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									                                                     should make the development of curriculum
                                                     standards a successful process.
The Scoop                 January 2005
                                                                Academic Standards

With Christmas and New Years behind us, it           As you develop the curriculum standards for
is time to make the final push on first              your courses, it would be an excellent
semester and prepare for the second half of          opportunity to look at the academic
the school year. I hope that your holiday            standards and see where there are crosswalk
break provided you with an opportunity to            opportunities. As you develop standards in
catch up, celebrate, and recharge. For me,           Agriscience courses, review the life science
this month represents ten years of service to        and science standards. It would appear that
the teachers of Agricultural Education in            many of the concepts we teach in animal,
Minnesota. The pace has been challenging,            plant, and natural resource science fit very
and professionally, it has been extremely            closely with the life science standards. This
rewarding to represent our profession. I             crosswalk process will provide the evidence
hope that you feel comfortable asking for            that curriculum directors, administrators,
assistance and questioning policy and                and science departments are looking for in
procedure, as it is the only way I can keep          making the local decision to offer your
current with your needs and issues. I look           Agriscience courses for science credit.
forward to another ten years of challenges
and successes for Agricultural Education.                         Portfolio Review

                                                     The Minnesota Department of Education
                                                     and the Minnesota Board of Teaching have
      Instructional/Curriculum                       recently announced a new process of
                                                     “Recommendation for Licensure Via
                                                     Portfolio”. Jan Kellner is the contact person
       CTE Standards Development                     for this process. In a nutshell, teachers can
                                                     via this process develop a portfolio that
All districts are required to develop Career         includes evidence and documentation of
and Technical Education (CTE) Standards              undergraduate preparation, graduate level
and have them in place by September 2005.            preparation, professional development, and
Resources are available from our offices at          professional experiences that would allow a
MDE that will help guide you through this            teacher to add an area of licensure.
process. There are two types of standards            Individuals with an Agricultural Education
that you should develop. The first are               license could add additional licensure areas
district level CTE standards that all students       such as a science licensure area, economics,
should be exposed to; the second are                 industrial technology, or another area. Jan
curriculum level standards. The curriculum           will be at the Ag Tech Conference in St.
level standards focus on the standards and           Cloud Friday evening for my standards
benchmarks for each course in your Ag                workshop. I am excited about the program.
Education program. reading, mathematics,             As we continue to expand our Agriscience
and agricultural education. Combining the            curriculum, it would clearly help move
Frameworks with your course syllabus                 Agricultural Education into the forefront of
                                                     our science programs at the secondary level.

                                                              Convention Workshops
                    FFA                              Do you or your chapter officers have a
                                                     workshop that you would like to present at
                                                     this year’s convention? The Minnesota FFA
         National FFA Convention                     Convention workshop application is
              Louisville 2004                        available on the Minnesota FFA website.
                                                     We are looking for workshops on chapter
Minnesota was well represented by our                projects, CDE preparation, leadership
individual award winners and our Career              development, community service, and SAE
Development Event teams. Here are those              development. All workshop applications at
who finished in the top three in their events.       due February15, 2005 to the state office.
                                                     Encourage those individuals, chapters, and
National Star in Agricultural Placement–             advisors to share their ideas.
  Miles Kuschel, Sebeka Chapter
National Champion Floriculture Team –                      Minnesota FFA Hall of Fame
  Southwest Star Concept Chapter
3 Place Forestry Team –                              As a part of the 75th Anniversary of
  Sebeka Chapter                                     Minnesota FFA, the Minnesota FFA Alumni
3 Place Dairy Evaluation Team –                      Association has established the Minnesota
  Central HS-Norwood Young America                   FFA Hall of Fame. We will add a limited
  Chapter                                            number of people to the Minnesota FFA
3rd Place Farm Business Management                   Hall of Fame at the 2005 convention. Who
  Team – Jackson County Central                      are the individuals from your local chapters
  Chapter                                            who made an impact on your community,
1st Individual Agricultural Sales –                  your school, or on Agricultural Education in
  Amber Rasche, Southwest Star                       Minnesota? Applications are available on
  Concept                                            the Minnesota FFA website. Take time now
2 Place Extemporaneous Speaking –                    to nominate a person from your chapter or
  Brian Mumford, Dassel/Cokato                       community. The application deadline is
3 Individual Floriculture –                          February 15, 2005. All nominees will
  Jenna Pomerenke – Southwest Star                   receive a certificate that your chapter can
  Concept Chapter                                    present at your local banquet.
A complete list of team and individual
award winners and results is available on the                 Minnesota FFA Chapter
Minnesota FFA website. Remember that                            Exchange of Ideas
2005 will be the last National FFA
Convention in Louisville on October 26-29.           Every chapter has an activity that they are
In 2006, the National FFA Convention                 known for in their school and community.
moves to Indianapolis, IN, on October 25-            Now you have an opportunity to share your
28.                                                  idea(s) and earn some recognition. At the
      Minnesota FFA Convention 2005                  2005 Minnesota FFA Convention, we
                                                     continue the Minnesota FFA Chapter
The dates are set for April 24-26. Watch for         Exchange of Ideas (CEI). The Minnesota
information on speakers, workshops, and              FFA Foundation sponsors the CEI.
events for this historic convention.                 Categories will include Student

