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									 Career Transition Services
When employees leave a company due to re-structuring, mergers and acquisitions,
poor job fit/performance, and even retirement, providing career transition services
is a show of good will and partnership with both employees and your community.
Our career transition services allow you to tailor a program, which meets your
employees' needs and company budget. Our client satisfaction is extremely high
with over 97% rating Success Labs as excellent or very good. In addition, our
clients find employment twice as fast as the national average.

Transition services may include:

• Professional Coaching
• Assessments
• Resume Development
• Cover Letter Development
• Interview Coaching
• Targeting Employers
• Recruiter Mail Outs
• Job Search Resources
• Weekly Job Search Group Meetings

Call or email us and we’ll help you decide if this program fits your needs: or 225-927-4143. For more information about
Success Labs visit our Website,

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