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									Church Chimes
         Zwingli United Church of Christ,
             Monticello, Wisconsin
            Lawrence H. Balleine, Senior Pastor
           Charles G. Workman, Pastor Emeritus
      Carolyn Hilliard, Coordinator of Caring Ministries
      Renee Blum, Coordinator of Children’s Ministries
“Inviting all to follow Jesus through faith & action.”
                                                   August, 2011
                                                                                                                  August, 2011
    DAILY                                              Dear Friends,
     BIBLE                                               A short time before this past Christmas, the following headline
      READING                                          appeared in the State Journal: “Obama, GOP Agree on Plan.” Just
        For AUGUST                                     reading the headline put me in a good mood. I don’t recall the issue
                                                       but the fact that Democrats and Republicans agreed on something
                                                       was reason enough for me to rejoice.
                    A Fresh Beginning by                   For too long, partisan politics have been our modus operendi, and
            Trusting in God’s Mercy and Kindness       it continues to polarize us as a state and nation. Quite honestly, I was
                                                       hoping that headline could have somehow been a sign of things to
1   Psalm 11                   17   Psalm 73           come. But evidently, it wasn’t.
2   Psalm 16                   18   Psalm 91             The word that is often forgotten and not practiced is
3   Psalm 23                   19   Psalm 103          COMPROMISE. It is not a bad word by any means. There are
4   Psalm 25                   20   Genesis 50:15-21   hardliners who consider compromise to be a sign of weakness. Not
5   Psalm 27                                           so. Rather, it is more often a sign of strength. Any couple that has
6   Psalm 28                   Sunday                  enjoyed the blessings of a good, long marriage knows the benefits of
                               21 2 Samuel 19:8b-23    compromise.
Sunday                         22 2 Samuel 19:24-30      The word compromise actually derives from “com” (meaning:
7 Psalm 30                     23 2 Samuel l9:31-40    surround with) and “promise.” I don’t know about you, but I like the
 8 Psalm 31                    24 Isaiah 55:1-13       sound of that: to surround with promise
 9 Psalm 32                    25 Jeremiah 30:1-11       When we are convinced that “It’s my may or the highway,” we miss
10 Psalm 34                    26 Jeremiah 30:12-24    a great deal. When we fail to listen to each other, we miss an
11 Psalm 35                    27 Jeremiah 31:1-14     opportunity where the view of the other person, party or group may
12 Psalm 36                                            have something significant to say from which ALL may benefit.
13 Psalm 61                      Sunday                  As a compromise is often a good thing in marriage, it is also a
                               28 Jeremiah 31:15-26    good practice for politics at any level, and for our common life as
  Sunday                       29 Jeremiah 31:31-40    communities, states, nations, and even congregations.
14 Psalm 62                    30 Jeremiah 33:1-13
                               31 Matthew 18:21-35     Remember, wherever you are on your life journey, there’s a place for
15 Psalm 63                                            you at Zwingli Church.
 16 Psalm 71
                                                         I hope to greet you in church, if not before.
                                                            May the peace of Christ dwell within you,

Regular hours church office is open:
  Monday & Wednesday 8-12 a.m.
 Thursday & Friday 8-12 1-5                            P.S. If our very deepest values are put into jeopardy because of
                                                       compromise, then maybe compromise is not the way to go. But this is
                                                       generally not the case; for when it comes to our deepest values,
                                                       there is often agreement.
From the Caring Ministry:                                         President’s Letter
     Grandparent & Me Camp                                        I hope you’ve been having a great summer. It seems like it
                                                                  wasn’t that long ago, we couldn’t wait for it to warm up.
A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend                  Now, as I write this, I wish it would cool down. I don’t know
Grandparent and Me camp at Pilgrim Camp on Green Lake.            about you, but it seems like I’ve had more things to do
This is a beautiful spot and our Wisconsin Conference has         than I’ve had time. So, after being busy all week, I sure
been fortunate through these many years to own and                look forward to Sunday morning. It seems that I find going
operate this camp. The theme of the camp was God’s                to church helps to give me a mental and spiritual boost for
presence in our lives. I attended Pilgrim camp during my          the upcoming week.
middle and high school years.( a long time ago!) Some of
the same buildings are still there, in use and some wonderful     Hope you’ve been able to get to church to enjoy service,
improvements have been added. While we were there, there          and hear our special guest singers. WOW! What great
was a group of volunteers improving a Challenge Trail. Oak        talent.
