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									         ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’

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Staffing Structure                           6
Attendance and Punctuality                   6
Family Holidays                              7
The School Day                               7
Parking Arrangements                         7
School Lunches                               8
No Nuts / Sweets / Chocolate Policy          8
Medical Arrangements                         8
Availability in an Emergency                 9
Parent / Carer Consultation Evenings         9
Parents and School                           9
School Outings                               10
Child Protection Issues                      10
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Letters Home                                 11
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Vision Statement                             11
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School Terms and Holidays 2011/2012          14
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         ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’
Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Rokesly Infant School. The staff and I wish you and your
child a long and happy association with our school. We shall endeavour
to ensure that your child’s time here is a positive introduction to her/his
school career.
Rokesly Infants has a well deserved good reputation and a clear vision.
We want children to learn in a challenging environment, where each
individual child is stretched. For this to be achieved it is essential that
teachers and support staff are given training opportunities to further
develop their skills.
Above all our school must be a kind and tolerant learning environment,
in which diversity is celebrated, each child feels valued and coming to
school is exciting and fun!
We aim to achieve this through providing a curriculum that reflects our
high expectation of all children and respects the cultural, religious and
linguistic backgrounds of our whole school community.
The staff and I value and seek to strengthen the links between home,
school and the wider community. We believe this is essential to a
successful learning environment and therefore we aim to be open,
honest and reflective. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have
any worries and we in turn will contact you if we have any concerns
about your child.
Rokesly Infants welcomes new initiatives and we are open to fresh
thinking. We have never been a school that has stood still and we shall
continue to move forward. Leading the school brings new challenges
each year and working with such a committed staff team is immensely
exciting and rewarding.
The aim of this booklet is to offer some general information about the
day to day running of the school. Parents requiring more detailed
information are requested to contact us.

                             Yours sincerely,

                               Sue Maran


          ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’
Our Aims
Each year, staff and governors produce a School Improvement Plan
(SIP). Its objectives are set out under the five headings of the ‘Every
Child Matters’ agenda and guide the school direction for the academic
year September to July.
The five headings are:-

    Enjoy and achieve

    Stay Safe

    Be Healthy

    Make a positive contribution

    Achieve economic well being

School Uniform
At Rokesly Infants we celebrate the individuality of each child and as part
of this celebration pupils are not required to wear school uniform. We
do request that parents dress their children in clothes that they can
manage independently and are suitable for the varied activities in
school. They may not wear skirts, tights or long trousers on the PE
apparatus for safety reasons. PE may be done in underwear or shorts
and t-shirts may be brought; a named cloth bag will be required. Ideally
all clothing should be marked with the child’s name.
We request that jewellery should not be worn in school for safety
reasons and to avoid valuable items being lost.

Behaviour and Discipline
At the start of each new academic year we have a big drive on
promoting positive behaviour. The Rokesly Infant School Rules are the
result of collaboration between staff and pupils. Each year they are
reviewed and shared with the pupils. The rewards and consequences are
displayed in each class and around the school and are made for the
safety and well being of all:-

1.   We stop, look and listen to each other.

2.   We are quiet and calm in class and around school.

         ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’
3.   We are always kind to others and try not to hurt their feelings.

4.   We always keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

5.   We work and play safely.

6.   We take care of all the things in our school.

7.   We always try our best.

We praise and sometimes reward children for good behaviour but we
also use sanctions if the rules are broken. These are detailed in the
Positive Behaviour Policy which you will be given when your child starts
If on the rare occasion a child has not complied with agreed school
sanctions, it may be necessary to exclude her/him from school,
lunchtimes or trips out of school.
We trust that all parents will co-operate with staff and actively support
and reinforce the expected standards of behaviour.

The Foundation Stage Curriculum
Children aged 3 -5 years have a common curriculum known as the
Foundation Stage. It is applicable to children in nursery and reception
class settings. It builds on children’s previous learning with great
importance placed on the need for children to be provided with
purposeful play inside and outside, as it is recognised that children learn
best when they are involved in relevant and motivating ‘doing’ activities.
It also prepares children for learning in Key Stage 1.
The Foundation Stage curriculum is organised into six broad areas of
learning and development:-

    Personal, social and emotional development

    Communication, language and literacy

    Mathematics

    Knowledge and understanding of the world

    Physical development

    Creative development

         ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’
Nursery (Pink Class)
There is provision for children to attend either morning or afternoon
sessions in Pink Class.

