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									     The Institute of Ageing & Health
    and the Centre @ Onneley House
                                                    December 2008 Edition

                                                Seasons greetings to all our members
                                                 from the staff at the Institute of
                                                     Ageing & Health and the
                                                     Centre @ Onneley House.

                                                 We hope this holiday season finds
                                                   everyone happy and healthy

Award for the care of older people

The Institute received a tremendous boost recently when it was rewarded for
its work in developing geriatric care in the West Midlands. The President of
the British Geriatric Society speaking at the Annual Conference in Birmingham
congratulated the Institute on its work, particularly mentioning the support
the Institute had given to the establishment of the first Professor of Geriatrics
in Birmingham, the many activities which had played a significant part in
developing the care and treatment of older people and in particular for
setting up and managing Onneley House.

Although the Society does not award specific prizes for institutions, it felt it
could award the society’s medal for, “the relief of suffering amongst the
aged” to George Castledine for his contribution not only to the nursing care
of older people through out his career, but in particular to the part he has
played in the success of the Institute and Onneley House.

It was a joyous occasion at the Birmingham City Council House attended by
members of the Institute Dr Rod Brooks, Dr Alistair Rich, President Dr Peter
Mayer and co-manager of the Onneley Centre, Michelle Grainger.

                 The Institute of Ageing & Health – West Midlands              1
                         Registered Charity Number: 528794
Excellent Care Award                        developments in Stroke in the West
                                            Midlands. The Jed Rowe lecture
The Excellent Care Award for 2008           will demonstrate the way a
has been awarded to Kim Delo and            voluntary body, in this case,
her team at University Hospital,            Liverpool Crossroads, which Jed
Coventry.    The team gave an               started, supports patients through
excellent presentation on activities        being part of an early discharge
service in rehabilitation and a             team.
cheque for £1250.00 will be
presented at our Stroke meeting on          Meetings planned for 2009 include:
Thursday 18 December 2008 at the
Birmingham Medical Institute. We             Depression in the Elderly
hope to present a plaque to the                 Tuesday 20 January
team some time in the Spring.                Meeting the needs of people
                                              with Parkinson’s Disease
We are grateful, as always, to the              Tuesday 10 February
Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund            Dementia in the elderly
for continuing to sponsor this                  Thursday 26 March
                                            Please contact Jeanette at the
Education Programme                         Institute for further details.

Revd Dr James Woodward led a                Educational grant
well presented and inspirational
workshop     in   September      on         If you are a non-medical member
‘exploring the spiritual needs of           of the Institute and are about to
older people’. Feedback was very            undertake a project, the Institute
positive and everyone felt they had         may support you by awarding an
benefited from attending.       This        educational grant of £250.00.
workshop is an example of the               Applications can be submitted at
Institute wishing to widen the              any time and will be considered by
perspective of its educational              the Executive committee.
programme and we look forward to
working with Revd Dr James                  It is important that our education
Woodward again in the near future.          programme reflects the wishes of
                                            our membership and we would take
Forthcoming meetings                        this opportunity to encourage
We hope you will join us at our             anyone who has ideas for future
interesting Stroke meeting on 18            workshops to contact us with their
December, which will give you               proposals.
insight into the changes and

                The Institute of Ageing & Health – West Midlands             2
                        Registered Charity Number: 528794
Christmas Quiz

With the festive season looming, can you answer
the following questions about Christmas?
(Answers are on the back page).
  1.    Who was the first British monarch to
        broadcast a Christmas message to the nation?
  2.    Who banned Christmas in England between 1647 and 1660?
  3.    Who popularised the Christmas tree in England in the 19th century?
  4.    On Christmas Day in which year was William the Conqueror crowned
        at Westminster Abbey?
  5.    John Callcott Horsley designed what first commercial Christmas item
        in 1843?
  6.    Yorkshire man William Strickland is believed to have brought the first
        what to Britain from North America in 1526?

