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									Thursday 3 November
  Sydney (Australia): Archbishop Peter Jensen (Bishop)                            Tuesday 29 November
  Christ the Saviour, Ealing Broadway: Andrew Davis (Vicar),                        Upper South Carolina (USA): Dorsey Henderson (Bishop)
     Robin Jones                                                                    Day of Intercession for the Missionary Work of the Church
  Christ Church Primary School                                                      Holy Trinity, Uxbridge Road: Michael Bolley (Priest-in-Charge)
  St Saviour Infants School                                                         Manor Court Nursing Home, Southall: Michael Bolley (Chaplain)
                                                                                    Emmanuel, Southall: Arani Sen (Minister-in-Charge); Richard
Friday 4 November
                                                                                      Hall (Reader)
   Sydney (Australia): Glenn Davies, Robert Forsyth, Ivan Lee, Reg
                                                                                    Golf Links Estate Project
     Piper and Peter Tasker (Area Bishops)
   Ascension, Hanger Hill: Simon Reed (Vicar), Linda Smillie; Peter               Wednesday 30 November—St Andrew
     Harris (Reader)                                                               Pray for the people of Scotland
                                                                                   Uruguay: Miguel Tamayo (Bishop)
Saturday 5 November
                                                                                   ALMA (Angola): pray for St Mathias, Cuando Mucaba: Felipe
  Tabora (Tanzania): Sadock Makaya (Bishop)
                                                                                      Lubaio; St John the Baptist, Mucaba: Joaquim Mutunda; Holy
  St John, West Ealing: Will Donaldson (Vicar), Sarah Hobbs;
                                                                                      Innocents, Lussenga, Mucaba: Luis da Silva
     Daphne Edwards (Lay Minister), Joy Atkins (Youth Worker),
                                                                                   St George, Lancaster Road: Christopher Ramsay (Priest-in-
     Tanya Bright (Pastoral Assistant)
  St James, West Ealing: Don Smith (Associate Vicar)
                                                                                   Pray for the work of the Royal Association for Deaf People
Sunday 6 November—3 before Advent                                                  St Saviour’s Centre for Deaf People and Deaf/Blind People: Anne
  Taita-Taveta (Kenya): Samson Mwaluda (Bishop)                                       Richardson (Chaplain), Hilary Sage (Reader)
  Luleå (Sweden): Hans Stiglund (Bishop)
  Pray for the work and the mission of the national sections of the Society of
     Saint Willibrord in the Anglican and Old Catholic churches, and their
     commitment to bringing the full communion of our churches to a deeper life
  Ealing Deanery: Andrew Corsie (Area Dean), with John                            WILLESDEN AREA/ARCHDEACONRY OF NORTHOLT/HARROW DEANERY
    Willmington and Christopher Ramsay (Sub-Deans), Greville
    Thomas (Chapter Clerk)                                                        Thursday 1 December
  Area Synod: Mary Stratton (Lay Chairman), Rosamund Rowe                           Utah (USA): Carolyn Irish (Bishop)
    (Secretary), Michael Reynor (Treasurer)                                         World AIDS Day: pray for sufferers and carers throughout the world, and
                                                                                      especially for the work of the Mildmay Mission Hospital both in this
Monday 7 November                                                                     diocese and in Africa
 Taiwan: David Lai (Bishop)                                                         St Mary, Harrow: Tim Gosden (Vicar); Enid Ellis and Elizabeth
 St Matthew, Ealing Common: Peter Watkins (Vicar); Fiona                               Shaw (Readers)
    Thomas (Reader)                                                                 Harrow School: James Power (Chaplain); Robert Collins (Reader)
Tuesday 8 November
  Tamale (West Africa): Emmanuel Arongo (Bishop)
  St Peter, Ealing: Dr Mark Powell (Vicar), Dr Margaret Joachim,
     Joseph Choufar; Colin Pratt and Elizabeth Shedden (Readers)
                                                                            Wednesday 9 November
                                                                             Tanga (Tanzania): Phillip Baji (Bishop)
Thursday 24 November
                                                                             ALMA (Angola): pray for All Saints, Kibianga: Joaquim Milongi;
  Trichy-Tanjore (India): Daniel Srinivasan (Bishop)
  AIDS Awareness Week (to 30 November): pray for those living with              St Joseph of Arimathea, Banza Polo: Ricardo Monteiro; St
    HIV/AIDS throughout the world and for those who minister to them            Laurence, Kalumbo
  St Barnabas, Northolt Park: Tricia Hillas (Vicar), Gillian Tuffin;         St Stephen, West Ealing: Janet Clark (Vicar); Ann Powell and
     Robin Yardy (Reader)                                                       Dawn Jewson (Readers), George Hore (Lay Minister), Margaret
