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Mission Statement: To ensure administration, security, good order, discipline and safety of
prisoners and detained personnel from all military services; to retrain and restore
maximum number of personnel to honorable service; to prepare remaining prisoners for
return to civilian life as productive citizens.

Please visit our website for more info: Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar

If your sponsor has not contacted you, please use the following e-mails:

Enlisted: MRMZ_NCBM_esponsor@navy.mil

Officers: MRMZ_NCBM_osponsor@navy.mil

Mailing Address:

Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar
46141 Miramar Way
San Diego, Ca. 92145-2135

NAVCONBRIG Miramar Contact Numbers:

Admin Office (858) 577-7000
Career Counselor (858) 577-7061
Command Master Chief (858) 577-7141
Control Center (858) 577-7777 (manned 24 hours)
Command Ombudsman (858) 449-7357

Directions to Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar:

Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar is located in Bldg. 7684 onboard Marine Corps Air Station
(MCAS) Miramar in northern San Diego. Entry to the base can be gained through one of three
gates: the North gate, the East gate, or the West gate. The only gate open 24 hours a day is
the North gate. The West gate is only open during weekdays under limited hours. Visitors with
military identification and current base vehicle registration will be allowed access without having
to obtain a visitor’s pass. Visitors without military identification may obtain a vehicle/visitor
pass when entering the East gate; you will be asked for a valid driver's license, vehicle
registration and proof of vehicle insurance to obtain a temporary pass.

      Directions to the North Gate: From Interstate 805, exit onto Miramar Road and
       proceed east until you see signs for the North gate. From Interstate 15, exit onto Miramar
       Road and proceed west until you see the signs for the North gate. Once inside the gate,
       proceed south on Mitscher Way until you intersect Miramar Way. At Miramar Way, turn
       right and proceed west approximately 1 mile. The brig is located on the left opposite the
       base golf course just before the West Gate. Parking is available on the north side of the
       building. Turn left into the driveway followed by an immediate right turn to the
       staff/visitor parking area. Additional parking is available by shuttle from MALS-11/Barn
       parking area.

Public Transportation Information: There is a public bus stop adjacent to the North gate.
Taxis are allowed onto the installation provided the driver and passenger possess pictured
identification. The quarterdeck is located in the middle of the brig behind the flagpole. The
admin office is located on the west side of the building. Greater San Diego Area Transit Map.

MCAS Miramar Lodging Information:

      MCAS Miramar Consolidated Bachelor Quarters
       Front desk (858) 577-4233
       Reservations (858) 577-4235
       Fax (858) 577-4243

   ** Try to make reservations here first; family members are authorized to stay**

      Miramar Inn
       Front desk (858) 271-7111

       ** On-base, but costs a little more than the Consolidated Bachelor Quarters**

Other Lodging Information for the San Diego area:

      For Navy Lodge information, visit the website: www.navy-lodge.com or call the Navy
       Lodge central reservation toll free (1-800- NAVY-INN/1-800-628-9466) to determine
       availability. Reservations are required to ensure room availability for a member

      Lincoln Military Housing (military housing located on base and throughout San Diego)
       Voice (858) 874-8100
       Fax (858) 874-3259

       **San Diego is designated a critical housing area. Availability is limited**

MCAS Miramar support service numbers:
Branch Dental Clinic
Appointment Info            (858) 577-7856

Branch Medical Clinic
Appointments/SICK CALL      (858) 577-4656

Family Services             (858) 577-4099

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (858) 577-1807

Again, Welcome Aboard to Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar. We look forward to meeting you
upon graduation from the Naval Corrections Academy!

                                 Commanding Officer
                                NAVCONBRIG Miramar


Important Information Before Reporting:

It is highly recommended that you draw 30 days advance per diem at the rate of $23.25 per day
(for E6 and below) or $27.00 per day (for E7 and above) prior to arrival at NTTC Lackland AFB,
TX. Remainder of per diem will be paid prior to graduation.

      NTTC Lackland Air Force Base Lodging Information:

   You must reserve lodging 30 days prior to your arrival to guarantee room availability on
   base. Contact the Lackland Gateway Inn at (210) 671-4277 or DSN: 473- 4277 for lodging
   reservations. See enclosed Lackland AFB map for lodging location. Payment of 30 days
   advance lodging ($697.50 for E6 and below) or ($810.00 for E7 and above) is normally
   required at check-in. You may also elect to split the payment and pay one-half initially, and
   the other half 2 weeks later. Please ask the receptionist for details.

