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                               Validation Sheet
                        for Student Independent Task

                              Rhode Island Skills Commission

                      Explanation and Considerations for Use
      This is an approval sheet for the validation process of a student-independent
      task (a task or activity that occurred outside of school) was developed by the
      Rhode Island Skills Commission. You may use it as a model or as is.
      Remember that not all tasks that go into a graduation portfolio will go through
      this type of validation procedure; some of the entries should undergo an anchor
      or common task validation process.

This tool was created and/or compiled by The Rhode Island Department of Education and The
Education Alliance at Brown University, with the generous support of the Bill & Melinda Gates

                                           October, 2005
        Portfolio Toolkit | Develop Entries | Develop Process For Validating Entries

                       Student Independent Task Approval Sheet

For internal review at (School Name):


Project Name:

Type of task: (internship, performance, community service)

Date submitted:                                      Date approved:

Briefly describe the task.

Summarize your learning experience from this task.

Align this task with your school’s expectations.

Describe the skills and knowledge that you gained from school that you applied to
complete this task.

Reflect on what you gained from this experience.

Describe how this task affects your personal/career goals.

                   Rhode Island Diploma System Local Assessment Toolkits
                                        October, 2005

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