Development, Chapter Development, and                  Washington Leadership Conference 2005
Community Development. Activities will
be displayed in room 155 for all to review.            There are few opportunities to participate in
Activities will need to be submitted by April          a national leadership development
15. Awards in each category will be First -            conference in our nations capitol that
$150; Second - $100; Third - $ 50.00. The              compare to the Washington Leadership
overall best idea will receive an additional           Conference. It is the chance of a lifetime to
$100 award. Details will be posted on the              visit the memorials, museums, and see
Minnesota FFA website.                                 democracy in action. The 2005 Minnesota
                                                       Washington Leadership Conference
    Minnesota Ag Education Directory                   delegation will attend the week of June 22-
                                                       27. Chris Howard and his spouse, of Tracy
The Minnesota Agricultural Education                   Area High School, will be the delegation
directory is found on the Minnesota FFA                leaders. Mr. Howard is currently working
website. Look under the Contact Us button              on travel arrangements. Conference
on the left menu bar. You can print the                registration is $550 ?? per person.
directory in Excel or in Word. You will find           Information on rates and fees will be
the post-secondary directory on the                    available soon. Registration will be required
Applications button in the State Packet                by April 1 to qualify for scholarships.
section. If you need addresses, email, or              Remember the Minnesota FFA Foundation
phone numbers for the adult farm                       scholarships as they provide 10 - $150 travel
management instructors, check website at:              scholarships to members of the Minnesota                                           delegation. The Minnesota FFA Alumni
                                                       will have one scholarship of $150 or more.
                                                       Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation will
           SGLC & SLCCL 2005                           provide two $500 scholarships to members
                                                       who participate in the Minnesota FFA/
Deep Portage Conservation Reserve in                   Minnesota Farm Bureau Discussion meet at
Hackensack will host the SGLC and SLCCL                the 2005 Minnesota FFA Convention.
conferences again in 2004. Remember, the
facilities at Deep Portage can handle 150
students comfortably. All conference
campers MUST pre-register. Use the SGLC
                                                            Career Development Events
and SLCCL application forms found in the
chapter guide to state activities. It looks like
the Minnesota FFA Foundation will be                              Ag Communications
continuing the scholarship program related
to agricultural safety. Contact Jim Ertl or            The Agricultural Communications CDE
Val Aarsvold for more information. The                 qualifying contest will be held March 17 at
dates are set for the 2005 Greenhand and               the U of M invitational. Contact Michelle
Chapter Leadership Conferences. SGLC                   Gregory, U of M, Agricultural Education, or
will be June 13-17, and SLCCL will be the              Julie Tesch MAELC, for details. A copy of
week before MAAE Summer Conference in                  rules for the Ag Communications CDE is
Moorhead, beginning Tuesday, July 5 and                available on the MN FFA website. The
concluding Saturday morning July 9.                    winning team will represent Minnesota at
                                                       the 2005 National FFA Convention.