   **Lodging is available for your dependants, if they choose to travel with you**

      Uniform Requirements:

       E-6 and below: Navy PTU, Service Dress with ribbons, Utilities. Service Dress worn
       each Friday.

       E-7 and above: Navy PTU, Service Dress with ribbons, Khakis. Service Dress worn
       each Friday.

Important Information Upon Your Arrival in San Antonio, TX:

If you fly into San Antonio International Airport, and are not met by an NTTC Lackland AFB
representative, contact the Petty Officer of the Watch at (210) 671-4290/4770/4771 or DSN:
473-4290/4770/4771 to arrange transportation to the base. If you arrive after normal working
hours, you will need to arrange public transportation (approx $30, located in the baggage claim
area) to take you to the base (be sure to obtain a receipt to file with your travel voucher).

      Once you arrive at the base and secure lodging, report to Davis Hall and check-in with
       the CDO. (See enclosed Lackland AFB map for location). The CDO will stamp your
       orders, including a stamp to enable you to eat at the Air Force dining facility free of
       charge. (Be advised that your BAS entitlement will automatically be stopped after 30
       days) The CDO will then direct you where and when to report for the first day of class
       (normally in PT gear at 0500).
Detaching Command Requirements:

Welcome to the center for security forces learning site. To find a course overview, reporting
instructions, uniform requirements and prerequisites, visit
HTTPS://CETARSWEB.CNET.NAVY.MIL. You are directed to review all prerequisites for
enroute training IAW CANTRAC. If prerequisites are not met or will expire prior to enrollment,
immediately notify your detaching chain of command.

Commands are directed to ensure service member meets all prerequisites for enroute training
IAW the catalog of Navy training (CANTRAC) HTTPS://CETARSWEB.CNET.NAVY.MIL.
CANTRAC is also accessible through your NKO account at HTTPS://NKO.NAVY.MIL.
Failure to meet all prerequisites, including body composition standards, will result in dis-
enrollment. If detaching command is aware that service member does not meet the criteria for
attending the course, hold the orders in abeyance and contact the detailer for order modification.

***Ensure you look at CANTRAC for the course prerequisites on meeting height and weight
standards…you will be dropped from the course if not within standards. Please ensure that you
can pass the PFA and are within standards!***

Naval Technical Training Center Lackland Texas Information:

Mailing address:

ATTN: (Person's name or department here)
1250 Arnold Circle, Suite 1
Lackland AFB
San Antonio, TX 78236


Directions to NTTC LACKLAND, AFB:

To assist in your arrival, the following link to “MapQuest” is provided below. The zip code for
Lackland AFB, TX is 78236. Type in your address and simply enter 78236 under "end zip
code". Click the "get directions" button. (You may have to click "get directions" more than
once. If you are flying into San Antonio, you may also use “MapQuest” by clicking on the
airport link or code.

Helpful Phone Numbers at Lackland (DSN Prefix: 473):

Quarterdeck (210) 671-4770

Headquarters Fax (210) 671-3225
Administrative Office (210) 671-1977/4012/4011

Student Management (210) 671-4943

MA “A” School Department Head (210) 671-2458

Naval Corrections Academy Department Head (210) 671-2530

Naval Corrections Academy (210) 671-1295

Naval Corrections Academy Website: https://www.netc.navy.mil/centers/csf/nttc/default.cfm

NEC 9575 “Corrections Specialist Navy Ashore A-831-0001” Course Description

The purpose of the Corrections Specialist Navy Ashore course is to thoroughly prepare personnel
grades E-1 to E-9 to perform correctional duties at shore brigs and correctional custody units.
The Naval Corrections Academy is committed to teaching entry-level knowledge and providing
practical application of sound correctional concepts. NEC 9575 is awarded upon successful
completion of this course.

Course topics include the following:

       History and Philosophy of Naval Corrections
       Brig Correctional Programs
       Legal Aspects of Corrections
       Brig Administrative Functions
       Ethical Standards within Corrections
       Receiving and Release Procedures
       Report Writing, and Communication Skills for Corrections
       Supervision of Prisoners and Detainees
       Security of Prisoners and Detainees
       Personnel Welfare

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