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					                                                                                  Student 1

Ima Student

Mrs. Hanson

Culminating Project

24 July 2011


       Many high school students, along with their families, take it for

granted that they will go to college. That was never the case with me.

Neither of my older siblings graduated from high school on time, and I

come from a very low income home. Even though I have been a good

student throughout my school career, I have known that it would be a

challenge to get accepted by a college and to receive financial aid. I
                                                                             Student explains why
learned about the college application project from Mrs. Hanson and saw       this project was chosen

it as an opportunity to improve my chances for both.

       As part of my Culminating Project, I did over 300 hours of
                                                                             Student briefly
volunteer work at the Martin Luther King Family Outreach Center
                                                                             describes the
during the summer before my senior year. I referred to those                 product/performance
                                                                             completed for the
experiences later in the essays I wrote as part of the process of applying   project

to colleges and universities. My project involved not only performing

community service but also all of the steps involved in the college

application process.
                                                                             Student lists and
        My project answered the PODS essential question, “Where am I
                                                                             explains how the
going?” While I always thought that I would be a teacher, my project         project answers PODS
                                                                             essential questions
opened my eyes to other career options in counseling and social work.
                                                                                 Student 2

My project also answered the question, “How am I going to get there?”

I referred to my volunteer experiences in my college applications, which

made them more competitive.

                           PROJECT DESCRIPTION

       The first step of my project involved finding an organization that   Step one: Find a place
                                                                            to volunteer
would allow me to volunteer. Through Mrs. Farnsworth in Shadle’s

career center, I learned of a volunteer opportunity through the Martin

Luther King Family Outreach Center in Spokane. She had a brochure

that described the volunteer program, called the Teen Leadership

Program The program expected teens to work with young children,

participate in the Center’s community service projects, and attend career

building seminars during the summer. It was exactly what I was              Parenthetical Citation

looking for (Teen).

       During the second step, I did over 300 hours of volunteer work       Step two: Work at the
at the Family Outreach Center during the summer. Monday through

Thursday I worked with preschoolers in a classroom. My

responsibilities included supervision during field trips and on the

playground; preparing meals and snacks; washing equipment and toys;

washing sheets; and reading to children. Fridays were spent attending

career seminars, touring college campuses, and preparing for the

Center’s community events by filling backpacks with school supplies

were raffled off to children in low income families.
                                                                                Student 3

       The third step of my project involved searching for colleges to     Step three: Researching
which I would apply. I visited the campuses of Whitworth, Gonzaga,

Eastern Washington (EWU) and Washington State (WSU). As a result

of the tours, I narrowed my choices to EWU and WSU. Using multiple
                                                                           Parenthetical Citations
pages from EWU’s and WSU’s websites, I gathered and compared

information in two different categories: academic programs

(“Academics” Eastern) (“Academics” Washington) and the costs of

tuition, housing, and books (“Costs”) (“Financial Aid”)

(“Scholarships”). Although WSU had a higher sticker price, in reality it   Parenthetical Citations

was the cheaper choice after financial aid and scholarships. WSU also

had a program that best fit my academic interests. I came to the

conclusion that WSU was the best choice for me.

       During the fourth step of the project, I completed the steps        Step four: college
necessary to apply to colleges. My mother completed the Free

Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) ) form. I took the SAT

test in October and then filled out admission forms, wrote essays, and

gathered recommendations for the applications. I applied to both WSU

and EWU.
                                                                               Student 4

                       PROJECT EVALUATION

       Overall, I was very happy that my goal of attending a four-year    What went well:
                                                                          accepted to four –year
university will became a reality. I was accepted by both Washington       universities

State University (WSU) and Eastern Washington University (EWU ).

       Among the most positive outcomes from my volunteer                 What went well:
                                                                          relationships and
experiences were the personal relationships and professional              connections

connections that I developed with staff members at the Family

Outreach Center. I plan to pursue a degree in Human Development

from WSU which requires that I complete an internship. I was told that

I could request to do that at the Family Outreach Center. In addition,

coordinators at the Center said that they would be happy to supply

references for my resumes and applications.
                                                                          Problem and how it
       The biggest challenge I faced while working on the project was     was solved: Working
                                                                          with challenging
dealing with difficult children at the Family Outreach Center. One little
boy displayed characteristics of autism. It was difficult to hold his

attention during any lesson. To deal with him, I referred back to

strategies I had learned through Teaching Academy about children with

autism. When we were learning letters I would give him plastic letters

to feel. This child fixated on vehicles, so I would use them when         Parenthetical Citation

teaching reading and math (“Teaching” ).

      There is nothing that I would change about the project itself.

However, if I were to do it again I would choose to take the fast-track
                                                                          What student would
                                                                                  Student 5

option, so that I could complete the project earlier in the school year.     change next time:
                                                                             would enroll in fast
During second semester of my senior year I took six classes (one was         track
online) and worked as a TA in the library. It was really difficult to keep

up on the homework and projects for all of those classes. At the same

time I was applying to colleges and completing my Culminating Project,

which involved writing the I-Search paper and preparing to give my

presentation. Completing the project earlier would have saved me from

a lot of stress.