Mound Lodge, a year around lodge has been added, with air         In June, I had the chance to go on the mission trip to
conditioning, etc. Of course, this is where we stayed, luckily,   Tennessee. I’m glad I went. The work was interesting and
as it was very warm. This was a great time for bonding with       rewarding. I think we all, if able, should try to make a
my granddaughter and planting seeds of faith in our               mission trip to help someone less fortunate. I definitely
youngsters. I think all of us will remember our camp              need to give a huge thank you to the man who pulled off
experiences. It is good for all of us to be without television,
                                                                  this trip so smoothly – Paul Rieder.
newspapers, and electronic games for a few days! It is good
to be in a different environment, even if the time goes           Another big thank you goes out to Larry, Cyndi and Phenix
quickly. The “Me’s” (which meant the youngsters) signed up        Foley, for putting together our entry in the Homecoming
to help set the tables and cleanup after meals. Everyone          parade. If you saw it, it was a montage of things we’ve
had some free time, along with swimming, fishing, games           done around the church this past year. You sometimes
and crafts. Grandparents became acquainted almost as              forget how active we are.
quickly as the kids. We discussed our churches, the younger
                                                                  We have so much to be thankful for, and so much to be
generations, and our faith journeys. I thank our conference
for giving us a wonderful place and opportunity to share and      proud of at Zwingli church
rejuvenate our spirituality.                                      So again a big thank-you to all who keep things going so
                                                                  smoothly at our church. A special big thanks to Rev.
     Carolyn Hilliard                                             Balleine for all he does for us, and keeps our church going
   Coordinator of Caring Ministries                               in the right direction
                                                                  John Baebler, Congregational president
                                                                               Zwingli United Church of Christ
Hymn of the Month                                                                   Consistory Meeting
Since we celebrate our mid-summer communion service on                                  June 8, 2011
August 7th, it is appropriate that we study a communion hymn.
Chosen for individual and group study is Richard Blanchard’s      Present: John Baebler, Nicole Baebler, Cyndi Foley, Jim Meier, Barb
                                                                  Pluss, Paul Rieder, Paul Risley, Liz Rolph, Jonathon Rupp, Leroy
“Fill My Cup, Lord.””                                             Spring, Bruce Workman and Sheri Wichser

                                                                  Staff Present: Pastor Balleine and Carolyn Hilliard
Like the woman at the well I was seeking
For things that could not satisfy;                                President John Baebler called meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
‘And then I heard my Savior speaking;
                                                                  Opening prayer was given by Pastor Balleine.
“Draw from my well that never shall run dry.”
                                                                  Cyndi Foley read June’s Bible Study. Discussion Followed.
                                                                  Treasurer’s Report: Christine Turner reported May was a good month.
     Fill my cup, Lord, I lift it up, Lord!                       We were able to cover all expenses and had $1,667.25 extra income.
     Come and quench this thirsting of my soul;                   Because June is a quarter month end, we will probably need to take
     Bread of heaven feed me ‘till I want no more --              from Reserve Funds to cover next month’s expenses. Bruce Workman
     Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole!                   made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, 2nd by Jonathon Rupp.
                                                                  Motion carried.
                                                                                                    May 2011             Year to Date
There are millions in this world who are craving
                                                                                  Current Income $15,651.41              $75,005.72
The pleasure earthly things afford;
                                                                           From Reserve Funds $(1,667.25)                $18,041.89
But none can match the wondrous treasure                                            Total Income $13,984.16              $93,047.61
That I find in Jesus Christ my Lord.                                              Actual Expense $13,984.16              $93,047.61
                                                                       Current Income – Actual $ 1,667.25                $(18,041.89)
Refrain                                                                                  Expense

So, my brother, if the things this world gave you                 Secretary’s Report: May’s minutes were reviewed and a few
Leave hungers that won’t pass away,                               revisions were needed. Paul Rieder made a motion to accept the
My blessed Lord will come and save you,                           secretary’s report with corrections. Cyndi Foley 2nd. Motion carried.
If you kneel to Him and humbly pray.                              Pastor Larry’s Report: Pastor Balleine reported the conference
                                                                  meeting is coming up and Jonathon Rupp and Pastor Larry will be
Refrain                                                           attending. The meeting will be important because of the new
                                                                  conference/association structure goes into effect in July. On Sunday
                                                                  14 members of the church will be leaving for the Nashville, TN work
                                                                  camp and 1 member will be leaving for Moon Beach Work Camp.
             Zwingli’s Income from pledges & offerings $88,832
                                                                  Barb Pluss will present the sermon provided by David Moyer, our
           Transferred from Undesignated/Reserved Funds $29,216
                                                                  conference minister. Paul Risley will be our
                   Actual Expenses $118,048 through June.
