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									 SS206                                        Psychology of Sports Performance

                       SPORT SCIENCE

                       Reassessment Brief

SS 206                 PSYCHOLOGY
                        OF SPORTS


     Module tutor: Abbe Brady (OXSC124)

     This Reassessment Brief is available in alternative format on request

Abbe Brady (2007-08)                                                        1
 SS206                                                   Psychology of Sports Performance


Module code            SS206

Module title           Psychology of Sports Performance

Module tutor           Abbe Brady (OX SC124)

Tutor with responsibility for this assessment (this is your first point of contact)
Abbe Brady

i.    Poster presentation              ii.     Exam

Assessment Regulations
All assessments are subject to the University Regulations for Assessment, and to the
regulations of the Undergraduate Modular Scheme. These include regulations relating
to Errors of Attribution and Assessment Offences.

The following links are to the University pages on referencing and Research Ethics
and assessment offences.

 In exercising their judgement, Examiners may penalise any work where the standard of
English, numeracy or presentation adversely affects the quality of the work, or where the
work submitted exceeds the published size or time limits, or where the work fails to follow
normal academic conventions for acknowledging sources.

The following is not applicable to this assignment but it is to most, so it has been left to
serve as a reminder that you will need to hone your referencing skills.

Your attention is drawn to the University Regulations for Assessment Section 7

Careful referencing of sources is vital when making use of the work of others. You are
expected to employ the referencing conventions recommended in the Field/Course. These
conventions apply to information taken from internet sources, as well as books, journals
and lectures. These are some of the points you should check before submitting your work:

              are all direct quotations, from both primary and secondary sources, suitably
               acknowledged (placed in quotation marks or indented)?
              have you provided full details of the source of the quotation, according to
               the referencing convention used in the Field/Course?
              have you acknowledged the source of ideas not your own, even if you are
               not quoting directly from the source?
              have you avoided close paraphrase from sources? (Check that you are not
               presenting other people’s words or phrasing as if they are your own.)

If you are unsure of the way to reference properly, seek advice from a member of
staff before you submit the assessment. In submitting your work for assessment you
are making a statement that it is your own work, it has not been submitted for any other

Abbe Brady (2007-08)                                                                     2
 SS206                                                  Psychology of Sports Performance

assessment, and it does not infringe the ethical principles set out in the University’s
Handbook for Research Ethics.

i. Poster presentation
You are required to resubmit another piece of work instead of the poster presentation. You
are required to resubmit a four-part report based on the effective design of an informed
consent form for participants in sport psychology research. The task is purposely research
oriented as the previous poster presentation was based on a research project.

Weighting      50%

Size limit for assessment      1,500 words

Deadline for submission
(your attention is drawn to the penalties for late submission; see UMS Handbook)
7 July 2008

Arrangements for submission
School hand-in procedures (see Field Guide)

Requirements for the assessment
Title for the assignment: The design of an informed consent proforma for use in sport
psychology research
The report should be presented in four parts.
1.       Designing an effective research participant consent form - reviewing issues for
2.       Guidelines for the content of a participant consent form for sport psychology
3.       Copy of a consent form for use in a research project that will require the participant
         (aged 18 years) to complete a CSAI-2D inventory 15 minutes prior to a competitive
         1500m running performance over four occasions on consecutive Saturdays in
         September 2007.
4.       List of references

Part 1 - This section should consider the purpose(s) of the informed consent proforma and
implications for its design. The section should include a review of the issues that the
researcher should consider when designing a consent form such as depth of content,
language used, detail given and appropriateness for the particular participants. An attempt
should be made to explain each issue. It not sufficient to just list the issues for
consideration. It is expected this section will require about 700 - 900 words.
Part 2 - This section should provide a list of guidelines (things to remember / tips) for the
design of an informed consent proforma. It should be brief and clear. It is feasible that you
may be able to propose some guidelines based on your own reasoning. These are
welcomed and should be appropriate and clearly stated. It is expected this section will
require about 250 – 400 words.
Part 3 - You are required to produce a mock consent form for the given participant. The
consent form should adhere to the guidelines you have outlined in the previous section. It
is expected this section will require about 250 – 400 words.
Part 4 - References are expected to conform to the Harvard system of referencing.

Abbe Brady (2007-08)                                                                      3
    SS206                                                    Psychology of Sports Performance

The assignment will be presented in 12-point Arial font, 1.5 line spacing, and 3cm margins.
Pages should be numbered.

Examples of recommended resources

You will find that there are many useful resources for such a task and that some of these
may not necessarily be aligned with the discipline of sport psychology. In addition to the
exemplar resources cited below which will provide adequate information to complete the
task, you may seek and use other resources.

1. Informed Consent, University of Minnesota [online] Available from URL
2. Tips on informed consent documents, Social Psychology Network [online] Available
from URL
3. Comprehension in the Informed-Consent Process, University of Northumbria [online]
Available from URL
4. Cardinal, B., Martin, J. J., & Sachs, M. (1996). The readability of informed consent
forms in exercise and sport psychology. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 67,

If any of these sites are no longer active, please search for alternatives.

Return of work
Marked work will be available for collection from School administrative staff within 4 weeks
of submission.

Assessment Criteria
Work will be assessed based on the extent to which it addresses the following questions:

     Question                                                                                 Weighting %
1    Part 1 Have a full range of issues for consideration in the design of the consent form         20
     been identified?
2    Has an appropriate explanation been given for each issue?                                      20
3    Part 2 Are the guidelines produced appropriate in content?                                     15
4    Are the guidelines produced succinct and clearly stated?                                       10
5    Part 3 Is the consent form appropriate in layout and content (for the given                    15
6    Does the design of the consent form adhere to the guidelines given in part 2?                  10
7    Is the assignment presented neatly, within the word limit and with an acceptably                5
     small number of spelling mistakes, typographical, grammar and punctuation errors?
8    Part 4 Have sources cited in the text and reference list been accurately presented?             5

Abbe Brady (2007-08)                                                                           4
 SS206                                                Psychology of Sports Performance

ii. Exam
You will be required to sit another exam in July. The exact time and date will be confirmed
soon and you should check with the Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Care for these


Time limit for assessment
2 hours

Exam date
July 2008

Requirements for the assessment
The exam will be unseen and closed book. You will be required to answer 2 from the 4
essay questions. All essays will be weighted equally in terms of marks available. The
range essay questions will be drawn from across the whole module. In preparation for the
exam you are advised to review past lecture notes and associated readings from weeks 2
– 10. It is strongly recommended that you revise and read widely around the following
1. Goal Orientation Theory and its applications
2. Processing Efficiency Theory and the Control Model of Anxiety
3. Positive and negative consequences of high group cohesion in sport teams
4. Self-talk and pre-performance routines

Return of work
Results will be posted to students by Corporate Services.

Marking scheme
Each essay will be worth 50% of the total exam.

Abbe Brady (2007-08)                                                                 5

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