Step-by-Step Guide to Career Cruising

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					Assignment #1: Step-by-Step Guide to Career Cruising

Go to:
Username: Peel
Password: 28980

   1. Go to "Portfolio Login" at the left of the page, in the 4th blue box down.
   2. Go to "Create a New Portfolio". Under "My Information", enter your first and last names. Make
      sure to put an email address in, so that if you forget your username or password, they can
      email it to you. If you don't give them an email address, you will be locked out if you
      forget your username or password.
   3. Choose a portfolio name and password. Click "Create Portfolio".
   4. Go to “Assessments” in the purple section at the top.
   5. Click "Career matchmaker"
   6. Click “Start”
   7. Answer the first 39 questions. If you are not sure what the question is asking, click on the "?"
      in the top right of the box, and it will explain the question.
   8. After you have completed these questions, it will ask you if you want to save your Matchmaker
      results to your portfolio. Say "Yes".
   9. You will see a list of suggested careers. Look at these. Pick 1 career that you are interested
      in. Click on the career, and it will tell you what matches with your interests and skills.
      Complete the following chart:

      Career I like:                                      How it matches my interests & skills:

   10. Go back to “Matchmaker suggestions”
   11. Under “Improve results” click “Answer more questions”
   12. Again, save the answers in your portfolio.
   13. Again, you will see a list of suggested careers.
   14. Complete the following chart.

      Choose another career from the list:                How it matches my interests & skills:

   15. In the improve results box click “answer more questions”. Then save the answers to your
   16. Do the chart one more time.
   Choose a different career:                          How it matches my interests & skills:

17. If you made a mistake or two when you were answering any of the questions, click "Review my
    Answers and make the changes you want to make.
18. Go down to "My Skills". Click "Complete My Skills". Read the Introduction and then click "Go".
19. Save the results to your portfolio.
20. PRINT using the “printer friendly version” this page with Career Suggestions and the Skills
    Score beside each career.
21. Circle the clusters that apply to you, in the top left of the printout.
22. If an occupation you think you are interested in didn't show up for you, figure out why!
    Under “Other options” click-"See how other careers match up with my answers"
    What is 1 career that you might be interested in that didn’t show up for you?

                  Type in that career and click "Go!"
                  Click on that occupation title.
                  Look at your “Career matchmaker” responses.
                  Look at the “dislike” or “dislike very much” responses in order to understand
                   what skills/attitudes are missing for this career.
23. You can click on any of the careers that interest you to look at the "Suitable for You?" page
    which will show you how your skills match up with the skills needed in the career you have
    chosen. If a career you want uses skills you don't have, you may want to work on these.

   When you are done, bring the following to your teacher:
     a. The list of Career Suggestions with the Skills score beside each career
     b. Circle the clusters that apply to you on that sheet

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