Venture Taranaki Trust

                                      POSITION DESCRIPTION

Job Title:                        Marketing & Communications – Visitor Industry
Business Unit:                    Marketing & Communications
Location:                         New Plymouth
Date:                             May 2012

The Organisation:

Venture Taranaki has been established as a Council Controlled Organisation of New Plymouth
District Council to undertake
     Local and regional economic development
     Regional tourism promotion and marketing, in conjunction with the South Taranaki,
         Stratford and New Plymouth District Councils
     District marketing
     Attraction, promotion, coordination and development of major events of significance to
         the regional economy

Trust Purpose:

“To drive and facilitate the creation of economic wealth for Taranaki and beyond”

What is Venture Taranaki Trust trying to achieve:

By 2035, Taranaki will be a progressive, growing, westward-looking province of national
significance, renowned for its people, culture, talent, rich natural resources and desirable
Strategic Themes:
 Team Taranaki
    Goal: To build partnerships and harness the collective energies and spirit of the Taranaki
    people and its leaders to benefit Taranaki’s growth
 Gateway Taranaki
    Goal: To connect Taranaki locally, nationally and internationally, removing the geographic
    issue of isolation and building on the region’s proximity and access to Australia
 Foundation Taranaki
    Goal: To maximise the potential of Taranaki’s core industries by adding value to the region’s
    traditional sectors and enhancing business capability, innovation, productivity and export
 Frontier Taranaki
    Goal: The pursuit of new horizons, industries and projects that foster diversification, growth,
    and/or perception shifts to enhance Taranaki’s regional development
 Talented Taranaki
    Goal: To create a regional culture where innovation, talent and lifelong learning are valued
    and to ensure Taranaki businesses have the skills to support current and future needs
 Desirable Taranaki
    Goal: To make Taranaki the preferred place to live, work and visit, in order to achieve the
    population target of 135,000 by 2035

Venture Taranaki Trust’s Ambition:

Marketing & Communications – Visitor Industry | Position Description                         1
Venture Taranaki Trust

To be the pre-eminent regional development agency in New Zealand, renowned for its
innovation, entrepreneurialism and sustainability


Venture Taranaki is the Taranaki region’s tourism, economic development and regional
marketing agency. The Marketing and Communications Executive will work effectively within the
Visitor Industry unit and where required across all other business units to proactively deliver the
Trust’s marketing and communications activities across all channels and formats. This is a tactical
position that is charged with implementing smart and sustainable marketing and
communications services that develop the profile of the Trust and the region.

The Visitor Industry - Marketing and Communications role will have specific responsibility for the
Visit area of the Venture Taranaki website and actively involved in maintaining and developing
the region’s presence through a range of social media channels; will assist in the provision of a
wide range of print and electronic communications and marketing material, and will assist in the
creation of a variety of high-quality and persuasive written material.

Nature and Scope of Position:

Reports to:                       General Manager - Marketing
Direct Reports:                   General Manager – Visitor Industry
Operating Budget:                 None
Delegated Authority:              None

Key Stakeholders:

 Chief Executive
 Visitor Industry GM, Marketing GM, Economic Development GM
 Communications Manager
 Venture Taranaki Staff
 Visitor Industry operators and organisations
 Marketing and communications agencies and service providers
 Visitor information centres
 Online communities and contacts
 Suppliers and contractors as required

Key Tasks / Accountabilities:

Within the Visitor Industry sector;
    Development and delivery of tactical communications services
    Development and delivery of marketing programmes and activities
    Development and Production of publications (print and electronic)
    Development and implementation of social media strategy
    Writing and editing content for promotional material
    Constantly seeks information and new ideas from a range of sources to feed into work

Marketing & Communications – Visitor Industry | Position Description                         2
Venture Taranaki Trust

       Create and deliver itineraries and familiarisations as required to best portray Taranaki
        and the markets and desires of the client.
       Ensure Taranaki businesses are aware of the services, programmes and products the
        Trust offers.
       Assist Taranaki businesses and entrepreneurs with achieving their goals, development
        plans and sustainability.
       Be an active member of the Visitor Industry and VTT team, working collaboratively on
        projects as and when required

As a critical step in the implementation of the Trust’s communications and marketing strategies,
you will take responsibility for ensuring that all outgoing communications and marketing material
fits within the organisation’s quality management systems, reflects both it and the region’s
brand, aligns with messages and goals and meets the needs of our customers.

