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									Targeting Learners
Teaching Marketing Employees
Through Visual, Hands-on Training
Stephen Barankewicz

      From                               To

• Isolated best practices         • Globally shared best
• Irregularly trained marketing
  associates                      • Level-set and trained
                                    marketing organizations
• No shared common
  language                        • Shared common language
                                    put into practice
• One-dimensional marketing
  associates                      • Multi-dimensional marketing

• Avon is in the midst of a multi-year renaissance
• Globalization of merchandising (brochure)
• Past attempts included 3-day PowerPoint
Knowing our Audience

• Marketers think they are creative
  – Feel process stifles creativity
  – Did Mozart and Bach use a process?
  – How do you write a Haiku?
• Work with highly impactful visuals
• Work with their hands

Need to teach our Marketers the process for
developing the Avon brochure in a manner in which
they can connect
Designing to the Audience

• Streamlined and clarified the process
• Created highly impactful visual map
• Developed simulation at end of each process stage
  – Actual current, local data
  – Report out with results they can use
How are we making the learning stick?

• Engaging our audience
• Involving each Marketing Lead
  – Setting the tone
• High level of engagement
  – Relevant activities
  – Relevant report out
  – Cross-functional teams
What things have you done to
engage your audience?
Questions for Engagement
1. Avon has three distinct competitive advantages – our Representatives, the
   Brochure, and our Connection to Customers. Let’s see how we are optimizing
   these advantages in our market. We’ll read each Optimize the Advantage
   card, beginning with question number one. Let’s answer the question for the
   market where this session is taking place. Then, the reader will turn the card
   over and reveal the correct response.

2. Let’s read the Quote from a Competitor’s CEO card and discuss our
   opinions on the following questions: How can Avon become a part of our
   customers’ lives in ways that are different from our competitors? How can that
   be our competitive advantage?

3. Four major objectives have been identified for Commercial Marketing to Win
   with Commercial Edge. Read the Elevate Commercial Marketing cards and
   place them on the table so everyone can see them. How will excelling in these
   areas change how we are perceived in our market?
Engagement with visual Learning Map®
Report out – Product Activation
Report out – Product Activation
Report Out: Campaign Energy Chart
Report Out: Campaign Energy Chart
Brainstorm Activity

• Partner up (or group of 3)
• Describe a training program that you are currently
  working on, to brainstorm a different activity to
  enhance the learner’s level of engagement.
Business Impact

• Alignment
  – Within the Commercial Marketing team and their
    matrix partners
• Process Improvement
  – Describes the impact of the program on the whole
    campaign process
• Wild Cards
  – Indirect changes in behavior having a business
    impact as a result of this workshop

• Level core knowledge
 “The training created a much greater awareness of what matters,
 both process and content.” (UK)

• Common Language – better understanding of roles
 “We are hearing quotes from the training all the time, especially in
 critical brochure reviews. We see materials from the training and
 mimicking of the approach being used to train new people.” (UK)
 “Building common language within Marketing and with cross-
 functional teams has improved communication efficiency.” (China)
Process Improvement
• Annual / Quarterly Planning
  – Overall improvement
  – More structured; more creative
  – Better 360-Degree planning
 “Our recent annual planning had a tremendous improvement in
 category plan; much more focused internal assessment, market
 assessment, opportunities, key priorities and investments. We
 developed much more robust energy charts and events, not only
 at customer level, but at field level.” (Mexico)
Process Improvement

• Campaign Evaluation Package
 “Leader List decks now include an Executive Summary and a 3-
 year horizon; evaluation package includes many new analyses
 reports that improve our planning and productivity.” (SEA)

• Brochure Structural Elements and Execution
 “We added the Back lead sections; enhanced back cover traffic”

“Brochures are looking more impactful with better door stopping
  offers. We have been planning center spreads and various
  sections better, plus looking for new offers.” (Australia)
Wild Cards
• Impacting inventory
 “Improving inventory management has been put on everybody’s
 radar.” (CEE)

• Roles and Responsibilities
 “We have restructured the Campaign and Category marketing
 group post-training; also switched Demand Planning from Supply
 Chain to Marketing.” (Taiwan)

• Schedules
 “Marketing PERT schedule has been reviewed and adjusted
 based on WWCE training, beginning with 2Q10.” (Taiwan)

• Representative Communication, Pricing, Risk
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