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									                                   Pharm 511: Community Outreach Service
                                           Winter Quarter 2009

                                            Debate Topics

Topic                 Background                                      Debate Positions
1. Role of            The majority of pharmacists who                 a. Argue that it’s OK to let other
   advocacy           are in school and the majority of               people get involved, but not you.
                      those who graduate from pharmacy
                      school do not become engaged in        b. Argue that it’s Not OK to NOT
                      professional advocacy efforts.         get involved in professional
2. Professional       Many people would argue that           a. Argue why its OK that these
   voice              pharmacists have given up too          corporations take the burden off
                      much of their professional voice       your back
                      when they are employed by large        b. Argue why these corporations
                      corporations.                          do not represent you, your
                                                             profession and your patient’s best
3. Pharmacist’s       More people know the name of           a. Argue that it’s not really
   name               their hairdresser than those who       important and that it’s OK because
                      know the name of their pharmacist. pharmacists don’t have the time.
                                                             b. Argue that it’s critically
                                                             important to have your patients
                                                             know your name.
4. Personal beliefs   Some pharmacists will not dispense a. Argue that pharmacists have the
                      some legal, clinically appropriate     right to refuse these medications
                      medications because they feel these even if not dispensing them may
                      medications violate their personal     cause harm to the patient
                      beliefs.                               b. Argue that the patient’s needs
                                                             outweigh the pharmacists’ right to
5. Setting            Sometimes when a pharmacist            a. Argue that this is the standard of
   boundaries         can’t help a patient (i.e. closing up care in pharmacy and why it’s OK
                      at end of day, out of stock, etc.) the b. Argue that this is not OK
                      pharmacist/tech just tells the
                      patient that they can’t help them
                      and tells the patient to come back
                      another day or to look elsewhere.
6. Choosing a         Sometimes low-income, elderly,         a. Argue that this is just the way
   “customer” base    mentally challenged, non-English- things are and why business
                      speaking or some other group of        success depends on courting the
                      pharmacy customers are “frowned        better paying, more capable
                      upon” by pharmacists                   customer.
                                                             b. Argue that this is not OK and
                                                             how you’re going to change this.
7. Role of PhRMA      PhRMA (the drug manufacturer’s         a. Argue that this is a good thing
                      lobbying group) often financially      and brings needed support to these
                     supports patient advocacy groups.    organizations
                                                          b. Argue that this is not a good
                                                          thing and why
8. MTM services      MTM services are being touted as a a. Argue why the majority of
                     great opportunity for pharmacists    pharmacists do not get engaged in
                     and their patients.                  these services and why you are not
                                                          going to get involved
                                                          b. Argue why this is not acceptable
                                                          and how you will make
                                                          pharmacists begin to provide
                                                          MTM services.
9. Third class of    Behind the counter medications,      a. Argue why this would be good
   drugs             the so called 3rd class of drugs, is for patients and pharmacy
                     being explored again by the FDA      b. Argue why this is not such a
                                                          good idea
10. Medications to   WA state has voted to allow certain a. Argue why a pharmacist should
    end life         patients to acquire medications to   participate in this process
                     end their life.                      b. Argue why a pharmacist should
                                                          not participate
11. Interpersonal    Interpersonal violence (IPV) affects a. Argue why pharmacists should
    violence         one out of 4 women and 1 out of 8 be involved in screening patients
                     men.                                 for IPV in their pharmacy
                                                          practices and community health
                                                          screening events
                                                          b. Argue why providing this
                                                          unpaid service is not feasible for
12. Personal         You’ve been asked to take on a       a. You just want to put in your 8
    business         manager’s position at your place of hours a day filling prescriptions
    boundaries       work.                                and go home. Argue to your
                                                          district manager why this is OK
                                                          b. Argue why taking on this
                                                          position will be good for your
                                                          pharmacy, your profession and
                                                          your patients.
13. Community        You’ve been encouraged to            a. Argue why and how this could
    service          volunteer at a community advocacy be an great opportunity to provide
                     service center that doesn’t provide  patient and pharmacy advocacy
                     or promote healthcare services.      b. Argue why it would be better
                                                          for pharmacy and for patients to
                                                          only focus on healthcare advocacy
14. Changing         You have provided basic, quick       a. Argue patients will appreciate
    behaviors        dispensing services to your patients ad benefit from this new service
                     for quite some time, you have now
                     be asked to initiate a new MTM       b. Argue that patients will be
                     service that will involve            offended by this new relationship
                     interventions concerning your        and will reject your efforts to
patients’ late refills   police your prescriptions.

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