Instructional Program Options for English Learners: Alternative by gah31J



        Doyle Elementary
October 12, 2011 ELAC Meeting #1

     San Diego Unified School District, Office of Language Acquisition

   Parent Expectations

   Language Policy

   Identification of English Learners (ELs)

   Three Instructional Programs for ELs
     Structured English Immersion (SEI)
     Mainstream English Instruction (MEC)
     Alternative Bilingual

   Parent Waivers

   What expectations do you have
    for your child with regard to his
    or her education and what career
    would you love your child to
    District Policy: Language Learning Opportunities, K-12

   Excerpt from Policy Statement:
    “The Board of Education recognizes that in
    addition to being academically prepared and fully
    proficient in English, all students benefit from
    being proficient in another language and
    opportunities to develop competencies in multiple
    languages enhance and contribute to their
    ultimate achievement.”

   The two primary goals for all three
    programs are for students to:
        Learn English
      Meet   appropriate academic achievement
         standards for grade promotion and
          Expectations for Progress in Developing English

           Year 1         Year 2        Year 3             Year 4        Year 5         Year 6

         Beginning                    Intermediate   Early Advanced     Advanced   Reclassification

        Intermediate    Advanced        Advanced     Reclassification

        English Learners are expected to gain one proficiency
              level per year as measured by the CELDT.
        Identification of English Learners

   Identification: New/Annual
       Home Language Survey
        ─ Given   to all students new to the district.

       California English Language Development Test
        ─ Students identified as English Learners take the test
    Identification (cont.)

   School notifies parents of their child’s
    program placement after administering
    the CELDT test (new students).

   District continues to notify parents of
    their child’s annual progress in English.
     Three Instructional Programs for ELs

   All ELs will be placed in the English language
    acquisition program that is appropriate for their
    grade and English proficiency level.
       Structured   English Immersion (SEI)
       Mainstream    English Cluster (MEC)
        OR , through the Parental Exception Waiver

       Alternative   Bilingual
    Instructional Programs for ELs (cont.)

   Teachers are specially trained to teach ELs.
   Programs include:
     English Language Development (ELD)
     At Doyle: 4 days a week, 30 minutes a day of
      ELD or English Enrichment

       Specially Designed Academic Instruction in
        English (SDAIE)…Excellent for all students!
        ELD and SDAIE

   English Language Development (ELD)
       Specific instruction to develop English skills
       Part of the core curriculum for English Learners:
        Systematic ELD

   Specially Designed Academic Instruction
    in English (SDAIE)
       Teaching approach used to teach core curriculum
        subjects…what does this look like?
ELD at Doyle—Intermediate Level
   Students in 1st grade request
    assistance and clarification at
    the store
Systematic ELD
Unit 4, Lesson 3
   How much does the – cost?
   The – costs …
*Mrs. Izzard shared a video
  highlighting the use of the ELD
  curriculum and how students use
  the language frames to practice
SDAIE Strategies

 Charting with pictures   Charting – labeling
SDAIE Strategies

 Sentence Frames   Graphic Organizers or
                   Thinking Maps
ELD and SDAIE (cont.)

                Students learn and practice
                 language at their proficiency level.

                Teacher uses SDAIE strategies to
                 support comprehension.
                 – picture cards
                 – sentence frames
                 – target vocabulary
                 – realia
                 – dramatization
Program Selection

                Level            Program

 Beginning                         SEI

 Early Intermediate                SEI

 Reasonable Fluency in English

 Intermediate                     MEC

 Early Advanced                   MEC

 Advanced                         MEC
    Goals of SEI and MEC Programs

   Students will:
     Demonstrate grade level standards and
      expectations in all content areas in
     Develop   proficiency in English.
    Structured English Immersion (SEI)

   Designed for ELs who are new to English or at
    the early levels of English Proficiency.

   Instruction is provided in English.
   Receive daily focused ELD instruction by English
    proficiency levels.
   SDAIE strategies are provided.
   Differentiated instruction is provided
    throughout the day.
      Mainstream English Cluster (MEC)

   Designed for ELs who have acquired reasonable
    fluency in English and are at higher levels of
   ELD instruction is targeted to higher proficiency
   SDAIE strategies are provided.
   MEC classes include native and fluent speakers
    of English.
Mainstream English Cluster (MEC)
Partner Talk
   How are our students organized into classrooms?
   How can our students benefit from having a
    combined SEI and MEC class?
   What strategies are teachers using to help all of
    our students access grade level curriculum and
    improve English at each level of proficiency?
Alternative Bilingual Program
 Definition of Biliteracy

Biliteracy is defined as the development of
academic proficiency in the student’s
primary language, simultaneous with the
development of language and academic
proficiencies in a second language.
    Goals of an Alternative Bilingual Program

   Students will:
     Demonstrate grade level standards and
      expectations in all content areas in both

       Develop proficiency in both languages.

       Develop respect for cultural and linguistic
    Alternative Bilingual Program

   Literacy and content instruction is provided in both

   Daily, dedicated time for English Language
    Development (ELD) instruction by proficiency
   Teachers use Specially Designed Academic
    Instruction in English (SDAIE) strategies.
   Daily, dedicated time for Spanish to English transfer
    Parent Exception Waiver

   Parents must personally visit the school to apply
    for the waiver.
   Student participation in the Alternative Bilingual
    Program requires an approved parental
    exception waiver.
   Schools must offer the Alternative Bilingual
    Program when waivers are approved for 20 or
    more students of the same language group
    and in the same grade.
   Parents receive a copy of the waiver
Thank you!
Informational Item
   Vision 2020
            Document created in May 2011
            Common foci for our district (SDUSD):
        1.    Professional Learning Communities for teaching staff
        2.    Students will graduate career and, or college ready
        3.    Community Engagement
Informational Item
   Community-Based School Reform Model

   How is Doyle supporting this model? Partner talk.
How is Doyle supporting this

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