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									                                     Role Profile
                                Details of the Position
Position title: Sessional Care Worker               Department: Residential
Position reports to: Therapeutic Team Manager       Prepared by: Residential Managers
Date Prepared: 03rd November 2011                   Approved by: HR/CEO

Position Summary:
To work with all other care staff in order to provide a positive homelike environment in which
both other staff and children can grow and develop. Sessional Care Workers must be flexible in
their approach to working, due to the peripatetic nature of the work, which will be in various
units across the Company on an “as an when required” basis.


   High standard of therapeutic care provision.
   Flexible provision of appropriate manpower with the unit.

Measures of performance:

 Feedback from full time employees within the Unit.
 Feedback from the young-people to whom therapeutic care is provided.

 Establish effective working relationships with other employees.
 Establish effective working relationships with the young-people to whom therapeutic care is

 Compliance with Five Rivers Child Care Ltd Policies & Procedures.
 Compliance with External Regulations such as OFSTED.

 The help provide good primary care to young people. This means to ensure they have
  regular meals and positive routines such as bathing and bedtime, as well as showing
  sensitivity to their individual needs according to their age and those of the group as a
 To carry out domestic and household duties to a high standard as part of creating a
  positive living environment for the children in our care.
 To supervise children, devise age-appropriate activities and maintain positive levels of
 To maintain records on children as required.
 To be available for holidays with the children.
   To maintain confidentiality regarding Five Rivers and the children and staff within it.
   To fulfil the obligations of a rota in a responsible manner to ensure continuity and security
    for the children.
   To be familiar with and be committed to the philosophy, policies and practice standards of
    Five Rivers.
   To be responsible to the Unit Manager and Operations Manager for carrying out the
    policies of Five Rivers and other tasks as may be required.
   To relate to and communicate with colleagues at all levels to ensure the smooth and
    effective running of the Unit.
   To undertake Training Courses as and when required.
   To attend and contribute fully to Staff Training and Training Events.
   To be aware of legislative changes relevant to children in care.
   To participate fully in a programme of planned professional supervision by Senior Staff.
   To represent Five Rivers at a variety of venues as and when required.
   To demonstrate reliability, consistency, honesty and trustworthiness.

This next section refers to the recruitment criteria for the role. They can be noted as essential,
as in mandatory, or desirable.

 An understanding of the meaning of a child’s behaviour.
 An understanding of child development and the impact of trauma.

 Emotional awareness in both self and others.
 The ability to communicate effectively with children and young people, families, colleagues
   and external agencies.
 Active listening.

 Customer Service Practice
 Delivering Results
 Working Together
 Respectful Communication

Role Specific:
 Positive Influencing
 Adaptability
 Planning & Organising
 Quality Assurance
 Resilience
 Integrity
A position profile does not imply that the duties stated are the only ones to be performed by the
incumbent. Employees will be required to follow any other job-related instruction as requested
by their manager.

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