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					                           Electronic Career Portfolio
                           Presented By: Shawn Buss
Brief Overview of Presentation:

This presentation will give you an explanation of what an electronic portfolio is, what
one looks like, how to create one, and links to and example of lesson plans and a grade
overview on what to do with your students. Each school has been designated career
counselors; they should be able to help support this initiative and guide you though any
difficulties you may be encountering. The power point presentation used today, with the
links, can be found at the career counselors website, .

Resources to Support Lessons

“Careers for Life: My Career Pathways” – Neslon Eduation 2010
“Social Studies Activity Book: Career Search” – Mark Twain Media 1998
“Destination 2020” – Canada Career Consortium
“Smart Options” – Baron & Baron 2000
“Discovery”- Brian Harris 2005
“Self-Exploration Inventories” - Educational Media Corp 2002
“Job Search Handbook” – Government of Saskatchewan 2006

Important Websites: (lesson plans to support developing ECPs) (Chinook school division career counsellors’ web page)
see teachers page for resources and supports (program site used to create portfolio) (website used to monitor student progress)

                            Career Cruising Portfolio
                            Grade Scope and Sequence
Grade   Portfolio         Overview                                   Resources for Possible
        Concept                                                      Lessons:
Six     Careers that    Career cruising will mainly be used as a     Defining Career
        Interest Me     resource. Your ultimate goal is to have      - “Careers for life” p14-16
                        the students do a career fair. I would be    - “Career Search” p.2-7
                        doing lessons on interests,
                        brainstorming numerous careers,              Careers we know
                        crossword puzzles, talking about             - Chapter 3 “Discovery”
                        different aspects of jobs (wage,
                        responsibilities, schooling, etc) From       Career Fair
                        there I would allow students time to
                        browse through the numerous careers on
                        career cruising; have them save a couple
                        to their portfolio. Have them each pick
                        one career. They will research it and
                        create an information board about their
                        career. The class will put on a career
                        fair where they dress up and pretend to
                        be a professional in the career they have
                        chosen. Invite younger grades to come
                        in and ask them about their career.
Seven   Activities and This section I would be doing lessons on      Career Building
        Abilities       self, interests, brainstorming various       -“Career for Life” p. 18-20
        -               skills and abilities and how these all
        extracurricular impact work and our choice of career. I      Who Am I
        activities      would then use career cruising as a tool     -“Career for Life” p.35-51
        - hobbies and to document their skills after you have
        interest        completed some overview lessons              What Skills will Help
        -skills and                                                  -“Career for Life” p.64-98
        - awards and                                                 What are your Skills
        certificates                                                 -“Destination 20/20” H1.2

        Career            Take a look at interests that will match   Career Selector
        Selector          you up with job possibilities.             -Career Cruising Activity #5
Eight   Assessment        There are many different types of          Matchmaker
        Results           assessments that you can do with your      -Career Cruising Activity #3 or #4
                                                                     “Self Explanation Inventories”

        Career Prep       1) Career Cluster – Take a look at the     Job Sector
        -career cluster   various clusters/sectors that exist.       “Relevance Magazine”
        -career           2) Career Planning Activities – I would    Refer to the Discovery Assessment
        planning          have the students choose at least two of   Career Cruising Activity #7
         activities     the activities provided in the drop down
         -career and    list that they have not done and have        How Do I Get Where I Want to
         life goals     them as an assignment to complete them       Go
                        and journal about their experience.          -“Career for Life” p. 170-187
                        Perhaps they might have other ideas that
                        could be included in this section.           Success and Achievement
                        3) Career And Life Goals- it might be        -“Career for Life” p. 259-263
                        early to look at this section but talk to
                        the students to dream and set goals for
                        their lives
Nine     Education      Career Counsellor can come in and go         Credit Requirements
         Plan           over how class choices impact career         -Career for Life” p. 188-189
                        opportunities, program choices, and          -Utilize the career counselor
                        explain credit and graduation system.
                        Then I would have the students
                        complete this section on career cruising.
         Awards and     Show students how to scan and upload
         Certificates   files to their portfolio, showcase their
                        awards, assignments, etc onto Career
         Resume         Utilize the build a resume section on        Resumes
         Builder        career cruising, can upload other resume     -“Career for Life” p.202 - 206
                        as well and save to portfolio. This is
                        just one small section in what I would       Overview of Applying for a Job
                        do with this grade level on applying for     -“Career for Life” p. 190 – 221
                        jobs (cover letter, interview, resume, job   - Job Search Handbook”
                        market…)                                     -Career Counsellor’s Web Page

Ten -    Update:        There might need to be a class or two
Twelve                  set aside to update portfolio
                        information. This is a resource that the
                        students will be able to utilize for
                        scholarships and post secondary career
                        research projects in which some
                        programs require.
         Career Prep    Students should fill out this section that   Careercruising Activity #13
         -post          will have them look at what post
         secondary      secondary options they are interested in.
         Schools that
         Interest Me

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