                         SKILL EVALUATION

         A skill I developed while working on this project was the ability

to thoroughly research a topic. I never spent a lot of time doing research
                                                                             Student describes one
for projects in school because I was investing the effort in assignments,    concrete skill that was
                                                                             developed: research
not something as important as what I would do with my future. For this
project, I researched the academic programs and costs (tuition, housing

and books) at both WSU and EWU. I analyzed and compared the

information and used my findings to choose a college. In addition to

researching online, I toured the college campuses and interviewed



         As a result of my volunteer work I have changed my decision

on a field of study. I always thought that I would become a teacher, but

after being around children at the Family Outreach Center with difficult

family backgrounds, I learned that I am also interested in pursuing a
                                                                               Student 6

career in social work or counseling. I want to provide children with      Student will apply
                                                                          learning to post high
good home environments so they can be successful in school and in life.   school plans: attend
                                                                          WSU and pursue
At WSU, I intend to major in Human Development because, although I
                                                                          degree in Human
do not completely know what my future career will be, I know that it      Development

will be in the area of helping kids and families.
                                                                                Student 7

                         Annotated Bibliography

"Academics." Eastern Washington University. Web. Fall 2010.                Source #1


       This page lists all of Eastern Washington University’s academic
                                                                           Summarize information
       programs. It explains which prerequisite courses are necessary as

       well as which courses must be taken to complete a program. I

       am interested in teaching, counseling or social work. To do that
                                                                           Explain usefulness of
       at Eastern I’ll have to double major in education and social        information

       work. Depending on the size of the course load, I could minor

       either in psychology or sociology. This program does not

       provide an large amount of career opportunities following

       graduation. It also takes longer to graduate from this program

       than from WSU’s Human Development program (described in

       the next annotation).

"Academics." Washington State University. Web. Fall 2010.                  Source #2


                                                                           Summarize information
       The “Academics” page on the WSU web site gave very detailed

       information on each of its major and minor academic programs.

       The programs were listed alphabetically as well as by college

       within the university Information on programs included a

       description of each program, related majors, and related career

       possibilities. I am interested in teaching, counseling or social    Explain usefulness of
                                                                               Student 8

        work. At WSU there is a program in which I could earn a degree

        in Human Development, while simultaneously earning a

        teaching certificate in Early childhood Education and/or Family

        and Consumer Sciences by taking a few extra classes through

        the Education department. This program would prepare me to

        work in various human services and educational settings,

        allowing me to have the option of teaching without being

        commited to it.

 "Costs & Fees." Eastern Washington University. Web. Fall 2010.           Source #3


                                                                          Summarize information
        This webpage lists costs such as tuition, housing and books.

        Although this information was helpful, it did not also include

        information such as financial aid and scholarships. I had to

        continue searching EWU’s website until I found the “Financial

        Aid and Scholarships” page. The average cost for attending
                                                                          Explain usefulness of
        EWU for 9 months (costs include tuition, housing, and books       information

        for 2011-12) total $15, 355. Costs at EWU are $5,000 less than

        WSU. Nevertheless, WSU’s financial aid makes it more a more

        affordable choice than EWU.

"Financial Aid and Scholarships." Eastern Washington University. Web.     Source #4
        Fall 2010. <

                                                                                  Student 9


       This page contained information regarding the financial aid and

       scholarships available to EWU students. This page was helpful
                                                                             Summarize information
       because it listed the financial aid information that was missing

       from Eastern’s “Costs and Fees” page. As a first-generation

       college student, at EWU I would qualify for the Eastern

       Advantage Scholarship, which would contribute $1,500 toward           Explain usefulness of
       paying for college. I can get better financial aid from WSU.

       " facilities.
                                                                             Source #5

"Scholarships & Finances." Washington State University. Web. Fall

2010. <>.

       This page listed the cost of attendance as well as the scholarships
                                                                             Summarize information
       that are available. This webpage was very helpful because it

       answered the financial questions that I had about the school and

       unlike EWU, all of the info was in one place. The cost of

       attending WSU for 9 months (including tuition, housing, and

       books for 2011-12) is approximately $21,396. At WSU I would

       qualify for the Cougar Commitment Program because of my low

       income status. The Cougar Commitment would cover the                  Explain usefulness of
       remainder of my tuition, after my financial aid has been applied

       toward paying it off. This scholarship is renewable up to 4 years.
                                                                                 Student 10

"Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism : Autism Research

       Institute." Autism Is Treatable : Autism Research Institute. Web.

       09 July 2010. <>.          Source #6

       This website provides information for people in all stages of life,
                                                                             Summarize information
       young children, teens and adults, on living with autism. It

       stressed the importance of teaching children good manners, and

       allowing only a limited amount of time to revert back to autistic

       behavior. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic teaching strategies are
                                                                             Explain usefulness of
       presented, such as having students touch plastic letters as they      information

       learned them. The article also discussed using a child’s fixation

       with an object to motivate schoolwork.

                                                                             Source #7
“Teen Leadership Program 2010” .Martin Luther King Family Outreach

       Center. 2010. Spokane: United Way, 2010. Print.
                                                                             Summarize information
       This brochure provided a program overview and outlined the

       expectations and classroom duties of applicants. I learned that
                                                                             Explain usefulness of
       applicants worked as teaching assistants with young children in       information

       the Center’s classrooms, on the playground and on field trips.

       They also participated in the “Unity in the Community” event,

       .attended seminars designed to develop work skills and toured

       the campuses of area colleges. Volunteers who successfully

       completed the summer program received a $200 scholarship to

       the college of their choice. This program matched my career

       goals and provided experiences that I could use in my college
                                                Student 11

applications and later on employment resumes.

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