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					Sample Letter to Employees

Dear ________________________,

Have you or a family member ever felt frustrated by having to carry X-rays and lab results from
doctor to doctor, or having to repeat tests because results weren’t available? Up until now, your
doctors may have used fax, phone or mail to share information and coordinate care. Today, there
is now a new service that, with your permission, will allow Rhode Island health care providers to
access your health information so they can quickly obtain your lab results and other important
medical details. This secure electronic network is called currentcare, and today you have the
opportunity to sign up and participate.

Initially, currentcare will share test results from medical laboratories. Over time, it will include
your medications, X-rays and medical history. You choose which health care providers will have
access to your secure health information through currentcare. Signing up for currentcare will
help your health care providers quickly get your most up-to-date and comprehensive health
information so they can provide you the best possible care.

Signing up for currentcare is free and open to all individuals, regardless of health insurance
status. To get started, simply:

      Visit the currentcare website ( to access an online sign-up form;

      Call the currentcare information line (1-888-858-4815) to speak with a currentcare
       representative; or

      Complete a currentcare authorization form, available at [List where employees can get
       brochure/authorization form, i.e., human resources department.]

We are supporting currentcare to encourage our community’s effort to make Rhode Island the
safest, most efficient state in the nation to receive health care. I strongly encourage you to sign
up. If you have any questions about currentcare, please call the currentcare information line at


President & CEO

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