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									                        Tiffany Portraits
5x7 Pro Greeting Cards Order Form

Name:____________________________________ Daytime Phone No._________________

Address: _________________________________ City:_______________________________

State:___________________________        Zip:___________________

Sentiment Design Number:____________________       Quantity:_________
(You can view sentiment designs at www.tiffanyportraits.com. Click on “Greeting card
samples” to choose your design preference.)

Imprinting Information:
Personalize your photo greeting print by adding Photographic Imprinting. Imprints
appear below the selected design. Type color and font will be printed as shown in
samples only. Due to space limitations, text for imprints is limited to 25 spaces across
(including punctuation) & 2 rows. Please write clearly and include any punctuation
marks. Print finish is LUSTRE surface only.

Please mail this form along with payment in full. Refer to price list for pricing and
package options.

      Tiffany Portraits
      28411 Harvest View Lane
      Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

Please call Tiffany if you have any questions: (949)350-8747

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