  Pray for the Shalom Christian Healing Centre at St Barnabas,                  Ainsworth (Pastoral Assistant)
     supported by the Willesden Area                                        Thursday 10 November
Friday 25 November                                                            Tasmania (Australia): John Harrower (Bishop)
   Trinidad and Tobago (West Indies): Calvin Bess (Bishop)                    St Paul, West Ealing: Mark Melluish (Vicar), Bob Eckhard;
   St Mary the Virgin, Norwood: Leslie Lawrence (Priest-in-Charge,               Sheenagh Burrell (Reader, and Area World Development
      and Area Warden of Commissioned Ministers); Yaqoob Khushi                  Adviser), Lucy Plumb, Stuart Plumb, Alasdair Campbell and
      (Lay Minister and Pastor to the Asian congregation), Liz                   Gabriel Anstis (Youth Workers), Darren Young (Lay Minister)
      Wolverson, Bobbie Bedford and Penny Pedley (Lay Ministers)            Friday 11 November
Saturday 26 November                                                           Temotu (Melanesia): David Vunagi (Bishop)
  Truro: William Ind (Bishop)                                                  St Barnabas, Ealing: your prayers are asked for the parish in
  Truro: Roy Screech (Bishop of St Germans)                                       interregnum and for a successful appointment
  St Mary with St Nicholas, Perivale: Andrew Corsie (Priest-in-                West London Mental Health Care Trust: Derek Barnes (Chaplain)
     Charge), Valerie Aitken                                                Saturday 12 November
  Holy Trinity, Perivale Park: William Hepper                                 Tennessee (USA): Bertram Herlong (Bishop)
Sunday 27 November—Advent 1                                                   St Mary, Acton: Prebendary Jackie Fox (Rector, and Area Director
  Tuam, Killala and Achonry: Richard Henderson (Bishop)                          of Ordinands), Paul Smedley, Dr David Hilborn; Ken Mancell
  Borgå (Porvoo) (Finland): Erik Vikström (Bishop)                               (Reader)
  Pray for the Governing Body and the parishes of the Croatian Catholic       Kensington Cemetery, Hanwell
     Church and the Old Catholics in other countries of former Yugoslavia     Meadow House Hospice: Jonathan Osborne (Chaplain)
  Pray for the work of the Area Parish Ministry Development                 Sunday 13 November—2 before Advent (Remembrance Sunday)
    Adviser, Neil Evans                                                       Texas (USA): Don Wimberly (Bishop), Rayford High (Suffragan)
Monday 28 November                                                            West Texas (USA): James Folts (Bishop), Gary Lillibridge
 Ughelli (Nigeria): Vincent Muoghereh (Bishop)                                  (Coadjutor), Robert Hibbs (Suffragan)
 Ukwa (Nigeria): Kelechi Eze (Bishop)                                         Pray for the work of the national and diocesan commissions, institutions and
 St John, Southall: Mark Poulson (Vicar), David Bookless; John                   organisations of the Polish Catholic Church in the Polish Republic
    Mall (Pastoral Assistant)                                                 National Youth Sunday
 A Rocha Conservation Project: David Bookless; Anne Bookless                  Pray for the work of the Area Visitor, Patricia Moreton

                                   —6—                                                                         —3—
                                                                   Saturday 19 November
                                                                     Tokyo (Japan): Peter Jintaro Ueda (Bishop)
Monday 14 November
                                                                     St Mary, Hanwell: Matthew Grayshon (Rector)
 The Murray (Australia): Ross Davies (Bishop)
                                                                     St Christopher, Bordars Road: Liz Moody (Vicar)
 Willochra (Australia): Gary Weatherill (Bishop)
 St Gabriel, North Acton: Keith Robus (Vicar)                        Westminster Cemetery: Matthew Grayshon (Chaplain)
 Acton Green Parish: St Alban, Acton Green, St Peter, Southfield   Sunday 20 November—Christ the King/Next before Advent
    Road, All Saints Centre, Bollo Bridge Road: John Willmington     Torit (Sudan): Wilson Ocheng (Bishop)
    (Vicar)                                                          Wau (Sudan): Henry Riak (Bishop)
 Clayponds Rehabilitation Hospital                                   Pray for all the Old Catholic clergy and lay people in the parishes of the
                                                                        Polish Catholic Church in the Polish Republic
Tuesday 15 November                                                  Prisons Week (to 26 November): pray for prisoners and their families,
  Thika (Kenya): Gideon Githiga (Bishop)
                                                                        prison staff, victims of offenders, and all those who care for them
  St Dunstan, East Acton: James Blandford-Baker (Vicar, and Area
                                                                     Pray for the work of the Area Ecumenical Adviser, Callan Slipper,
     Director of Ordinands), Maggie Davidge-Smith
                                                                        and the Area Child Protection Adviser, Liz Wadland
  Ealing Hospital: Claire Maddock and Jonathan Osborne
     (Chaplains), Maggie Davidge-Smith (Assistant Chaplain)        Monday 21 November
