LCC Minutes January 2011 by DL8RMcQ


									                                                                       Appendix 1


PRESENT: - Councillors V Hanson (Chairman), Mrs M. Bye, Mrs E. McNeil-
Watson, D. Jones. R. Kelly, A. Prosper, and J. Rees.
In attendance: Mrs G. Lawson (Clerk).

                             Councillor V. Hanson in the Chair

Min No. 1/11 Community Resilience
Mr. Tim Davies, Emergency Management Officer, Cardiff County Council
outlined the need for Community Councils to prepare a Community Resilience
Plan. The plan should look at raising awareness with residents as to the course
of action to be followed in the case of flash flooding, adverse weather conditions
and flu pandemics. The aim of the Emergency Plan is to have one document
which provides information as to where assistance could be drawn from,
including local volunteers and agencies that could be mobilized during an
Reference was made to the recent problems with regard to clearing snow from
outlying areas of the City where it was proposed that local volunteers could be
Whilst the Community Council was supportive of developing a Community
Resilience Plan it was drawn to Mr Davies attention that Community Councils did
not have the power to undertake work on Highways without an agreement with
the Principal Authority. If this was forthcoming there would need to be an
agreement on adequate compensation to cover the costs, including insurance
cover whilst undertaking the work. The current precept for Lisvane would be
insufficient to undertake such work.
The Clerk circulated a copy of an article from the ‘Clerk’ magazine regarding
Community Councils undertaking snow clearance during periods of adverse
weather conditions.
  Resolved: That Mr Davies would raise the above issues during the
               Independent inquiry being undertaken by Cardiff County Council on
               clearing of Highways during adverse weather conditions.

Min No 2/11 Public Representation
A resident raised concerns regarding the following:-
   1. The street litter bin on the footpath at the rear of the Precinct had not been
   2. The stream adjacent to footpath 12 is blocked and overflowing onto the
   3. There had been antisocial behaviour on the Mardy Fields over the
       Christmas period.
   4. The sewer on Lisvane Road (adjacent to the entrance to footpath 12) has
       been overflowing.
The Clerk would take the necessary action to resolve these issues.

Min No. 3/11 Declaration of Interests
There were no declarations of interests.
Min No. 4/11 Apologies
Apologies for absences were received from Councillors S. Anthony, J. Stone and
P. Gough

Min No. 5/11 Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting held on 13th December 2010 were received and
signed as a true record by the Chairman.

Min No. 6/11 Matters Arising
a) Memorial Cross Trees (Min No 173/10a refers)
   Remedial work on the War Memorial has been delayed due to the adverse
   weather conditions.
b) Communities on Foot – Getting Started A Community Walking Scheme
    The community web site has been updated with information regarding local
     walks and a link to the Ramblers web site has been created.
c) Open Space – Ridgeway (Min No. 169/10 and 173/10c refers)
    Notice of an application for the registration of land at Ridgeway as a Town or
    Village Green was advertised in the January issue of Cardiff Now.
    The arrangements for a meeting between nominated Councillors and
    representatives of both supporters and opponents of the registration of a
    village green had been delayed as a convenient date could not be found
    before Christmas. Arrangements were in hand to hold the meeting.
d) Parking on Roads adjacent to Llysfaen Primary School (Min No 173/10e)
   The Community Council’s views and comments had been forwarded to
   County Councillor Walker who had given an undertaking to update the
   Community Council on progress.
   It was agreed to request a copy of the summary of residents’ views on the
   proposals from Councillor Walker.

Min No. 7/11 Lisvane Community Building Project (Min No 174/10 refers)
There had not been a meeting of the Building Working Party over the Christmas
period. It is anticipated that the Business Plan will be available for consideration
in the next few weeks.
The Architect had enquired whether the Community Council would be amenable
for students from UWIC to visit the site and then to be given the Architect’s brief
for their final project. The request was agreed.

Min No. 8/11 Lisvane Community Plan (Min No. 175/10 refers)
Councillor Bye was in the process of compiling a slide presentation to give to
Glamorgan University students who may be involved in developing the village
plan and required photographs of the village to illustrate the address. Councillors
were asked to forward suitable photographs to Councillor Bye.

