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                         Performance & Development Review
                                  Research Staff

To review

   Overall performance in the role

   Career aspirations for the short (<1 year), medium (1-5 years) and long term (>5 years)

   Research Curriculum Vitae and annual objectives:

       Review progress against agreed objectives during last 12 months
       Set objectives for next 12 months.

    Including the areas of:
    1. Publications
    2. Presentation experience
    3. Administrative skills/responsibilities
    4. Grants obtained
    5. Students supervised
    6. Qualifications (including higher degrees)
    (Please note not all sections will be relevant to all members of staff)

   Training and Development needs relating to annual objectives and career development

In addition this will provide an opportunity to comment on the way in which research staff are managed
by the University.

Formal reviews should be held annually. PDR preparation forms should be exchanged between
reviewer and reviewee ahead of the meeting. An informal review of progress towards the agreed
objectives should be conducted after 6 months.

Basic Information
Reviewee Name
Reviewer Name
Date of PDR
Current appointment
Source of funding
Date current contract ends
Plans for future funding

How do you assess your performance over the review period? What aspects have you performed well,
and which ones need to be developed?

PDR Form for Research Staff
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Predicted date of ‘PDR + Career Pathway Review’ (for those within 5 years of their PhD)

Research Curriculum Vitae

Under each section list:
(i) your progress against agreed objectives during the last 12 months, and
(ii) your objectives for the next 12 months:
(Note: If completing electronically, boxes will expand with text)

   1. Which publications have you been involved in/are currently involved in? Please identify the lead
       author for each. When do you anticipate that they will be ready for submission?
Last 12 months

Next 12 months

   2. Comment on your experience in presenting data at local, national and international meetings?
       How do you intend to build on this experience in the future?
Last 12 months

Next 12 months

PDR Form for Research Staff
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   3. What administrative and/or experience/responsibilities do you have? Do you foresee building on
       these in the future?
Last 12 months

Next 12 months

   4. Comment on the grant applications you have been involved with in the past year. What are your
       current plans for the next 12 months?
Last 12 months

Next 12 months

PDR Form for Research Staff
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   5. Comment on the contribution you have made to student supervision and also any problems
       encountered. Reflect on the performance of the students you currently supervise/co-supervise.
       Do you expect them to complete their degrees on time?
Last 12 months

Next 12 months

   6. Reviewee’s Main achievements in the last 12 months

   7. Reviewee’s Main Difficulties Over Last 12 Months

PDR Form for Research Staff
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Career aspirations

Training and development needs relating to annual objectives and career development.
   8. Can you identify any current training needs? Are there any qualifications you would like to obtain
       in the future?

Person responsible for actioning the development needs:


PDR Form for Research Staff
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Additional Comments

      Reviewer’s Comments

Signed ________________________________________ (Reviewer)     Date _____________

      Head Of School’s/Section’s Comments

Signed _________________________________________(HOS)          Date _____________

      Reviewee’s Comments

Signed ________________________________ (Reviewee)             Date _____________

  Date of interim review (to be agreed and noted at the PDR)


  Approval of Review Record

  Signature of staff reviewed

  Signature of reviewer

  CV attached? (Y/N)

  PDR Form for Research Staff
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Optional page for feedback of comments on unit management
Are there any ways in which the University management of research staff could be improved? Are there
any ways in which you would like to increase your involvement in the running of your School/Institute?

Note: Please feedback your comments to the Research Staff Support Group by detaching this page,
clearly marking it as ‘Feedback comments from Research Staff PDR’, and posting it to:

Research Staff Support
(Feedback comments from Research Staff PDR)
c/o Lesley Heseltine
Faculty Research Office
Third Floor
William Leech Building
Faculty of Medical Sciences
Framlington Place
University of Newcastle upon Tyne

You can find out more about Research Staff Support at Newcastle University by visiting:

PDR Form for Research Staff
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                                Probationary Report
  This page is only for staff still in their probationary period. The information below
  must be completed by the PI/Line Manager and signed by the Reviewing Manager

Employee Information



Academic Unit/Service:

Final review recommendation (place a ‘X’ in the appropriate box)

                                                                             Non confirmation of
     Confirmation of appointment          Extension of probationary period

Principal Investigator/Line Manager:


Principal Investigator/Line Manager - Further Comments

Head of Academic Unit:          Recommendation approved
                                Recommendation not approved

Signature:                                                         Date:

Head of Academic Unit - Further Comments

    Please complete and return this page to your HR Manager marked ‘Confidential’

  PDR Form for Research Staff

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