     Minnesota FFA Discussion Meet                  I was impressed with the course, the format,
                                                    and the way Dr. Greiman challenged our
Check the Minnesota FFA website for                 traditional thinking about SAE. The
details on the Discussion Meet sponsored by         following was a note sent to the class:
Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation. Each
region is requested to hold a discussion meet       I was impressed with your plans and ideas
event. Your area Farm Bureau                        that you developed as part of your Capstone
representatives are ready to manage this            Project and Integration Paper for the
event. Each region will be able to submit           course! I can tell that students in your
two contestants for the Minnesota FFA               programs will be gaining a new focus and
Discussion meet to be held Sunday                   enthusiasm for SAE. There were many
afternoon, April 24. First and second place         excellent ideas that should be shared with
will receive $500 WLC scholarships.                 others in the class. To that end, I am
                                                    proposing that each of your Capstone
  Minnesota FFA Career Development                  Projects and Integration Papers be posted at
           Event Handbook                           the AFEE 5235 website. I hope that this
                                                    sharing might build additional synergy and
The Minnesota CDE Handbook has been                 support for SAE in our state. I enjoyed
updated. The handbook is available on the           teaching AFEE 5235 this fall and I thank all
MN FFA website. If you or members of                of you for your contributions and efforts!
your region have changes you wish to                Go SAE!!!
propose, they must be submitted to the CDE
committee members, Doug Hanson, or                      Minnesota FFA Degree Handbook
myself. The best time to submit is before
the Agricultural Technology Conference.             Every department can access a copy of the
These changes can then be reviewed in               Minnesota FFA Degree Handbook from the
January/February and then reviewed at State         Minnesota FFA website. Please refer to the
Convention. MAAE by-laws now require                handbook for answers of how to complete
that all changes be approved by the CDE             the Minnesota FFA Degree. All
committee presented to the membership by            applications must be completed using the
July 1, and voted upon and approved at              2001-2005 American FFA Degree
MAAE conference. All changes are to be              applications. The handbook details the
effective September 1, 2005 immediately             additional materials required. The American
following the summer conference where               FFA Degree and Proficiency Award
approved.                                           applications are found on the Chapter
                                                    Resource CD-ROM. Please use the most
                                                    current version of the CD Rom.
    SAE / Work Based Learning                                   Proficiency Awards

                                                    Members who submit more than one
 SAE - AFEE 5235 – A New Approach!                  Proficiency Award application for review at
                                                    state must identify which application is their
During the fall semester, Dr. Brad Greiman,         first, second, or third choice for awards.
U of M AFEE, presented a course on                  This will provide the selection committee
Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE).           and staff a procedure to follow to assure that

we are meeting the preference of the
member in the process. Check the list of               We have processed almost all chapter rosters
proficiency award areas out on the                     at this time. That is a great feat considering
Minnesota FFA website.                                 Jim Ertl has been on medical leave and a
                                                       few chapters have had problems with the
          Stars in 4 Areas in 2005                     format. I am encouraged by the membership
                                                       numbers. We should pass last year’s
At the 2005 Minnesota FFA Convention, we               membership number soon (8,450), and 9,000
will honor stars in the following areas: Star          members are in sight as we look at second
Farmer; Star in Agribusiness; Star in                  semester additions.
Agricultural Placement; and Star in
Agriscience. Each region may nominate one               Minnesota FFA Chapter Challenge and
Minnesota FFA Degree candidate in each                             100% Chapters
Star category. A selection team will identify
the top four region candidates in each                 The Minnesota FFA Foundation will again
category. These four finalists will be                 sponsor the Minnesota FFA Chapter
interviewed at their SAE site, be highlighted          Challenge. Ten chapter advisors will be
in a power point slide show, and receive a             presented a classy western styled jacket for
plaque at the convention. Each star will be            their increased chapter membership. Jackets
announced at the Monday evening award                  will be presented at the Minnesota FFA
program at Northrop Auditorium. Star                   Convention. Ten FFA Chapter Officer
Candidates should complete the Star Battery            teams will receive free admission to
for their respective area prior to submitting          Minnesota FFA Day at the Dome for their
your application to your region. Due to the            role in marketing membership in their
change in selection process, it is critical that       chapters. New in 2005 is recognition of our
copies of Star candidate’s applications be             100% membership chapters. Each 100%
sent to the state offices by February 18,              chapter will receive a framed certificate and
2005.                                                  be entered into a drawing for Advisor and
                                                       Chapter Officer tickets to the Minnesota
   American FFA Degree Due April 15                    FFA Day at the Dome. Rules for both
                                                       projects can be found attached to this
All 2005 American FFA Degree                           newsletter.
applications will be due on April 15, 2005.
Interviews will be scheduled for May and               Remember a few key dates:
should be completed before Memorial Day.                  March 1 – This is the date used for the
Encourage your students to review the                  Minnesota FFA Chapter Challenge
criteria for Star in Placement, Agribusiness,             April 1 – Final date for membership for
Science, and Farmer as they complete their             students participating in the 2005 Minnesota
applications.                                          FFA Convention.
                                                          May 15 – final date for membership for
                                                       year 2004-2005.
                Marketing                              After April 1, a $25.00 late fee will be
                                                       assessed. Check all your American FFA
                                                       Degree candidates’ membership, each year
       Minnesota FFA Membership                        we find one or two that have slipped through

