Secondary Care 200809 Participation table by IY3C6q


									                           Secondary Care Trust Participation 2008-2009

     SHA          Status       Hospital Code
                    1             RTGFA
                    1             RK5BC
                    2            RWEAA
                    2            RWEAK
 EAST MIDLANDS      1             RNS01
                    1             RHALB
                    1             RX1RA
                    1              RWD
                    1            RWDLA
                    2             RDDH0
                    2             RQ8L0
                    2             RGT01
                    1              RWH
                    1             RDEE4
                    1            RWG08
                    1            RWR57
                    1             RQQ31
                    1              RQ8
                    1              RM1
                    1            RQWG0
                    1              RGR
                    1             RNJ00
                    2             RYJ02
                    2             RC368
                    2             RYJ03
                    2             RAS01
                    1              RQX
    LONDON          2            RAPNM
                    1              RG3
                    2             RAL01
                    1             RNJ12
                    2             RYJ01
                    2             RJ224
                    1             RKEQ4
                    2             RXPBA
                    2             RXPDA
                    1              RR7
                    2             RTR45
                    2             RTRAT
                    1             RE9GA
                    1             RXPCP
                    2              RE9
                    1             RBL14
                    1              RW3
                    1             RXN01
                    1              RJR
                    1             RNLAY
                    1             RXN02
                    1             RJN71
                    1            RW3MR
                    2              RW6
                    2             RQ617

                2   RM301
                1    RBN
                1   RMP01
                1   RM401
                2   RRF02
                2   RM202
                2    RXQ
                2   RTH02
                1   RTH08
                2   RD816
                2   RHW01
                2   RHM01
                1    RXQ
                2    RN1
                1   RXC01
                2   RN707
                2   RTP04
                1   RDU01
                1    RWF
 SOUTH EAST     1   RWF03
   COAST        1    RPA
                1   RWF01
                2   RA201
                1    RPR
                1   RTK01
                1    RPL
                1   RBZ12
                1    RK9
                2   RD300
                2   RDZ20
                1   REF12
                2    RH8
 SOUTH WEST     1   RD130
                2   RNZ00
                1    RN3
                2    RBA
                1   RBD01
                1   RA301
                1   RA430
                1   RLQ01
                1    RLT
                1   RBK02
                2   RRK02
                1    RL4
                2   RXK01
                1    RXW
                2    RJC
                1   RJE01
                1   RKB01
                1   RCF22
                2   RWY02
                1   RXF10
                1    RP5
                1   RCD00
                1   RWA01
                1    RXF
                2   RHQNG
                1   RXF05
                1   RXF03
                2   RHQHH
                1   RR813
                1   RCB00
condary Care Trust Participation 2008-2009

                                            Hospital Name                        Key
                Derby Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
                Kings Mill Hospital
                Leicester Royal Infirmary
                Leicester General Hospital
                Northampton General Hospital
                Nottingham City Hospital
                Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham
                United Lincolnshire NHS Trust - County Hospital
                United Lincolnshire NHS Trust - Pilgrim Hospital
                Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals
                Broomfield Hospital
                Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
                East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
                Essex Rivers Healthcare Trust
                Hemel Hempstead & St Albans Hospital
                Hertfordshire Partnership Trust
                Hinchingbrooke Healthcare Trust
                Mid Essex Hospitals
                Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust
                Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
                West Suffolk Hospital Diabetes Center
                Barts and London NHS Trust
                Charing Cross Hospital
                Ealing Hospital NHS Trust
                Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust
                Hillingdon Hospital
                Homerton Hospital NHS Trust
                North Middlesex Hospital
                Princess Royal University Hospital
                Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust
                Royal London Hospital
                St Marys Hospital
                University Hospital Lewisham
                Whittington Hospital
                Bishop Aukland General Hospital
                Darlington Memorial Hospital
                Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Gateshead
                South Tees Hospital NHS Trust - Friarage Hospital
                South Tees Hospital NHS Trust - James Cook Unisersity Hospital
                South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust
                University Hospital of North Durham
                S Tyneside Hcare NHS Trust
                Arrowe Park Hospital
                Central Manchester & Manchester Childrens Uni Hospital
                Chorley & South Ribble Hospital
                Countess of Chester Hospital
                Cumberland Infirmary
                Lancashire Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation
                Macclesfield District General Hospital
                Manchester Royal Infirmary
                Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
                Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Salford Royal Hospital NHS Trust
St Helens & Knowsley Hospital Trust
Tameside & Glossop Acute Services NHS Trust
Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust
Wrighington, Wigan, Leigh NHS Trust
Wythenshawe Hospital
Amersham Hospital
Churchill Hospital
John Radcliffe Hospital
Milton Keynes General Hospital
North Hampshire Hospital
Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Southampton General Hospital
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust
Winchester & Eastleigh Healthcare Trust
Conquest Hospital
Darent Valley Hospital
East Surrey Hospital
Frimley Park Hospital
Maidstone & Tumbridge Wells
Maidstone Hospital
Medway NHS Trust
Pembury Hospital
Royal Surrey County Hospital
Royal West Sussex NHS Trust
St Peter's Hospital
Worthing & Southlands Hospitals NHS Trust
North Devon District Hospital
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Poole Hospital
Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hopsitals NHS Trust
Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust
Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
Royal United Bath Hospital
Salisbury District Hospital
Swindon & Marlborough NHS Trust
Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust
West Dorset General Hospitals Trust
Weston General Hospital
Yeovil District Hospital
County Hospital Hereford
George Elliott Hospital
Manor Hospital
Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Birmingham
Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust
Rugby Hospital
Sandwell General Hospital
Shrewsbury & Telford NHS Trust
South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust
University Hospitals of North Staffordshire
Walsgrave Hospital
Airedale General Hospital
Calderdale Royal Hospital
Dewsbury & District Hospitals
Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitasl NHS Trust
Harrogate Health Care NHS Trust
Hull & East Yorkshire NHS Trust
Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Northern General Hospital
Pindefields General Hospital
Pontefract General Hospital
Royal Hallamshire Hospital
St James University Hospital
York District Hospital
Registered but not Submitted
Registered and Submitted

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