
Due on: __________________________

C) Research notes
Hand in a summary of the points that you will be making during your debate. Each part should have a minimum of 3
pieces of information listed. Due on: ______________________
                                               Debate Assessment Criteria

  Criteria              Level 4                   Level 3                 Level 2                 Level 1         Mark
                  Eye contact is made        Eye contact is         Eye contact is         Minimal eye
                   100% of the time            made 75% of the         made 50% of the         contact is made
 Debate           Conveys excellent           time                    time                   Inappropriate
Technique          understanding of the       Use of grade           Use of basic            language is used
                   topic                       appropriate             language or            Work not shared
    (10)          Has understanding of        language                language that           by group
                   the opposite side of       Use of reference        the audience           Debate is read
                   the issue                   notes                   does not
                                              Collaborative           understand
                                               effort                 One sidedness
                                              Use of                  of group work
                                               appropriate             visible
                                               terminology            Over
                                                                       dependence on
                  Information goes           Grade                  Information is         Only opinions
                   above and beyond            appropriate             lacking                 are discussed,
 Quality of        grade concepts              information            Lack of research        not proof
Information       Points clearly             Well research          Lack of                Incorrect
                   demonstrate point of        points                  understanding of        terminology used
    (10)           view                       Examples used           the topic              Peers have no
                  Points are backed up        to back up points      Glosses over            understanding of
                   with thorough              Information is          topic leaving           topic
                   research and                presented in a          gaps in peer
                   examples                    manner that             understanding
                  Presented in a              peers can
                   manner that                 understand
                   everyone can
                  Effective use of time      Minimum time           Some time              Inappropriate
                   requirements                requirements are        requirements not        use of time
  Debate          Exceeds minimum             met                     met                    Group is not
 Structure         point requirements         Minimum point          Some point              prepared to
                                               requirements are        requirements not        present
    (5)                                        met                     met                    Point
                                              Outlined               Some aspects of         requirements are
                                               structure               the outlined            not met
                                               followed                structure not          Outlined
                                                                       followed                structure is not
  Thesis          Strong statement with      Concise                Statement is           Incomplete or
 Statement         3 clear supporting          statement of            wordy and or            does not clearly
                   points.                     opinion with 3          unclear                 express opinion
    (5)                                        argument points                                 or major
                                                                                               argument points
Bibliography      3+ sites are listed        3 appropriate          no online journal      less than 3
                  1+ online journal           sites are listed        source is listed        references are
    (5)            sources are used           appropriate            somewhat                used
                  information                 format followed         correct formal         incorrect format
                   researched goes            1 of sites are          and information         followed or
                   above grade level           online journal          is included             incomplete
                                               sources                                         information
Reference         information is             3 points of are        some information       information is
  notes            research based with         included                is from the             opinion not
                   clear examples to          researched              research and            research based
    (10)           support argument            information             some is opinion        mark for
                  information goes            supports thesis         based                   incomplete
                   beyond grade level          statement