                                                                                                             (Continued on next page)
        (June Consistory Minutes continued from previous page)                (June Consistory Minutes continued from previous page)

liturgist. Denise Pinnow and Pansy Balleine led worship Memorial      E. F & G: Nothing reported.
Day weekend because Larry traveled out east for a memorial            Finance: Nothing additional reported.
service for his cousin Anna. Tomorrow evening, our church will        Memorials: Barb Pluss reported all the bills for the Labyrinth Room
host the large group involved with the Interfaith Hospitality         are in. They are looking at publishing an article in the Chimes for
Network. We are this year’s host church for the worship service       Long-term Giving options. Speakers for the sanctuary are in
during Homecoming which will be held in Montesian Gardens.            progress.
Holy Communion will be served. There are some weddings on             Mission: Paul Rieder reported Hospitality Network is progressing
the horizon.                                                          nicely. Tomorrow evening’s meeting will take place at our church.
Coordinator of Caring Ministries: Carolyn Hilliard reported she       This committee is looking at a potential date to serve a meal at
continues to visit with members of the church. The Walk-it-with-a-    Crossroads Campus Ministry. A special offering “Strengthen the
Book summer session has the book selected and will probably           Church” will be collected on June 12th. The Mission Basket brought
begin after Homecoming.                                               $65 during the Kalberwurst Dinner. The Mission Trip Work Camp is
Coordinator of Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministries:            nearing.
John Baebler read Renee’s report. The Luau on the last day of         Publicity: Cyndi Foley reported the best way to get info published in
Sunday School was a huge success. The children also did a nice        a timely manner is to e-mail Cyndi –
job presenting their memory work. We also recognized our              Stewardship & Membership: Jonathon Rupp reported this
teaching staff and are fortunate to have staff that has been          committee is discussing envelopes for members that are not active.
consistent for many years. A big thank-you to Pastor Larry for        The initial Talent Challenge ingathering took place on June 5 and
getting on the Dunk Tank board. Women’s Guild co-sponsored            $2,650 was collected.
                                                                      Worship & Music: Nothing reported.
this event. Vacation Bible School will be hosted by our church this
                                                                      Old Business:
year and is only a few days away. Helpers and supplies are still
                                                                           Float for Homecoming parade – Foley Family will lead,
needed. Fellowship Hall will be turned into a Marketplace.
Postcards are being sent to families that have children that could            Workman trailer and truck will be used. Sheri Wichser will
participate.                                                                  send entry to Rachel Rufer for the parade.
Staff Suggestions: Nothing reported.
COMMITTEE REPORTS:                                                          Zwingli’s 125th Anniversary will be in 2012 and we need to
Administration: Nothing reported.                                            start planning for this celebration. A committee will be
Building & Grounds: Bruce Workman, Jonathon Rupp and John                    needed.
Baebler reported they are working on air conditioning issues, choir
room cabinets, door to sanctuary on westside, upper bathroom          New Business:
floors, reroute venting for furnace through chimney and heat for
New Room. A big Thank-you to Jonathon Rupp for installing the               Bruce Workman will look into getting recycling bins for our
new cabinetry in the North Room.                                             church so we can recycle.
Christian Education: Sheri Wichser reported this committee
discussed potential ways to get younger families more involved        Meeting adjourned at 7:49 p.m.
with our church family. Next year’s Sunday School curriculum will
                                                                      Sheri Wichser
be reviewed as the curriculum this year was not very good.
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Hazel Kundert 100 years young!                                               (Hazel Kundert continued from previous page)

                                                                   of 5th & 6th or 7th & 8th grades. She states that teaching 7th & 8th
Mrs. Hazel Kundert will celebrate her 100 birthday July 26. To     grade would have paid $5 more a month. Still, Hazel chose 5th &
the many 5th and 6th graders who passed through the halls of       6th grade.
Monticello Public Schools, she will always be affectionately
called, Mrs. Kundert. Hazel says there is a bonus in teaching.     Retired since 1976, Hazel has enjoyed painting, tending her
“One can see the fruits of one’s labor.” She continues to enjoy    flowers, and seeing her grandchildren and great grandchildren
visiting with her former students. “I feel fortunate to have       grow. She still plays Bridge every other week.
worked at a profession I enjoyed.”
