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									                      Preventive Health Recommendations
                          For Screening or Counseling
                                 17 – 39 years

Frequency of Health       As needed based on risk factors
Screening Exams
Cervical Cancer           1-3 years; interval as recommended by your physician.
Screenin                  At least every 3 years beginning at age 21 or for women
                          who are or have been sexually active, whichever comes
Diabetes-Type 2           Routine screening at time of annual exam for high risk
Hypertension              Periodic Screening
Lipid Disorder            Routine Screening beginning at age 20 if other risk
Screening                 factors for coronary heart disease exist
STD Screening             Counseling and screening routine for sexually active
(Chlamydia, HIV,          males and females
Syphilis Other)
Tetanus                   Booster every 10 years
Hepatitis A               All adults at increased risk, 2 doses: 2nd dose 6-18
                          months after 1st dose – per physician
Hepatitis B               All adults with medical, behavioral, occupational or
                          other high risk indications
Influenza                 All patients at increased risk for complications or
                          transmission to high risk persons annually in fall/winter
MMR                       Based on vaccine history
Meningococcal             Teens entering high school (interim recommendation)
Conjugate                 College freshman living in dormitories (interim
                          Adolescents and college students who do not live in
                          dormitories who want to reduce risk of infection (interim

Pertussis              Booster every 10 years
Pneumococcal           All patients at increased risk for pneumococcal disease,
                       chronic disease, splenectomized or immunocompromised
Rubella                All women of childbearing age should be screened for
                       rubella susceptibility or, if non pregnant, may be offered
                       vaccination without screening
Varicella              Susceptible persons at risk for exposure or transmission
Advanced Directives    All patients who are not a dependent child
Cardiovascular Disease Based on risk factors discuss aspirin chemoprevention,
Prevention             including potential benefits and harms
Dental Health          Counseling regarding regular dental care
Depression Screening   Routine screening; provide counseling when needed
                           Preventive Health Recommendations
                               For Screening or Counseling
                                      17 – 39 years

Diet and Exercise              Provide counseling; limit fat and cholesterol, maintain
                               caloric balance, balanced diet
                               Adequate calcium intake for women
                               Regular physical activity
Injury                         Screen and provide counseling
Obesity                        Patients with BMI>25 formulate exercise program; refer
                               to nutrition counseling
Prenatal Care                  Refer to OB care plan
Sexual Behavior                Sexually Transmitted Disease: All adults advised of risk
                               factors and counseled about effective measures to
                               prevent infection
                               Unintended Pregnancy: Contraception
Spousal/Partner/Elder          Screen and provide counseling
Substance Use and              Regular screening and counseling for tobacco use,
Substance Abuse                alcohol misuse and illicit drug use.
Tuberculosis Screening         Counseling and screening for all persons at increased
                               risk of developing tuberculosis
Vision Screening               Refer high risk individuals for evaluation

Preventive Health Recommendations for Screening or Counseling based on the published Preventive
Health Recommendations for 2005 developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.
* Indicates not part of AAP,CDC, USPSTF, recommendations.


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