AM session     - 09.00 am to 12.00 noon (3 hours)

PM session      - 12.25 to 03.25 pm (3 hours)

Starting School
A home visit is arranged for each child before they start in nursery or if
they haven’t attended our nursery, before they start reception. This
home visit is an invaluable opportunity for parent and child to have an
informal meeting with two members of the nursery / reception team in
their home environment. It is an opportunity to learn more about
individual children’s needs including likes and dislikes, health concerns,
food allergies and any special needs.
When children start in reception class for their first week they go home
following the morning session and lunch – leaving at 12.30pm. This gives
them time to adapt to new routines and build new friendships as the
class size gradually increases over the three week admission period.

Year Groups
Year groups are organised as follows:-

Three parallel classes for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Reception (age 4/5 years) Silver, Gold and Yellow Classes

Year 1 (age 5/6 years) Orange, Green and Rainbow Classes

Year 2 (age 6/7 years) Blue, Purple and Red Classes

All classes are of mixed ability, grouped by age; date of birth; gender and

Curriculum in KS1
When children transfer from reception to KS1 (Year 1), the emphasis on
learning through play remains a key element of offered provision.
Children are taught in ability groups for literacy and maths and some
science. Mixed ability groups for the other subject areas of the National
Curriculum are provided through a topic based approach to learning.

          ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’
Teachers plan together within each year group, sharing ideas and good
The school actively plans, promotes and celebrates pupil participation in
creative arts.

Staffing Structure
The school is led by the Headteacher ably supported by the Deputy
Head, Inclusion Manager and School Business Manager who make up the
Senior Management Team. Some teachers have responsibility for a
subject area and each year group has a team leader. In the Foundation
Stage classes there is full time support from qualified nursery nurses. In
years 1 and 2 teaching assistant (TA) support is allocated where the need
is considered most appropriate.

Attendance and Punctuality
Our expectation is that every child is punctual and attends regularly.
Young children enjoy the comfort and security of consistent routines.
When children are frequently absent or late their progress may be
hindered. Following registration teachers start the day promptly
mapping the day’s activities and introducing the learning targets of the
first session. Missing this essential element of the school day will put a
child at a great disadvantage. Days off other than for sickness can
impact on children achieving their full potential.
The Headteacher is responsible for authorising absence - this cannot be
done by parents or carers. An unauthorised absence is therefore one
without permission from the Headteacher including all unexplained or
unjustified absences.
When you arrive in the morning please wait with your child in the
playground until the bell rings at 8.55am. No infant child should come
into school in the morning or leave in the afternoon without an
accompanying adult. If someone other than yourself is collecting your
child, please let us know in advance.
On the rare occasion you know you are going to be late, you must ring
and notify the school office or leave a message on the answer machine
before 9.00am as school lunches must be ordered before 9.30am. Only
use the main office entrance if you are late bringing or collecting your
If your child has a planned doctor, dentist or hospital appointment
please notify the school office letting us know if your child will be off for

          ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’
the whole day, back in time for lunch at 12 noon or will return for the
afternoon session at 1.20pm.
Please note that we do not take children back into school during the
lunchtime session 12.00 – 1.20pm.
If your child is ill you must telephone the school office on their first day
of absence. If we do not hear from you we will telephone you as a
matter of routine on the third day of absence.

Family Holidays
In compliance with the education law, schools may authorise up to 10
school days holiday in any school year. The Headteacher will take into
consideration individual circumstances, the stage of education and
progress, the overall attendance pattern and the time of year the trip is
requested. In exceptional cases the Headteacher may agree to a longer
period. You will need to complete a ‘Leave of Absence’ form (available
from the school office) giving the reason, leaving date and return dates.
No homework will be set for this time.

The School Day
The school hours are 8.55am to 12 noon and 1.20 to 3.20pm.
When you arrive in the morning please wait with your child outside their
classrooms until the bell rings and then accompany your child into class.
At 10.30am the children have a 15 minute morning play. Children have
free access to water in their classrooms and playgrounds. Water bottles
can be purchased from the school office for £1.00. After play children
have ‘fruit time’ with a piece of fruit currently provided as part of a
government scheme for infant children.
The school day ends at 3.20pm and it is important that your child is
collected promptly as it can cause them distress to be the last child left.
If you anticipate delay please remember to call school so staff can
reassure your child that you are on your way.

Parking Arrangements
The school actively promotes walking, scooting or cycling to school
however should children need to be driven to school may we remind you
NOT to park on the yellow zigzag lines outside the main entrance. This
request is of paramount importance for the safety of your children.
Dogs are not allowed on to the school site.

          ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’
School Lunches
Lunches are cooked on the school premises and a three weekly menu is
displayed outside the office and in every classroom. The cost is £2.00
daily (at the time of print) and we ask that parents pay weekly or half
termly in advance on Monday mornings. The school cook meets with us
regularly and is receptive to our suggestions in serving healthy lunches
that children want to eat.
Children may bring packed lunch in a clearly labelled box. Packed
lunches should not include fizzy, canned or bottled drinks, nuts,
chocolate or sweets. If children wish to change from packed lunch to
school dinners or vice versa please inform the office giving one week’s
notice. Each class has their own allocated school meals supervisory
assistant (SMSA) who supervises their class at lunchtime.
Special diets can be provided for and should be discussed with the
Headteacher and cook.

No Nuts/Sweets/Chocolate Policy
Please note that as the school has several children with nut allergies, we
request that no product containing nuts are brought to school, either as
part of packed lunches or to be shared as class ‘treats’.
Likewise we have a no sweets and no chocolate policy to promote a
healthier diet for the children.

Medical Arrangements
Generally we do not administer medicine in school, apart from
medication for children with asthma or food allergies. If children are to
receive prescribed medication during the school day, medical forms
need to be completed by parents and the GP, these can be collected
from the school office. The medication and forms should then be
returned to the office. Arrangements will be made for a qualified first
aider to administer the medication.
If your child is ill please keep them at home. Should your child be
prescribed antibiotics and they are well enough to return to school
before the course is complete we are able to administer the antibiotics
with parental consent and the GP’s written permission. Medication that
is not prescribed cannot be administered under any circumstances.
If your child has sickness or diarrhoea it is school policy that children are
kept at home for a minimum of 24 hours.

         ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’

Availability in an Emergency
It is vital that we can contact you or one of your nominated emergency
contacts during the school day. Please ensure that they are kept up to
A first aider deals with minor accidents in school. If your child is unwell
or has a more serious accident, every effort will be made to contact you.
If necessary your child will be taken to hospital by a member of staff who
will wait there until you arrive.

Parent/Carer Consultation Evenings
Each term there are consultation evenings held when parents and carers
can come and discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher.
Parents of children in Key Stage 1 receive copies of their children’s
personalised targets in the Autumn and Spring Term consultations.
Towards the end of the Summer Term each child receives an annual
report on her/his progress. There are other evening meetings giving
parents/carers opportunities to come and learn more about specific
subject areas.

Parents and School
Parents are encouraged to stay and settle new children when they start
the nursery or infant school. Parents of children attending the school
may make an appointment to see the Headteacher. Teaching staff are
available at 3.20pm to see parents on most days or by mutual
If you come to school during the day, it is very important that you enter
and leave by the main entrance and report to the school office. We are
responsible for your child’s safety whilst they are in school and we
therefore have to monitor all visitors. Please do not enter or exit via the
outside fire doors.
We welcome and value parent volunteers in school who work under the
supervision of the staff. There are a number of activities which parents
can assist with, for instance accompanying school outings, gardening,
cookery, reading with children, working on the computer etc. If parents
have a particular skill e.g. a community language, please contact your
child’s teacher, if you can offer help.
The Headteacher holds induction meetings for prospective volunteers to
ensure that they are aware of the issues involved when working with
young children. We do insist that all helpers have a List 99 police check.
For those parents/carers who help more than three times a month, we
         ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’

require a full CRB check. If you are helping in school please ensure you
sign in and out at the school office and collect a visitor’s badge. Your
children’s safety is paramount to us.

School Outings
The school is proud of the many and varied trips offered to children to
enrich their learning experiences and enhance the curriculum. The cost
of these visits is met through parent/carer contributions. There is
funding support offered from a ‘PSA support pot’ to those who may
experience difficulties with some of the expenses involved. We ensure
that all children are treated equally whether or not their parent/carer
has made a voluntary contribution.

Current legislation regarding parental contribution means:-
 Any parental payment for an activity or outing is voluntary.
 School provides free packed lunches to all children who normally
    receive a free school meal.
 The amount of voluntary payment requested is the exact amount
    for each child.
 We do not ask for money to cover staff costs.
 We do not ask for money towards materials to cover the costs of
    practical activities.

We are allowed to:-
 Ask for voluntary contributions of money or materials
 Cancel an activity or trip if there is inadequate support.

Child Protection Issues
As a school we play a vital role in child protection through the
identification of abuse and the monitoring of children about whom there
may be concerns. We do not make judgements or investigate any cases
of alleged abuse however we do have a legal duty to refer any cases of
suspected abuse to the Social Services’ Department. Abuse may be
physical, emotional, neglectful or sexual and may be identified by the
class teacher or any other adult working in school. It is important that
children feel they are safe and secure within the school environment and
we promote an atmosphere where they feel able to share information or
anxieties with us.

         ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’

If you have concerns we encourage you to speak to the class teacher in
the first instance. If the problem remains unresolved you are welcome to
make an appointment to discuss it with the Headteacher. If you remain
dissatisfied following that meeting, parents are welcome to contact the
Chair of Governors (contact details on back page).