                                                                    A Member of Zwingli UCC, Hazel, Doris Wagner, Ruth
Hazel spent a total of 46 years at the School District of          Wittenwyler, and Grace Klassy were the original members of
Monticello; 12 years as a young student and 34 as an               the Altar Guild. Initiated by Rev. Pegel, these ladies were active
experienced teacher. Her first job (after graduating from Green    in the Guild for 16 years. They completed more than 50 banners,
County Normal) was teaching at a one-room schoolhouse in           took care of many altar duties (flowers, candles, robes, etc.), and
Attica. She got the job after approaching school board member      supported one another during stressful times. The women
E.T. Lewis, while he was doing farm chores. He said, “Any girl     worked as a team making the banners. Hazel was the designer;
willing to walk through a cow yard to talk about a teaching        Ruth, the lettering person; Doris, the sewer; and Grace, the
position can have it.”                                             ironing person. After a morning of banner making, the women
                                                                   would have lunch and play Bridge. The highlight of their
Hazel Zweifel married Kenneth W. Kundert on June 16, 1935.         “career” came in 2003 when the ladies received the Life Service
They moved to Blanchardville where he was a “Smith-Hughes”         Award for their contributions. Hazel also belongs to the Prayer
instructor (Ag Teacher). After 4 years, they moved to Jefferson    Chain. “I have used it myself several times.”
were Kenneth took a new teaching job. Married women did not
teach back then. Later, with small son in tow, the Kunderts        She is very appreciative of her Church Family who have
moved to Kenneth’s family farm south of the Monroe city limits.    supported her in times of joy and sadness. Rev. Muehlmeier
They were only there for five months when Kenneth was              performed the marriages of both her parents and Hazel and her
accidentally electrocuted in a farming accident. He was 30 years   husband. Rev. Pegel was pastor during the illness and death of
old.                                                               her only child, Ken, at the age of 50. “The support I received
                                                                   from the Pastors and Church Family have helped much in
This gracious lady truly believes that God does provide. Shortly   accepting the negative experiences I have endured.” For that she
after moving back to her former home in Monticello with her 3-     is very grateful.
year-old son, Kenneth R.; neighbor and school board member,
Chris Stauffer, offered her a teaching position at Monticello.     As a Community, we are very grateful for “Mrs. Kundert.” She
Mrs. Kundert recalls she was offered the choice                    is a “class act”.
                                 (Continued on next page)
  Women’s Guild Executive Board Meeting                            (Women’s Guild Board meeting continued from previous page)
     Friday, July 15, 2011, 6:00 p.m.                              For the Spiritual Life Department Kathleen reported that Walk it
                                                                   with a Book will be starting July 20th. Questions were asked if it
The Meeting was called to order at 6:10 by co-president Judy
                                                                   were possible to start a walk it with a book with evening hours.
Busser reciting a prayer.
                                                                   Kathleen was going to put an article in the chimes to see if
Present were: Judy Busser, Kathy Baebler, DeeDee Bruns.
                                                                   anyone would be interested. The only thing was that Carolyn
Cyndi Foley, Barb Pluss, Kathleen Sulzer, Jeanette Broge and
                                                                   Hilliard would not be able to conduct the class so if there was
Stephanie Beckwith.
                                                                   interest someone else would need to be the start up person.
Absent were: Ashley Busser, Kathleen Grossen, Sue Rieder,
Susan Hefty, Karen Brugger, Margie Waelchli, Carol Leck and
                                                                   The Early Summer Event on the last day of Sunday school was
Christine Meier.
                                                                   a huge hit with the kids and will be continuing. Advertising
                                                                   around town helped quite a bit.
The secretaries report was reviewed from the January 29.2011
Executive Board meeting with one minor correction. Judy
                                                                   Notice: Barb Duerst has said that 2012 will be her final year as
made a motion to accept the report with the correction, Cyndi
                                                                   Chairperson for the Women’s Guild Basket auction We will be
seconded the motion. Motion passed.
                                                                   sad to see her go as she does a terrific job If anyone is
                                                                   interested in taking over the basket designing now is the time
The treasurer’s report was given by Cyndi. Barb made a motion
                                                                   to get involved to be shown the ropes& ribbon cutting.
to except the treasurer’s report and Judy seconded the motion.
Motion passed.
                                                                   The upcoming Zwingli summer supper is set for Saturday
                                                                   August 13th. Those people whose names are on the list in the
Regarding our Child Fund International sponsorship, Cyndi
                                                                   2011-2012 W.G. Yearbook will be sent Cards in order to verify
reported that the monthly donation has been raised from
                                                                   how they can help. Responses will be due back by August 1st.
$33.00 to $37.00. Kathleen made a motion to approve the four
                                                                   Those who do not respond will still be receiving a phone call
dollar increase. Judy seconded the motion. Motion passed
                                                                   from the event chairpersons. Chairpersons tentatively plan on
                                                                   meeting August 3rd at 6:00 for final preparations.
