Developing Passion by C7rBS677


									             Finding your passion versus
developing your passion

  There have been two major turning points in my career. Once whe
  industry (December 31, 2005) and my recent departure from a Mult
  company (April 20, 2012). Each event was pivotal in the fact that I
  plans for employment after my departure, so as far as income I was
  intelligence and tenacious nature to be able to overcome the impend
  fact that I had decided to resign after I had reached the apex of my c
  and salary. Although uncertain of the future in each instance, I wa
  my passion for what I was doing and that everything would resolve
  in a happier and more successful place.

  While ascending through my thirties, I used to anguish at how I felt
  during my twenties. During my twenties at one point, for example,
  decided I wanted to start an independent record label (music was an
  decided to marry my love of music and talent for writing and busine
  started Serenitia Entertainment Inc. back in April 2002. We needed
  first artist while we scoured the dark and smokey coffee shops of Ne

  While creating my first CD, Electric Love Vol. 1, I first studied a few
  search for commonalities. I fond I was fond of short minimalist pro
  whole so I decided that my CD would be comprised of only nine son
  guitar, bass, drums], and when listened to from start to finish, would
  greater than its parts. I had been playing the drums and writing si
  aspects were covered. Jim Matus, founder of Paranoise and who I
  an exceptional guitar and bassist, so that was covered also. The onl
Hip-hop has always been a sampling sport, in the words of Chuck-D
make my CD [a hip-hop and spoken word hybrid] truly innovative,
instrumentation written by Jim and myself, and that I would also re
the music was written out and printed in the linear notes. To succe
learn to play the piano. I signed up and took lessons and each nigh
research the chord structure of my favorite songs and then try and a
that I was writing for my own CD. Over the course of six months w
to finish. About a year later I began work on my second CD, Choco
turned to another good friend, Derron Dunbar of CTP Music Innov
aspect, and we decided to talk the music in a completely new directio
decided on no live instrumentation, I turned all production over to h
the first CD, I sat and watched him craft in the studio, asking questi
made them manifest into a final product.

Over the course of 10 years that I have been studying business and s
mid-twenty something dreams of smokey coffee houses, but the unde
about or personally encountered people like the woman who retired
overseeing a budget of $500 million and over five thousand employe
boutique, successfully. Or the gentleman who went from being a D
a major medical facility to starting both a wine tasting company and
both successfully. Or the young woman who graduated college with
Fossey yet went on to get a Master Degree in Science Eduction and i
teachers that I know and has touched and inspired many lives, succe
in common with the more universally known successful people like S
Edison, Bill Shockley, Bruce Henderson, Bill Bain, Zino Davidoff, St
top of my head is that they took their foundation; a skill, a love, an e
foundation by obsessing over and learning consistently, dreaming an
infinitely that their only limitations were their ambitions.

This is how we become successful. Everything exists in the now. W
we will do and what we will become. It is a conscious decision base
There is nothing that can not be learned. Passion isn't something w
subconscious as if we were born with it, it is something that we deve
find interesting. Everything is a conscious decision; happiness, succ
expect from ourselves and from others, and our passions. There is
exactly where we need to be at all times". That is also a conscious d

Ronald C. Gaineous II
June 20, 2012

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