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									 The more complex your
  organization becomes

    the harder it is to
manage your core privileges
   Are you juggling too many
 “You need to convert our privileges to core by this
        year—you figure out where to start!”
“The medical staff is questioning this criteria – they
       want to know what makes it credible”
“Some physicians are granted the old privilege and
     some have the new one? Which is which?”
   “The surveyor wants documentation that these
     qualifications are being met– where is it?”
“Doctor Smith wants us to research a new privilege.
       He’s doing the procedure next week.”

The web-based core privileging
 management program you can
 rely on to support your goals.
      From trusted names in the
HCPro, Inc., is the premier            The Greeley Company is a
provider of credentialing and          nationally-respected consulting firm
privileging information and research   that provides practical, effective
for medical staff services             strategies and solutions. Greeley
professionals.                         consultants are physician leaders
                                       and senior healthcare executives.
Publishers of Briefings on
Credentialing and the Clinical         With special expertise in privileging
Privileging White Papers, HCPro        design and implementation, the
provides information to tens of        Greeley Company has helped the
thousands of MSPs and medical          leading facilities in the country to
staff leaders every week.              design their own core privileges.
  And a leader in credentialing
CACTUS Software has specialized since 1985 in
  credentialing and provided management software for
  diverse healthcare settings. CACTUS is installed in
  over 1,200 client locations, CACTUS streamlines the
  verification and credentialing process helping to meet
  NCQA, URAC, and JCAHO standards.
  This powerful tool allows you
to the library of core privileging forms developed by
   HCPro and the Greeley Company
to create your own library of custom forms
to monthly updates to privileging changes
to request custom research on new privileges
to view privileges from anywhere in your facility
to view the supporting library of Credentialing
   Resource Center Clinical Privileging White
This program offers extensive
 core forms for physicians…
     Core Privilege Plus                                      Manage Practice Areas

     Available Practice Areas - Physicians
        Both     Physicians     Allied Health Practitioners

      Addiction Medicine
      Addiction Psychiatry
      Adolescent Medicine
      Advanced Pain Medicine
      Cardiothoracic Surgery
      Child Neurology
      Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
      Clinical Cytogenic Pathology
      Colon and Rectal Surgery
      Critical Care
      Emergency Medicine
And extensive forms for
  Core Privilege Plus                                     Manage Practice Areas

  Allied Health Practitioner Practice Areas
      Both    Physicians    Allied Health Professionals

    Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor
    Anesthesiology Assistant
    Cardiovascular Perfusionist
    Cardiovascular Technologist
    Certified Athletic Trainer
    Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM)
    Chiropractor (DC)
    Clinical Neurophysiologist
    Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
    Cytotechnologist (CT)
    Dental Assistant (DA)
    Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (DMS)
    Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist (ET)
    Hospital Pharmacist
    Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)
    Massage Therapist (MT)
    Medical Assistant (CMA/RMA)
    Medical Physicist
    Mental and Behavioral Health Counselor
    Non-Physician Surgical Assistant (SA)
    Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
    Nurse Practitioner (NP)
    Occupational Therapist (OT)
All organizations have different
Core Privilege Plus offers you flexibility
to import your providers’ demographic via a simple
   downloaded report from any system—this database
   can be used with any credentialing software or as a
   stand-alone privileging database.
to create a custom library of your own forms, with
   HCPro’s research as a place to start.
to manage different versions of your privilege forms
   when they are in transition.
to preview PDFs of forms created before you print them.
Let’s take a look at how it all
   Don’t wait.. Contact us
 Ask for a full demonstration now!
Visit www.hcpro.com/coreprivilegeplus
Or contact us to set up an appointment
         at 888/209-6554 or
           email Maureen at

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