Both the Kitchen Department and Child care reported no
problems and that everything is going well.
                                                                   A suggestion was made for having a speaker from the Interfaith
                                                                   Hospitality Network at the Fall Guild meeting. The suggestion is
For the Library Department Carol Leck is putting articles in the
                                                                   being looked into.
church chimes highlighting books that the library has to offer.
There were some Readers Digest condensed books pulled
                                                                   At 6:50 Deedee made a motion to adjourn, Stephanie
from the library. These books were set at the side entrance into
                                                                   seconded. Co-president Kathy gave the closing prayer.
the sanctuary for anyone interested in taking them home.
Kathleen removed the remaining books that were not taken.
                                                                   Submitted by Barb Pluss, WG Secretary.
                                   (Continued on next page)
Bunch to Lunch                                                    Possible New Bible Study
  Sunday, August 7th                                                                           An interest has been expressed in
                                                                                               an early evening bible study for
We will travel to Brodhead to                                                                  those who want to study the bible
eat at one of our favorite                                                                     but who can’t take part in current
places.                                                                                        groups because of the times that
      THE SANDBURR                                                                             they meet. A possible time was
                                                                                               suggested as 6:30 pm on a week
The menu has a large variety of                                                                night. Those who would like to be
meals. There is something for                                                                  included in the study will decide on
everyone!                                                                                      the day of the week that would be
Meet at the East Entrance after church (10:30) to carpool. If                                  possible for them. They will also
you like good food and friendly fellowship, join in on Sunday.                                 choose the type of study they want.
                                                                                               Choices are endless. If you are
                                                                  interested in helping form a study group, please contact Cyndi
                                                                  Foley or Kathleen Sulzer
Walk-it with a Book                                                  Kathleen Sulzer, Women’s Guild Spiritual Life Chairperson
This group meets for an early 30
minute walk on Wednesddays and at
7:30 a.m. have coffee, etc. with a
discussion of the book “Walking Home”                             ATTN: Confirmation Gatherings
by Margaret Guenther.. You are
welcome to join us at 7:30 for the                                A meeting for all second year
discussion only. Each chapter is a                                confirmands, parents, and
separate story, so it’s never too late to                         mentors is scheduled for Monday
come! This is a light-hearted group. It is a great way to start   evening, August 22nd, at 7 pm. We
your day.                                                         will gather in the lounge/library and look at what is involved with
                                                                  the second year of our confirmation program.
                                                                  A meeting for all incoming confirmands and their parents will
                           Senior Choir                           occur on Wednesday evening, August 24th at 7 pm in the
                                  &                               lounge/library. This meeting serves as an introduction and
                        Senior Chime Choir                        orientation to our confirmation program. All who have attained
                             will begin                           at least the 7th grade are welcome to come to this gathering
                        Wednesday, Sept. 14th                     and become a part of the confirmation program.
Walk to Cure Diabetes                                                 2011 Giving Records
 Sunday, September 18, 2011                                           Individual reports of offerings received by the church are sent to
    At Warner Park, Madison                                           members at the end of June and September each year so that
I’m asking for your support in a very special cause. This year, I     they may check our records for accuracy. A final report is sent
will again be taking part in JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes,            at the end of the year to everyone who has contributed during
along with one half million other walkers across the country, as      the year to be used for income tax purposes.
we try to reach our goal of raising $89 million.                      These reports show a breakdown of how our members want
Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, is a devastating disease that           their money used. If I have entered offering under an incorrect
affects millions of people, a large and growing percentage of         category, I need to be told so that I can make a correction. I
them children.                                                        can make a correction until the records are closed at the end of
                                                                      the year. I have copies of all reports at my home so I can look
There is some good news, though. JDRF is our best hope for            up a report and the weekly source sheets and envelopes that
finding a cure. It funds more type 1 diabetes research than any       are the basis for the reports. I am glad to do that. My phone
other charity worldwide and it’s making progress along many           number is 325-4692.
promising paths toward better treatments and a cure.