the cracks. It is very costly to qualify these        National FFA Foundation Scholarships
young people after the applications have
been accepted.                                       The 2005 National FFA Scholarship
                                                     applications are now available. They are
                                                     due to the national office by February 15,
                                                     2005. Last year Minnesota FFA members
               Partnerships                          received more than $50,000 in scholarships!

     Minnesota Ag In the Classroom
                                                              Professional Growth
Minnesota Ag In the Classroom has
developed a “Book Bundle” project. The
book bundle includes 22 books on                             Ag Tech Conference 2005
agriculture suitable for elementary
programs. These book bundles would be an             All instructors should have received
excellent opportunity for an FFA Chapter             registration materials for the MAAE Ag
and Agricultural Education program to get            Tech Conference in St. Cloud scheduled for
actively involved in an Agricultural Literacy        January 21-22 at the Kelly Inn. This is an
effort. Contact Al Withers at 651-296-6688:          outstanding mid year conference that will or                          offer you tremendous workshops,                    opportunities to review curriculum, and
                                                     some mighty fine hospitality. Take time to
        Minnesota FFA Foundation                     “Sharpen the Saw” by participating in this
                                                     professional development conference.
Do you realize the impact of the Minnesota           Contact Tom Appel at Mountain Lake High
FFA Foundation? They contributed more                School for registration materials, or check
than $30,000 to the Minnesota FFA                    the MAAE website for details at :
Convention in 2004. That is more than      
$10.00 for every member who participated!
Their efforts make the CDE’s, the leadership                 The MnACTE Conference
conferences, and the chapter development                        February 17, 2005
activities happen. One of the goals of the
Minnesota FFA Association is to assist in            The Minnesota Association for Career and
identifying new FFA Foundation sponsors.             Technical Education will be hosting their
Your chapter needs to help us by identifying         winter conference at the Radisson City
and encouraging those businesses in your             Center, St. Paul, on February 17. Cliff
community who can benefit by supporting              Vrieze serves as MNACTE treasurer and
the Minnesota FFA Foundation. Contact                Pam Koenen is President Elect. The
Val Aarsvold for more information. You               evening program will honor the following
can find the Minnesota FFA Foundation                Agricultural Education people: Curt Yoose,
information on the Minnesota FFA website,            Ridgewater, will be recognized at the
just click on the foundation button.                 banquet as MnACTE Young Teacher of
                                                     Year; and Bob Roesler, MN West and
                                                     Chuck Stranberg, Atwater, will be
                                                     recognized with a 25 Year Award. Cliff

states: “It is really important that we have a       evening event registration of $50.00 is an
good turnout for the evening banquet                 allowable Perkins/Tech Prep expense. To
honoring the excellence of Career and                register contact Anne Danielson, Minnesota
Technical educators. Our keynote speaker,            Department of Education at: 651-582- 8333
Alice Seagren, Commissioner of Education,            or email her at:
is another reason for a big turnout.” The

Ag Issues Forum

Teams wishing to participate in the 2005 Ag Issues Forum should register on or before April 10
with Doug Hanson. Competition will be Tuesday morning April 26, during the Minnesota FFA
convention. The winning team will represent Minnesota at the 2005 National FFA Convention.