Min No. 9/11 Cardiff County Council’s Local Development Plan (Min No 176/10)
A request had been received to participate in discussions with other groups who
were interested in opposing development on green field sites. It was agreed to
accept the invitation to participate in the debate.

Min No. 10/11 Cardiff Council/Community Council Charter (Min No 177/10 refers)
Cardiff County Council’s Democratic Services Officer had requested a meeting
with the Clerk on Thursday 13th January 2011 to discuss communications
between the authorities and the implementation of the Charter.

Min No. 11/11 Police Matters
Crime Statistics
There were 3 reported incidents of crime in December 2010 compared with 4 in
the same period last year.

Min No. 12/11 Highways/Footpath
a) Mill Road Improvements (Min No 179/10a refers)
   There had been no further developments on this issue.
b) Remedial Work to Highways (Min No 179/10b refers)
   Repairs had been undertaken on Heol Cefn Onn and the trench on Mill Road
   had been reported.
    Due to the adverse weather there were a number of large pot holes around
   the village which would be reported to the Highways Department.
    During snow clearance a kerb stone on the pedestrian crossing on Heol-y-
   Delyn had been dislodged. This would also be reported.
c) Graig Bridleway (Min No. 179/10c refers)
   The Clerk would make enquiries to establish if a grant had been applied for to
   undertake this project.
d) Diversion of Footpath No. 7 & 21
   The Community Council’s view on the diversion had been forwarded to
   County Councillor Walker. He had endorsed the comments and forwarded
   them to the Footpath Officer.
   The Clerk reported that there had been two objections to the diversion, one of
   which could not be resolved without the Order being redrafted and re-
   advertised. It was agreed to enquire with Councillor Walker as to whether
   the redrafted Order could address the anomalies that had been highlighted on
   this footpath.
e) Grit Bins
    Following the removal last Spring of the grit bin at the junction of Rudry Road
    and Church Road, the Clerk had written to the Highways Department and
    had received an assurance that the bin would be replaced before the winter.
    The bin was not replaced and a car had skidded off the road damaging the
    road sign. Both issues had been reported to the Highways Department.
    During the adverse weather conditions two requests had been received from
    residents in Tanglewood and Clos Llysfaen for grit bins to be located at the
    entrance of both streets. These requests had been forwarded to the
    Highway Department.

Min No. 13/11 Parks
a) Heol-y-Delyn Playing Field and Car Park (Min No.180/10a refers)
    The Clerk had requested a meeting with representatives of the Parks
    Department and a reply was awaited.
    The Chairman of the Lisvane Football Club had contacted the Clerk
   indicating that sections of the ceiling in the pavilion had fallen down.
   Following a telephone call from a local resident the Clerk had also reported
   that water was running out of the pavilion from a burst water pipe.
b) Alexander Garden – Boundary Wall (Min No. 180/10b refers) – The owner of
   Lisvane Store had not responded to the letter sent by the Clerk regarding the
   hole in the wall adjacent to the Alexander Garden. The Clerk would call and
   see the tenant of Lisvane Stores and if he did not intend to take remedial
   action the matter should be referred to Building Control.
c) Parkwatch
   The Clerk had received the new rota for the park watch scheme. Additional
   volunteers were being sought to participate in the scheme.
   P.C. Jonathan Edwards had sent a report to the volunteers complementing
   them on the success of the scheme and detailing the reduction in anti- social
   incidents which had occurred at the playing fields since its inception.
   Resolved: That a letter of thanks be sent to members of the Park Watch
   Scheme for their work in reducing antisocial behaviour at the playing field.

