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					      The BFI Doc Next Media
The BFI, in partnership with the Doc Next Network, are looking for 6 young
filmmakers, aged 18-25 to be part of their Doc Next Media Lab.

                     What is Doc Next Network?
                       The Doc Next Network is a unique movement of
                       organisations operating within the field of culture in the UK,
                       Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey.

                       We are media-makers, curators, researchers, producers,
                       educators and entrepreneurs. We support creative
                       documentary activities of young people. Doc Next Network is
                       an innovative link between the world of free culture and the
                       traditional art market.

                       We present an alternative perspective on contemporary
                       Europe. We gather opinions and stories of young artists to
                       popularise them among the wide audience. Finding new
                       talent and presenting those people at major festivals, on the
                       radio and on TV is one of our goals. In order to create and
                       share their art, DIY media-makers increasingly often “go
                       round” the official institutions, the media and cultural
                       policies. We create a link between the traditional media and
                       the constantly developing world of free culture. We use open
                       licenses. We look for new ways to develop our work.

So what is the Doc Next Media Lab?
In the past we’ve run individual bursary schemes with talented young filmmakers to
create new non-fiction films for the collection. However, we felt that the ephemeral
nature of this methodology went against the principles of the network; we strive for
sustainability and development. We therefore decided to create the Doc Next Media
Lab as a way of maintaining the development of 6 talented young filmmakers.

The Lab participants will be giving training in a variety of film techniques, as well as
mentoring and tutoring on different Documentary styles, methods and ideas. They
will then work together to produce a final short documentary each, as well as
working on several filming projects during the Labs process.

Alongside this, our Doc Next Media Lab participants will be expected to blog about
their experiences and promote their activities on social media, act as peer-
facilitators for other Future Film activities and film and publicise other BFI Future
Film events. Training will be provided to support all of these roles.

We are looking for young people that already have experience
making films, but are looking to expand their knowledge, and
develop their skills further, within a loosely-defined idea of
                                                                                do we
Many of the activities will be London focused, so whilst we’ll
cover expenses for visiting festivals and workshops as part of
the programme, you will be expected to make your own way
to BFI Southbank around 10 days a month.

We are interested in gathering a range of young talent, from
directors to writers to editors, so if you’re a camera operator
that’s never opened Final Cut, but are interested in this
project; we still want to hear from you.

We’ve called the project the Doc Next Media Lab, because we
want it to be somewhere you can experiment; we’re keen to
nurture ideas that you may not have been comfortable
developing in the past, or using techniques you’ve not yet
worked with. The Lab will be a safe space for creativity to
blossom and skills to develop so that you can take that next
step towards a professional career in the film and media

The Commitment…
Below you will find a rough outline of what you’ll be committing to in terms of time.
This is approximate, but should give an indication to what we’re looking for.

            6 Months working with the Labs (June – December)
                    An average of 13 Days per Month

This breaks down into:
 3 Days per month in workshops and mentoring sessions
 1.75 Days per month on Future Film events (4 in 7 months)
 7 Days per month on your personal film project
 10 Hours per month blogging and using social media
 3 Weeks helping facilitate Future Film Youth Workshops (Including the 2 weeks
   of DIY Summer School from 17th – 31st August)

What we’re trying to say here, is that this is a fairly large commitment, which will
take up a lot of your time. The benefits are great, but if you’re heading to University
in the autumn, or planning on sustaining a full time job this may not be for you… Got
a part time job? Want to work on some separate personal film projects? Only
working 3 days a week? Don’t give up yet…

By joining the Doc Next Media Lab, you will be joining an
international network of young and talented media
makers, getting the opportunity to take part in
international networking and knowledge exchange
You will also receive high quality training and mentoring
in a variety of filming techniques, as well on documentary
theory and ideas. In addition to this you will receive
training on the use of social media, facilitation and
promoting events and activities.

During the Doc Next Media Lab process, we will be sending
our participants to youth and student film festivals across                    want
the country to take part in workshops and activities, and to
scout for new documentaries for the network. These trips
will all be expenses paid, and will be a great opportunity to
expand your film knowledge and experience the festival
                                                                               to do

As well as all of the above, you will also receive a £1500
bursary and access to the BFI’s film and sound recording
equipment to work on your own film projects for the Doc
Next Media Lab.

Still Interested?
Flip over the page and start filling those boxes! (Or just scroll down if you’re doing
this digitally I suppose, but where’s the fun in that?) and either email the form to with the subject ‘Doc Next Media Lab Application’ or
stick it in the post to:

Doc Next Media Labs
C/O Matthew Cuzner
BFI Southbank
Belvedere Road

Successful applicants will be invited to a workshop on the 7th June, from which we
will select 12 of you to come to an interview, where the final 6 participants will be
chosen. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at Good Luck!

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