            2005 Minnesota Ag Mechanics Topics - Integrated Pest Management

               A.      Agricultural Power and Machinery
                       1.     Compact and Utility Tractor (up to 75 hp)
                       2.     Field Sprayer - 2005

               B.      Agricultural Structures and Electrification
                       1.     Metal and Wood Building Construction Carpentry
                       2.     Electric Motors

               C.      Agricultural Construction and Soil and Water Conservation
                       1.     Soil & Water Conservation (Drainage & Irrigation)
                       Metal Fabrication
                       (Arc, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and FCAW welding)
                       (Hot Metal)

                                        Calendar of Events

Jan 14         2005 MN Food Science & Technology CDE                      MSU - Mankato
Jan 21-22      Ag Tech Conference                                         St. Cloud – Region 3

Feb 1          Minnesota FFA Degree, Proficiency Awards                   Region Advisor
Feb 3-6        National Ag Education In Service                           Indianapolis, IN
Feb 11         First Fridays                                              University of MN
Feb 15         National FFA Foundation Scholarships Due                   Indianapolis, IN
Feb 18         Regional Star and Proficiency Applications Due             St. Paul - Ertl
Feb19-26       National FFA Week
Feb 22         Minnesota FFA Foundation Board Meeting                     TBA
Feb 24         FFA Day at the Capitol                                     St. Paul - Ertl

March 1       Minnesota FFA Chapter Challenge – Membership Dues      St. Paul – Ertl
March 13      Minnesota FFA Day at the Timber Wolves                 Target Center

March 15      National Chapter Award, Agri Entrepreneurship          St. Paul – Larsen
              Minnesota FFA Officer Applications Due
              Minnesota FFA Band & Chorus Applications Close

March 17      University of Minnesota Agriscience Fair               U of M – Peterson
              Ag Communications CDE                                  U of M – Julie Tesch
              MN FFA Association Board Meeting (6 pm)                MDE – Larsen
              National Chapter Award Committee Training              MDE – Larsen
March 18      State Proficiency Award Selection                      MDE – Larsen
              MN FFA Nominating Committee Training
              National Chapter Award Selection

April 1       MN FFA Leadership Coordinator Application Due          St. Paul – Larsen
              MN FFA SGLC & SLCCL Staff Application Due
April 10      Prepared Public Speaking Transcripts Due               U of M – Doug
              Job Interview Letters of Application and Resumes Due           Hanson

April 15      American FFA Degree Applications Due                   St. Paul – Larsen
              MN FFA Chapter Exchange of Ideas (CEI) Due             St. Paul – Ertl

April 23-24   Minnesota FFA Officer Interviews                       U of M St. Paul
April 24-26   Minnesota FFA Convention                               U of M St. Paul

May 1         SGLC – SLCCL Applications Accepted                     St. Paul – Ertl
May 7-10      Blast Off Training                                     U of M St. Paul
May 16-27     American Degree Interviews                             TBA
May 24-26     Minnesota FFA Proficiency Review                       TBA
              National Competition (Evenings)

June 13-17    MN SGLC                                                Deep Portage
                                                                     Conservation Reserve
June 21-26    Washington Leadership Conference                       Chris Howard
                                                                     Tracy Area HS
June 27-30    Regional Leadership Conferences                        TBA
July 5-9      MN SLCCL                                               Deep Portage
                                                                     Conservation Reserve
July 11-14    MAAE Summer Conference                                 Moorhead

                            100% Membership Rewards Program

Identify and Reward chapters with 100% FFA membership when compared to enrollment in
Agricultural Education program (unduplicated count).


Framed Certificate at 2005 Minnesota FFA Convention.

A drawing will be held for 5 prizes of:
      Six tickets to Minnesota FFA Day at the Dome for the FFA Chapter Officer Team.
      Advisor receives an FFA Gift item value of $30.00.

Minnesota FFA Membership Growth Challenge

In 2004-2005, The Minnesota FFA Foundation will present the “Minnesota FFA Chapter
Challenge”. This project’s goal is to recognize the advisors of Minnesota FFA Chapters that
have increased their chapter membership.

       1. The ten chapters with the most significant gains in membership from 2003-2004 to
the 2004-2005 year will receive a western style jacket, embroidered with their name and chapter.

      2. The ten chapter officer teams with the most significant gains in membership from
2003-2004 to the 2004-2005 year will receive a free admission to Minnesota FFA Day at the
Dome in June 2005.

Here are the rules:

      Chapters Not in Good Standing are not eligible.
      Chapters are not eligible in the year in which they charter.
      Must be an increase in membership over 2003-2004.
      Percentage increase will be used to determine rank, vs. number of new members.
      100% of the member chapters must have submitted current enrollment data (March 1).


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