Min No 14/11 Planning
a) Weekly Planning Schedule
   9th December 2010, 16th December 2010 and 23rd December 2010 – Nil
   30th December 2010 – Fairoak Farm, Rudry Road Proposed Stables
   6th January 2011       - Nil
b) Planning Decisions
   29th November 2010 – 8, Plas-y-Delyn – Hip to gable roof extension with rear
                            dormer and Juliet balcony and single storey extension.
                            The Coach House, Lisvane Road – Addition of an
                             orangery, to the rear of the existing property.
   6th December 2010 - 4, The Court – Demolition of existing conservatory
                             and replace with new single storey sun room at rear of
                             the property – granted.
                             Protea House, Lisvane Road – Demolition of existing
                             carport, construction of chalet dwelling with integrated
                             garage, driveway and garden on land adjacent –
                             permission refused.
    13th December 2010 - 8, Cherry Orchard – Porch – granted.
     27th December 2010 - Nil
    Plans had been received for alterations to The Cottage public house. The
   Clerk would circulate the details and Councillors were requested to forward
   comments as soon as possible.
c) Llanishen Reservoir – Confirmation has been received that there will be a
   new Public Inquiry on the planning application for Llanishen Reservoir. The
   pre-inquiry meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th February 2011. The
   inspector appointed to conduct the re-opened inquiry is Mr R. M. Poppleton.
      Resolved: That Councillor Hanson would represent the Community Council
      at the meeting on the 16th February 2011. In the interim Councillor Hanson
      would contact RAG as the inspector had recommended that objectors with
      the same interests should join together to be represented by one
      spokesperson, if possible.
d) Consultation Exercise: Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)
    Details of the draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) had been
    circulated. Members were requested to forward comments to the Clerk.

Min No. 15/11 Reports
a) Friends of Coed-y-Felin – The minutes of the meetings held on 1st December
   2010 were received and noted. It was reported that the sale of Christmas
   Cards had resulted in a donation of £486.00 to the Old School Building Fund.
b) Friends of Cefn Onn – The Friends meeting scheduled for the 20th November
   2010 was cancelled due to the adverse weather.
c) One Voice Wales – The area meeting will be held on Monday 24 th January
   2011 and Mr Lyn Cadwallader the new Chief Executive of One Voice Wales
   will be in attendance.
   The Voice magazine has also been received and is being circulated.

Min No 16/11 Correspondence
a) Rhymney and Nant Fawr Steering Group
    The Minutes of the Steering Group Meeting held on 9th December 2010 had
    been received.
    Work is continuing on developing the Nant Fawr Corridor and the group have
   had discussions with the LDP staff to ensure that the river corridors are
   protected. The group are currently working with primary schools to design a
   logo for the Nant Fawr route.
b) Tree Planting Week – March 2011
   The Clerk had received details of the Tree Planting Week to be held in March
   2011. Details of the tree packs being offered to Community Groups had been
   circulated to the Friends of Coed-y-Felin and Cefn Onn.
c) Cardiff “What Matters” – The 10 year Strategy for Cardiff
   Details of the consultation on Cardiff “What Matters” had been circulated to
   Members. The closing date for comments is the 4 th March 2011. The item
   will be included in the agenda for the next meeting.
d) The Royal British Legion – “Great Poppy Party Weekend”
   Details had been received of the Royal British Legions Great Poppy Party
   which is encouraging groups to hold celebrations over the weekend of 10 th –
   12th June 2011 to mark The Royal British Legion’s 90th Birthday.

Min No 17/11 Finance
a) Application for Grants Under Section 137 – No applications had been
b) Community Council Precept 2011/12 – The accounts to mid December 2010
   were circulated. The Clerk had not been able to reconcile the accounts to the
   31st December 2010 as one of the bank statements had not been received.
    Details of the projected costs for 2011/12 were circulated together with a
   report on the precept.
    The Clerk indicated that in previous years there had been some funds
   included in the estimates which had not been spent and the surplus had been
   added to the reserves for the development of the Old School. However, given
   the current projections there will be very little, if any, surplus. The current
   reserves will not be sufficient to cover the cost of a public inquiry on the LDP
   and complete the planning stages for the Old School Development.
      Resolved: That the Lisvane Community Council precept for 2011/12 be
      increased by £1000.00 taking the requested sum to £25,500.00.
c) Cheque Signing
    Cheque Number         Payee                                       Amount £
    400075                British Gas                                   153.24
    400076                SWALEC                                        282.19
    400077                Vision ICT                                    306.68
    400078                G. Lawson (Salary)                             661.82
    400079                Inland Revenue                                 291.62

Min No. 185/10 Date of Next Meeting –
The next meeting of the Community Council will be held on Monday 14th
February 2011 at the Cabin, Old School, Lisvane commencing at 7.30 p.m.

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