                                                                    Toronto (Canada): Colin Johnson (Bishop)
Wednesday 16 November                                               St Thomas, Boston Road: Peter Andrews (Vicar)
 Tirunelveli (India): Jeyapaul Swamidawson (Bishop)                 St Mellitus, Church Road with St Mark: Dr John Hereward
 ALMA (Angola): pray for St Stephen, Casseche: Manuel Ferreira;        (Priest-in-Charge), Deborah Chapman; Velma Hercules
    Epiphany, Quica: Eduardo Muanangani; St Barnabas, Songo:           (Pastoral Assistant)
    Pedro Sacala
                                                                   Tuesday 22 November
 Oak Tree Anglican Fellowship: Mark Aldridge (Minister-in-
                                                                     Toronto (Canada): Philip Poole, Michael Bedford-Jones and George
                                                                        Elliott (Area Bishops)
                                                                     St Cecilia’s Day: pray for all church musicians, and for the Royal
Thursday 17 November
  Toamasina (Indian Ocean): Jean Paul Solo (Bishop)                     School of Church Music, the Guild of Church Musicians, and
  Holy Cross, Greenford Magna: Prebendary Neil Richardson               other organisations promoting excellence in church music
    (Rector); Andy Pedley (Reader)                                   Pray for the work of Diocesan Synod, meeting today
  Edward Betham Primary School                                       St Mary, Northolt, and St Richard, Northolt: Greville Thomas
                                                                        (Priest-in-Charge); Jane Griggs (Pastoral Assistant)
Friday 18 November                                                   St Hugh, Northolt: John Chapman (Minister-in-Charge)
   Tohoku (Japan): John Hiromichi Kato (Bishop)                    Wednesday 23 November
   Christ the Redeemer, Southall: Nigel Orchard (Vicar)             Toungoo (Myanmar): John Wilme (Bishop)
   All Hallows, Greenford: Pamela Heazell (Priest-in-Charge),       ALMA (Angola): pray for Holy Cross, Mbau: Avelino Narciso; St
      Donald Davis                                                     John the Evangelist, Kimvuenga: Laurindo Gomes; Confession
   West London YMCA: Michael Johnson (Chaplain)                        of St Peter, Maiengo: Paulo Casimiro
                              —4—                                   St Joseph the Worker, Northolt: Simon Winn (Vicar), Betsy
  Amendments and Additions to the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

The information in this document was checked and updated                           DIOCESAN CYCLE of PRAYER
as near as possible to the time of printing. If you have any                               for November 2005
amendments to suggest, or any other comments or queries
regarding the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, please contact the
Editor, The Revd Peter McGeary, at St Mary’s Clergy House,
68 Johnson Street, London E1 0BQ (Tel & Fax: 020 7790
0973; e-mail:

Additions to future issues                                        WILLESDEN AREA/ARCHDEACONRY OF NORTHOLT/EALING DEANERY
The December Cycle of Prayer will include the parishes in
Deaneries Nos. 24 (Harrow) and 25 (Hillingdon). If any           Tuesday 1 November—All Saints
parish or other institution in those deaneries has a specific      Pray for all the Saints who have illumined the world with their faith
request for prayer, or other information it wishes to add,            and witness to Jesus Christ
every attempt will be made to include this with the                Swansea and Brecon: Anthony Pierce (Bishop)
appropriate entry in the Cycle of Prayer. Please forward           St Mary, Ealing: Stephen Paynter (Vicar), Anna Poulson, Michael
details to the Editor no later than 31st October. Details for         Del Rio; Ian Goldsmid (Reader)
January (Deanery No. 1) should be forwarded by 30th                Thames Valley University
                                                                 Wednesday 2 November—All Souls
Alternatively, if there is a special event in your deanery,       Pray for the work of the Guild of All Souls
parish or institution on a specific date in a month when it       Swaziland (Southern Africa): Meshack Boy Mabuza (Bishop)
would not normally come up for prayer, this may also be           ALMA (Angola): pray for Uige Province; for Martyrs, Candombe-
included in the Cycle of Prayer if space permits. In such a          Velho-Uige: Pedro Justino; St Paul, Kikaya, and St Michael,
case, please forward details to the Editor using the deadlines       Negage: Eduardo Clemente
given above.                                                      The Ealing Common Churches: St Martin, West Acton and All
                                                                     Saints, Ealing Common: Nicholas Henderson (Vicar), David
Extra copies                                                         Brammer (Associate Vicar), Alec Griffiths; Dr Margaret Jones,
Please feel free to photocopy this document should you be            Glynis Forbes and Lynne Armstrong (Readers)
asked for further copies.                                         Acton Hospital: Nicholas Henderson (Chaplain)
                                                                  Twyford High School: David Brammer (Chaplain)


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