                                                                      I have had inquiries about offerings for Church World Service
I have an extremely high personal goal this year and it may           blankets. We had intended to cross out a sentence on the
sound unreasonable but I believe with all of my heart that you        special envelopes which said to make the checks out to CWS
will help me reach this goal as it is very close to my heart. My      but we didn’t manage to get that done this year so some of our
father, who passed away in 1984 lived 37 years with Type 1            members made out their checks that way. If a check was made
diabetes which developed as a result of the wounds he                 out to CWS, it was sent along with our Zwingli check to CWS.
sustained in WW11 where he lost both legs. This is my 37th            The envelopes are printed that way because not all people who
year as a Type 1 diabetic, so I hope that I will be able to outlive   use them are giving through a church. We plan to fix the
my father with this disease and do my part to help find a cure.       envelopes next year before they are fastened into the February
My goal is the total number of years my father and I have had         Chimes. I also had a question about an offering that was shown
diabetes times $100 for each year. Would you please help me           as a memorial. If the family brings in a memorial check from a
reach my goal of $7,400.00?                                           member, I enter it on that member’s giving record. Again, I am
Now, more than ever you can make a crucial difference. Won’t          always glad to explain why the offering was entered in the
you please give to JDRF as generously as possible? Together,          computer the way it was.
we can make the cure a reality.                                       Kathleen Sulzer, Financial secretary
You may donate online by going to
Select Donate in the upper right corner
                                                                      Have You Noticed How Beautiful
Name: Sue Sinnett      Team: GHC-SCW
Walk Location: Wisconsin Click the link to my name
                                                                      the Flowers have been around our
Or you may make your check out to JDRF and get it to me prior         sign this summer? Thanks to
to the walk on September 18th                                         DeeDee, Tim & Claire Bruns for
                                                                      planting & watering them!
Thank you in advance for your support,      Sue Sinnett
Music in the Park                                                    Gospel Choir Tour to Germany
Zwingli Church to host                                               Do you want to
outdoor concert.                                                         Sing gospel music?
                                                                         Travel to Germany?
One Achord – a gospel
                                                                         Enjoy choir fellowship?
singing group from
Waupaca, who has shared                                              Then join the Wisconsin
with us frequently in worship                                        Conference Gospel Choir Tour to Germany in August of 2012.
will present a concert on                                            From August 17-22 The Gospellers, a gospel choir made up of
Saturday evening, August                                             singers from UCC churches across Wisconsin, will travel to the
20th, from 7 to 8 pm. It will                                        Berlin-Brandenburg area of Germany for a tour.
be held at the Octagonal
Shelter on the northeast                                             To prepare we will
shore of Lake Montesian.                                                 Attend 2 overnight retreats at Pilgrim Center in Green
Their concert will include both sacred and pop songs.
                                                                         Rehearse once a month from October through June in
Everyone is invited to come and enjoy. A freewill offering will be         venues across the state (twice in Tomah and Stevens
received for the life and mission of Zwingli Church. Come; bring           Point, twice in a location nearer to your home).
a lawn chair and your friends and neighbors.                             Sing at the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Conference
                                                                     In Germany we will
                                                                         Stay in homes
Worship on August 21st
                                                                         Perform 8-10 times
On Sunday morning, August 21st , One Achord will lead our                Sing with German gospel choirs
morning worship service. They will present a number of musical           Tour cultural and historical sites
pieces as well as an inspirational message.
                                                                     Cost $2,950.
                                                                     Two-thirds of the spots have been filled for this tour. Sign up
Left behind                                                          For information see Pastor, click on “German Gospel Tour”
                                                                     under “Events” on the homepage of the Wisconsin Conference
A father was reading Bible stories to his young son. “The man
                                                                     website ( or contact:
named Lot was warned to take his wife and flee out of the city,”
he said, “but his wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of          Fritz West
salt.”                                                                      651.433.4058
The boy asked, “What happened to the flea?”                                 e-mail
Summer Supper                                                     Sink or swim?
Too busy? Too hot? Don’t want to cook? Come join us on                                            People’s stories about
Saturday, August 13, 2011 from 5;00 to 7:30 for the Zwingli                                       learning to swim often sound
Summer Supper. Bring the whole family and enjoy good
                                                                                                  like this: “My dad tossed me
people, good food, and great fellowship!
                                                                                                  into the water. I didn’t have
P.S. Zwingli ladies, the mailing for assistance with the supper                                   a choice — I flailed around
has gone out. Please respond by mailing your postcard back to
                                                                                                  until I found myself
                                                                                                 But an elderly Christian tells a
Judy Busser,                                                                                     variation of this story: “Wanting to
Wormen’s Guild co-president                                                                      teach me to swim, my father
                                                                  threw me off the dock into the lake. I sank.” But then he goes
 Friends of Zwingli,                                              on: “So my father jumped in with me.”