Letters Home
Newsletters from the Headteacher and the year group are sent home at
least half termly. They are displayed on the parent/carer notice board
outside the office and can be found on the school website:-

Items Not To Be Brought Into School
Certain items should not be brought into school because they may get
lost or broken, or may be dangerous. These include money (unless
requested by the school e.g. dinner money, contributions towards
outings etc.) watches, jewellery, toys, umbrellas or glass bottles.
Exceptions may be made in the case of a child starting school and
bringing a favourite toy and on the occasion of teachers’ requesting
specific artefacts to support topic work. These will be looked after
carefully and returned when the work they are supporting is completed.
Haringey Council does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to
property brought on to the premises.

Vision Statement
‘At Rokesly Infants we are committed to helping every child reach their
full potential by providing them with a broad, creative curriculum that
values and reflects our diverse community; enhances links between
home, school and the wider community through fostering a calm, caring,
respectful atmosphere where every child matters.’

                                * * *

           ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’
School Staff 2011/12
Sue Maran                Headteacher
Karren Hughes            Deputy Headteacher
Jill Dougan              Inclusion Manager

Lorraine Smith           Business Manager
Melina Constanti         Admin / Welfare Assistant

Hazel Joseph             Teacher /Interim Children’s Centre Manager
Tim Cook                 Teacher
Amanda Creque            Teacher
Katarina Dentschuk       Teacher
Yael Glanvill            Teacher
Penny Godman             Teacher
Gillian Lenaerts         Teacher
Caroline Preston         Teacher
Daniel Siddall           Teacher
Ceris Wyn-Bennis         Teacher

Christina Elmes          p/t Teacher
Lynda Borrill            p/t Teacher PPA

Gemma Oktay              Nursery Nurse
Marisa Schultz           Nursery Nurse
Anita Sharma             Nursery Nurse
Kim Yiasemides           Nursery Nurse
Donna Willard            Nursery Nurse

Natasza Arabska          Teaching Assistant
Duygu Mehmet             Teaching Assistant
Tracy Nicolaou           Teaching Assistant

Guler White              EMA Teaching Assistant

Patricia Hamilton        SN Teaching Assistant
Rosie Pike               SN Teaching Assistant

Freya Austin             p/t Teaching Assistant
Yola Maas                p/t Teaching Assistant

Marie-Pascale Newcombe   Nursery Lunchtime Supervisor
Jenny Rampling           Nursery Lunchtime Supervisor

Julie Robbins            Snr. SMSA
Sheila Bevan             SMSA
Ingrid Graham            SMSA
Flora Hajupetrou         SMSA
Ann Hartley              SMSA
Hazel Huff               SMSA
Michelle McKay           SMSA
Teresa O’Leary           SMSA
               ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’
Sheila Theobald              SMSA
Elaine Thompson              SMSA

Natalija Blazina             SN SMSA
Amanda Greenidge             SN SMSA
Karen Tresseder              SN SMSA

Jason Hutchings              Site Manager

Children’s Centre/Rokesly’s Little Learners

Bharti Haria                 CC Administrator

Kamrun Chowdhury             RLL EYP
Suzanne O’Toole              RLL EYP
Efstathia Polychronopoulou   RLL EYP

         ‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’
             School Terms and Holidays 2011/2012
Autumn Term 2011

1) Monday 5 September to Friday 21 October 2011

  Half term break: Monday 24 to Friday 28 October 2011

2) Monday 31 October to Friday 16 December 2011

  Christmas break: Monday 19 December to Monday 2 January 2012

Spring Term 2012

1) Monday 2 January to Friday 10 February 2012

  Half term break: Monday 13 to Friday 17 February 2012

2) Monday 20 February to Friday 30 March 2012

  Easter/Spring break: Monday 2 to Friday 13 April 2012

Summer Term 2012

1) Monday 16 April to Friday 1 June 2012

  Half term break: Monday 4 June to Friday 8 June 2012

2) Monday 11 June to Monday 23 July 2012

  Summer break: Tuesday 24 July to Monday 3 September 2012

6 Teacher Availability Days (TAD days – School Closed)
Monday 5 September 2011
Tuesday 6 September 2011
Monday 31 October 2011
Friday 10 February 2012
Monday 11 June 2012
Monday 23 July 2012

‘At Rokesly Every Child Matters In Every Way’

         Rokesly Infant School
            Hermiston Avenue
              London N8 8NH
            Tel: 020 8340 7687
            Fax: 020 8340 8056


        Headteacher: Sue Maran

Deputy Headteacher: Karren Hughes

 Chair of Governors: Shona Golightly


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