Islam Awareness Week

Islam Awareness Week is an annual national event which I was privileged
and honoured to be part of last week. I joined others in opening the week in
Birmingham as Chair of Weoley Castle Age Concern which was their charity
for 2008. We were entertained at a multi-cultural supper at the ICC on
Thursday where over £1000 was raised for the charity. I also enjoyed a visit
to the Muslims Students House on the Moseley Road for lectures on climate
change and finance and was again honoured to be there during prayers. The
house, unlike my usual perception of student accommodation, is a beautiful
The purpose of the week is to introduce Islam to the rest of the community,
sharing Islam’s view on God, life and society. It has given me the idea that it
would be wonderful if we received articles for our journal on peoples beliefs
religious and otherwise as part of a debate on the reasons for belief.
Food for thought -
     "I go to visit my friend in hospital
     And you insist I wash my hands in alcohol
     Is it coz I is a Muslim?"
From a poem "Is it coz I is a Muslim" A collection of poetry `n` things by
Mahtab Khan from Unity FM radio 93.5
                                                             Peter Mayer

                The Institute of Ageing & Health – West Midlands             3
                        Registered Charity Number: 528794
News from Onneley House
                                            Building on the reputation of
At the end of September the Centre          Onneley House now has of being a
had another successful Friday               safe place for older people to come
evening party where the theme was           and enjoy themselves, Quinton
‘Best of British’. The night began          Police have asked us to organise a
with a traditional fish ‘n’ chip with       Christmas dinner for those living on
mushy peas supper. The Centre               their own and who may not
was grateful to Selly Oak Fryers,           otherwise have the opportunity to
who supplied the fish and chips for         have such a dinner. Local schools
£2.00 per person and for Jane               will be working with us; children
Lewis (Harborne Cluster Co-                 will be serving the older people and
ordinator), who brought the food to         then singing traditional Christmas
the Centre. It was great to see             Carols and a pianist will end the
older people dancing and singing –          party with some old Christmas
who said older people didn’t want           favourites.
to come out at night?!
                                            George and Michelle are very
In October, 24 people from the              pleased to be able to build strong
Centre went on a holiday to the Isle        partnerships       with       local
of Wight. They had a full day and           organisations promoting the needs
evening events programme and the            of older people; we are also aware
feed back from those that went              that the Home Office have been
was very positive. Our next holiday         interested to hear about what has
in April is already full and names          been happening at Onneley House.
are being placed for the autumn
return to the Isle of Wight.                It was a delight to be awarded a
                                            £380.00 cheque from Waitrose in
Following the success of last years         Harborne following their new
Halloween event with Quinton                scheme ‘support a local charity’.
Police, we were delighted once              We were nominated by members of
again to be asked to host and               the public to take part and then
organise an events programme for            shoppers dropped a token given to
older residents known to Quinton            them as they passed through the
Police for the 31 October. 67 older         tills into one of the three boxes
people – some dressed as ghosts,            representing    the   three    local
ghouls or witches – danced and              charities. Audrey Humpherson our
sang to the entertainment, which            Centre Assistant collected the
included a soloist, Scottish bagpipes       cheque on the Centre’s behalf.
and a 50s, 60s band.
                                                              George & Michelle

                The Institute of Ageing & Health – West Midlands              4
                        Registered Charity Number: 528794
I have been asked to write a different obituary about Jed Rowe for the
archives of the Royal College of Physicians and would very much like to
receive any memories you would like me to include of Jed and his family. I
would be keen to then include your reminiscences in a future edition of our

Many of you will have been at the National meeting of the British Geriatrics
Society in Birmingham where Professor Peter Crome completed his term of
office as President. He is to be congratulated on a successful 2 years in office
and for the Societies` excellent judgement in awarding the President’s medal
to Dr Alistair Main – recognition of his eminence in the speciality

                                                                   Peter Mayer

We are continuously looking for articles for our journal Ageing & Health. If
you are interested in having your paper published, please contact Jeanette,
who will forward it on to our editor Dr Brooks for consideration.

IAH Contact details:
Tel: 0121 442 3501                         Fax: 0121 442 3663
Email: iah.info@iah-wmids.org.uk           website: www.iah-wmids.org.uk

                                  Answers to the Christmas Quiz

                                           How well did you do?

                                           1.     George the Fifth (in 1932)
                                           2.     Oliver Cromwell
                                           3.     Prince Albert
                                           4.     1066
                                           5.     Christmas card
                                           6.     Turkey

                The Institute of Ageing & Health – West Midlands               5
                        Registered Charity Number: 528794

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