 Thank you for the letters, cards, prayers                        The storyteller’s wisdom shines in his application: “God doesn’t
 and phone calls. I am home from Pleasant                         toss us into life and leave us alone to sink or swim. By sending
 View Nursing Home now and doing the                              Jesus, God jumped right in with us to save us from death, hold
 best I can. My family and everyone have                          us protectively and help us navigate life.”
 been so helpful. Thank you all
 Also thank you Rev. Balleine and Carolyn,
 your visits and concern meant so much to
 me.                                                              Late bloomers
 I hope to see you soon.                                          The pink crepe myrtle finally bloomed — two full months after
                                                                  every other tree of its kind in the area and just as the changing
 Charlene Durtschi
                                                                  weather signaled the season’s end. Between the rocky soil, too
                     The family of Mitch Wagner                   much shade and not enough water, the tree was doing the best
                     would like to thank                          it could under the circumstances.
                     everyone for the cards,                      Sound familiar? Like that tree, we’re often “ ... afflicted in every
                     memorials, and kind words.                   way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair;
                     We appreciate your loving                    persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed”
                     concern.                                     (2 Corinthians 4:8-9, NRSV). At times, every-thing seems to go
                                                                  against us. Nothing comes easily. Life is a struggle.
                     Tarea & Aiden Wagner
                                                                  But in Christ, we are not undone. We can persevere. We can
                     Dan & Mary Kay Berry                         bloom, even under the harshest circumstances.
                     Lucille Elmer
Let go!                                                               Taking the long way
Much attention is being paid to the heavy backpacks kids now          It’s human nature to look for shortcuts. We want the quickest,
lug to school. My fifth-grader’s backpack weighs nearly 20            surest route to our destination. Delays, detours and dead ends
pounds — more than one-quarter of her body weight!                    are frustrating and discouraging.
This year I bought my kids backpacks with wheels to ease the          Consider this: “When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not
muscle strain. Problem solved? Wrong. They continue lugging           lead them by way of the land of the Philistines, although that
the packs on their backs, and I keep reminding them to put the        was nearer ... . God led the people by the roundabout way of
packs down and roll them.                                             the wilderness toward the Red Sea” (Exodus 13:17-18, NRSV).
                                                                      The Red Sea looked like a fatal wrong turn, but God was
I don’t understand it — or do I? We adults carry heavy burdens,
                                                                      protecting the Israelites. He had a plan in place to lead them to
too. They pile up and weigh us down. The cumulative weight
                                                                      the promised land.
can be crushing. But we don’t have to carry our troubles. Jesus
tells us to let him shoulder the load (see Matthew 11:28). Jesus      When God seems to prefer delays and detours in your life,
already took away our biggest burden by dying on the cross. So        keep in mind that the long way just might be better.
we can truly “Let go … and let God.”
—Kari Myers

                                                                               Dear Mr. Baebler & Pastor Larry;
Who was Bartholomew?
                                                                               The Green County 4-H Foods Committee
On August 24, the church remembers St. Bartholomew, who is
                                                                               Thanks you for the use of your wonderful
listed among the disciples. Because Bartholomew is never
named in the book of John — while a follower named                             and spacious kitchen facilities on
Nathanael is mentioned only there — many scholars believe                      Thursday, July 7th. We had the perfect
Bartholomew and Nathanael were the same man. Further,                          arrangement for a wonderful learning
Bartholomew’s name is next to Philip’s in Matthew, Luke and                    experience for our food preservation
Mark, while in John, Philip introduces Nathanael to Jesus (who                 workshop!
says, “Here is truly an Israelite in whom there is no deceit!”                 Our most sincere appreciation!
[John 1:47, NRSV].
                                                                               Bridget Mouchon
Besides the Bible, Eusebius, the father of church history, is first
to mention Bartholomew. Eusebius reports that Bartholomew                      Pat Slister
gave a Hebrew translation of Matthew’s gospel to Christian
converts in India. Bartholomew also preached in Mesopotamia,                   Pam Burke
Persia, Egypt and Armenia, where he was killed. Tradition
holds that Bartholomew was either beheaded or flayed alive
and then crucified upside-down.