Key Performance Indicators:

        That marketing and communications activities are delivered in a timely and clear manner
        to meet the needs of the organisation, its stakeholders and its end users.
        To promote the region’s attractions through innovative marketing and communications
        to increase numbers of visitors to the Region.
        To ensure the Taranaki Brand is effectively used in all marketing and communications.
        To assist in building the image library of powerful high quality Taranaki images ensuring
        that these are used within the agreed framework. Promote these images to all media
        To emphasise the promotion of the Destination, not the individual Products within it,
        whilst encouraging industry operator's to contribute to funding advertising in selected
        To help build linkages to Industry operators and tourism organisations using the full
        range of marketing and communication tools
        To adopt technologies to promote our region and its operators using social media, and
        other communication technologies and applications.
        To assist in developing 3 Seasonal campaigns to promote Taranaki as an all year round
        Ensure all client contact data is kept up to date on the contact management systems for
        VTT (Act!).
        To encourage and work with those operators capable of working with the International
        market to ensure the product is export ready.
        To promote Taranaki experiences at defined Industry trade shows.
        Prepare reports as required including contributing information to the quarterly RTCMG

Key Result Areas:

       Achieve at least 4 features on Taranaki as a visitor destination and at least 12 press
        releases relating to initiatives and outcomes of work we have delivered to the industry.
       Exceed Statistics New Zealand forecast for Taranaki “arrivals” using the commercial
        accommodation monitor as the source.

Marketing & Communications – Visitor Industry | Position Description                        3
Venture Taranaki Trust

       Develop and implement three seasonal campaigns to grow awareness and increase
       Attend the following Trade shows and provide feedback to both exhibitors and Industry
        in a timely manner;
                 Market Insights (TNZ Australia)
                 RTO/IBO Workshop
       Identify potential target markets and establish market expectations and tourism trends,
        which fit with the attractions Taranaki has to offer.
       Report all quarterly contributions to the RTCMG report and any other report requests as

Knowledge Skills & Qualifications:

Job Specific Skills
 High level of computer literacy, Adobe Creative Suite and social media applications
 Experience and understanding of web and print design and production processes
 Knowledge of effective communication practices in a business context
 Sound understanding of marketing principles
 Ability to adapt complex information for a range of different audiences
 Advanced written communication skills
 A tertiary qualification in communications, marketing design or digital media
 Commitment to ongoing learning and observation within the relevant disciplines


Planning & Organising
 Demonstrates effective organisational and project management skills
 Applies attention to detail
 Undertakes effective time management and work prioritisation
 Effectively delegates work

 Speaks clearly, fluently and in a convincing manner to both individuals and groups
 Writes in a clear and concise manner using appropriate grammar, style and language for the
 Influences, convinces and impresses others in a way which results in acceptance, agreement
   or behaviour change
 Demonstrates effective listening skills combined with ability to analyse and draw out key
 Communicates well in a group situation to reach mutual agreement
 Good presentation and public speaking skills as required

Action Orientation / Flexibility / Resilience
 Demonstrates a readiness to make decisions, take initiative and originate action
 Shows enthusiasm and career commitment
 Successfully adapts to changing demands and conditions

Marketing & Communications – Visitor Industry | Position Description                      4
Venture Taranaki Trust

   Maintains effective work behaviour in the face of setbacks or pressure
   Is driven to achieve successful outcomes

Creativity & Innovation
 Uses creativity and innovation to improve working processes
 Applies new and imaginative approaches to work-related issues
 Identifies fresh approaches and shows a willingness to question traditional assumptions

 Interacts with others in a professional and diplomatic manner
 Respects and works well with internal team members and colleagues
 Respects and works will with clients, customers and stakeholders
 Capable of working in a team or independently as appropriate
 Consults with team members as relevant
 Can effectively maintain and grow networks and contacts through a range of channels
 Well presented in a professional and appropriate manner

Problem Solving & Analysis
 Makes systematic and rational judgements based on relevant information
 Can think laterally and present a range of solutions to challenges

Leadership / Strategic
 Has confidence in abilities and experience and is not afraid to make suggestions or
 Demonstrates passion for the Vision, Mission / Core Values
 Motivates and empowers others in order to reach organisational goals
 Demonstrates a broad based view of issues, events and activities and a perception of their
   wider implications or consequences

Commercial Awareness
 Understands and applies commercial and financial principles
 Views issues in terms of cost, markets and value added
 Shows strong project management skills
 Has an awareness of the local and central government political environment
 Possess knowledge and understanding of region, business and industry sectors

Technical Knowledge
 Solid level of computer literacy
 A thorough understanding and adherence to Venture Taranaki’s operational procedures and
    Quality Management System
 A high level of skill and expertise relevant to position

Marketing & Communications – Visitor Industry | Position Description                        5

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