MorningStar Mission Ministries, Inc.
                             350 E. Washington St., Joliet, IL 60433
                                        (815) 722-5780

                                   MISSION STATEMENT
MorningStar Mission Ministries is a non-denominational organization dedicated to relieving the spiritual
and physical hunger of the poor. We do this by providing food for the hungry, clothing for the needy,
shelter for the homeless and the Gospel of Jesus Christ for all.

                                  PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS
MEALS. Any hungry person may come to MorningStar Mission at regularly scheduled meal times for
breakfast, lunch and supper and receive the prepared meal without cost. At least one hot meal a day is
prepared including meat, bread, vegetables, and beverage.

SHELTER. Beds are available daily on a first come first serve basis for men. We are able to
accommodate 22 men. We also have long-term recovery program beds available for 20 men.
Transitional living is available for 8 men. None are available for women or families at this time.

USED ITEMS. The Treasure Chest at 2221 W. Jefferson Street accepts gently used clothing, furniture
and house wares. A voucher system is available for those in need.

RECOVERY ASSISTANCE. The mission does provide long-term assistance to individuals who
request aid in overcoming certain debilitating habits or frustrated life styles. This program is voluntary.
Persons requesting such help are required to regularly report to a qualified staff counselor identify
specific problems and needs and establish a personal care plan for recovery.

TRANSITIONAL HOUSING. The Advance Transitional Housing Program was established as a
response to a growing number of Will County residents who have completed a homeless shelter program
or a transitional housing program but still need support as they adjust to permanent housing.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE. From time to time on a case by case basis the mission will consider such
additional financial assistance as will enable a person to be restored to their family. Or establish
independent, or transitional living arrangements through cooperative efforts with appropriate enabling
agencies, local churches and/or concerned individuals.

COUNSELING. The Morning Star Counseling Center at 3133 W. Jefferson Street offers affordable,
professional, biblical counseling to every segment of our community. Licensed, multi-disciplined
therapists who seek to offer biblical counsel for each specific issue staff the Counseling Center.

SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE. Mission services are offered in the name of Jesus Christ. Chapel services,
Bible studies, devotionals, table prayers, and biblical counseling are a regular part of this ministry. All
guests are encouraged toward a personal relationship with Jesus as a foundation for successful recovery.

FAMILIES SHELTER. Six month to one year recovery program 72 bed motel style rooms are
available for women with children and intact families. This program centers on parenting, life skills,
and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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