Taming the monsters                                                From Our Church Records
Children know a lot about monsters. Although opinion varies on     Wedding:
what the creatures look like, consensus exists on several                David Indergand & Kimberly Schmid
points. Monsters lurk under the bed, are nocturnal, are                             June 11, 2011
frightening beyond reason and disappear in the presence of
light.                                                             Deaths:
I think kids might be onto something. You see, grown-ups have                             Anna Albrecht Parisi
their own “monsters” to face. They don’t match up with                                     11/10/50 – 5/17/11
childhood fears but can be just as terrifying. Ordinary problems
that seem manageable during the daytime can become                                        Sylvia Schneeberger
monstrous at night.                                                                        12/15/19 – 6/29/11
When fear and worry rob us of sleep, we can tell them we’re in
no shape to deal with them. We can trust God to handle our         Memorials:
concerns. He’s more than capable of dealing with the monsters      In Memory of Shirley Baebler Designated to General Fund by
under every bed.                                                        family & friends

—Adapted from HomeTouch                                            In memory of Don Avery Designated to Interfaith Hospitality
                                                                        Network by
                                                                        Family & Friends
Save me a pew                                                           Joan Dunbar
The world’s largest Protestant Christian congregation is Yoido
Full Gospel Church in Seoul, South Korea. Since its founding in    n memory of Sylvia Schneeberger Designated Interfaith
1958, the church has grown exponentially. By 1983, seven               Hospitality Network by
Sunday services weren’t enough to accommodate all the                  Bob & Barb Getman
worshipers, so satellite churches were established.                    Walt & Eileen Aulthaus (undesignated)
The main church, located directly across from South Korea’s
National Assembly, can seat 26,000. But membership is so
large that people are told which week of the month they can        Ultimate comfort
attend worship. What an incredible witness in a country where
only about 30 percent of the citizens are Christians!              “For each of us, the time is surely coming when we shall have
                                                                   nothing but God. Health and wealth and friends and hiding
What would it take for our church to have a similar “problem”?     places will all be swept away. … To the man of pseudo faith,
And what can you do about it?                                      that is a terrifying thought, but to real faith, it is one of the most
                                                                   comforting thoughts the heart can entertain.”
                                                                   —A.W. Tozer
                     August 7, 2011                       Acolytes: Kristina Janisch & Kallista Baebler
                      Communion                           Greeters: Jim & Jeanne Gempeler
                                                                     Ken & Patty Gempeler
Audio Recording: Dean Ferguson                            Special Music by One Achord
Child Care: Muff, Nicole & Kallista Baebler               Head Usher: Clarence Pluss
Acolytes: Dylan Beckwith & Ashley Risley                  Ushers: Alton & Ruth Sherman, Hans & Nicole Sulzer, Dustin &
Greeters: DuWayne & Myra Fenner                                     Sandy Trumpy
          Jim & Cinda Field                               Refreshment Table
Special Music: Kay Freitag                                No Bulletin Sponsor
Head Usher: Clarence Pluss
Ushers: Consistory persons - Liz Rolph, Barb Pluss,                              August 28, 2011
          Paul Risley, Jonathon Rupp, Nicole, Baebler,
          Paul Rieder                                     Audio Recording: Dean Ferguson
Preparing Communion Elements: Barb Pluss                  Child Care: Paul & Sue Rieder
No Refreshment Table: Why not join the Bunch to Lunch     Acolytes: Brecklyn Klosterman & Derek Blum
    Group; just meet at the east entrance of the church   Greeters: Marian & Karen Gempeler
    following worship.                                               Dave Gietzel & Barb Duerst
Bulletin Sponsored in honor of Charles Workman’s 95th     Special Music by Dave Gietzel
    Birthday (8/10)                                       Head Usher: Clarence Pluss
                                                          Ushers: Leroy Spring, Henry Waelchli, Buck & Margie Walls,
                     August 14, 2011                                Heather & Hailey Wing
                                                          Refreshment Table
Audio Recording: Richard Weichmann                        No Bulletin Sponsor
Child Care: Carol Schultz & Linda Trumpy
Acolytes: Julia Gempeler & Andrew Yaun                                          September 4, 2011
Greeters: Janet & Mary Field
           Joan Flood & Eileen Althaus                    Audio Recording: Richard Weichmann
Special Music by Diane & Savannah Bettin                  Child Care: Beth Voegeli & Kathleen Grossen
Head Usher: Clarence Pluss                                Acolytes: Sandy Trumpy & Max Cruse
Ushers: Ken Risley, Paul Risley, Jonathon Rupp, Lauren    Greeters: Bob & Barb Getman
          Schilder, Ken Schlapbach, Glen Spring                      Gary & Denise Gilbertson
Refreshment Table: by Bruce, Kathy & Hannah Workman in    Special Music by Rick & Paula Ritschard
    Celebration of Charles Workman’s 95th Birthday.       Head Usher: Clarence Pluss
No Bulletin Sponsor                                       Ushers: Terry, Tim, Sheri, & Victoria Wichser,
                                                                    Bruce & Hannah Workman
                                                          No Refreshment Table – Join the Bunch to Lunch
                     August 21, 2011                      Bulletin Sponsor in loving memory of John C. Elmer and all
Audio Recording: Sue Sinnett                                  loved ones by Virginia Mennicke
Child Care: JoAnn & Anna Cruse

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