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									        Kington Rural Local Policing Team Newsletter March 2012
Welcome        to the latest newsletter from
your local policing team.                         Theft of statue:
Dear Reader,
                                                  Between 19:00 hours on Saturday 19th of
Please enjoy the latest edition of the Kington    February 2012 and 09:00 hours on Monday
Rural Police Bulletin. If you know anyone who     20th of February 2012
would like to be added to the distribution list   The below Athena statue has been stolen from
or if you have a Police related matter you        the front garden of a property in Weobley.
would like to be added to the next edition,       The statue is 4 foot tall and made of stone.
please contact us on the below numbers.           This has been sent out on Kington rural news
Working in Partnership:                           alerts recently, enquiries are continuing and
I am sure you will agree that we are              this theft is very distressing to the victims due
                                                  to the sentimental value. Any information
fortunate to live in such a beautiful county
                                                  please do not hesitate to contact us on the
and that Herefordshire is a safe place to         contact details below.
live! However keeping Herefordshire safe
relies on communities and the police working
together. You are the eyes and ears of the
community! Please report all incidents to us,
no matter how trivial you think it is. Your
information may be the missing piece in our
jigsaw and could help to catch criminals and
make Herefordshire an even better place in
which to live.

                        Pc Jo ELLIS

                     Your Local Policing

                                                  Theft of power tools:
                          Cso Dick                Renewed observations:
                         ALLFORD                  Theft of Power tools were stolen from a
                         Your Local               farm in the Stretford Area of Dilwyn.
                        Community                 Did anyone see a Renault Van index number
                       Support Officer
                                                  VO 05 N*F in the area. If so please contact
                                                  us on the contact details below.

    Policing Herefordshire, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Worcestershire
SmartWater                                         Card Fraud Telephone Scam
I have attached the latest SmartWater              The UK Cards Association is advising
newsletter with this briefing which makes          customers to be aware of a new variation on
interesting reading.                               an old style scam that involves people being
For new recipients of the briefings -              telephoned by fraudsters and duped into
SmartWater is a unique property marking            handing over their debit or credit card, and
solution which is a proven deterrent, and can      revealing their PIN. A fraudster rings you,
be obtained from your local policing team at       claiming to be from your bank, saying their
a cost of £25 per kit. Please get in touch if      systems have spotted a fraudulent payment
you are interested in knowing more, one of us      on your card or that your card is due to
will call round at your convenience and show       expire and needs replacing. You may be asked
how it works.                                      to ring back using the phone number on the
                                                   back of your card - which further convinces
                                                   you the call is genuine. However, the criminal
                                                   keeps the line open at their end so, when you
                                                   make the call, you are unknowingly connected
                    Events:                        straight back to the fraudster. Then, by
                                                   seeming to offer assistance, the fraudster
 From Ringmaster - Neighbourhood Watch             tries to gain your trust. In most cases you
                 AGM.                              are asked to cancel' your existing card or
Please note the following invitation, which I am   'activate' or authorise' a replacement card
    circulating on behalf of Mr Paul Leopold,      by keying your PIN into your phone's
    Chairman of West Mercia Neighbourhood          handset. The fraudster then poses as a bank
            Watch Forum (WMNWF):
                                                   representative to pick up your card from
  The AGM of WMNWF will take place in the
                                                   your home, sometimes giving you a
  Lecture Theatre at West Mercia Police HQ,
 Hindlip Hall on Weds 18th April, at 7.30pm.
                                                   replacement card, which is a fake. In some
      All are welcome (not just scheme Co-         cases a genuine courier company is hired to
   ordinators, but scheme members too). The        pick up the card, which the victim has been
Chief Constable will be attending and telling us   asked to place into an envelope. Once they
about the changes that are taking place within     have your card and PIN the fraudster uses
                    the Force.                     them to spend your money. Your bank/police
                                                   will NEVER ring you and tell you that they
       Invititation to all from Pembridge:         are coming to your home to pick up your card.
An invitation has been extended to all             Your bank will NEVER ask you to authorise
courtesy of Pembridge farmer’s buyer group.
                                                   anything by entering your PIN into the
A meeting has been arranged for Wednesday
                                                   telephone. - the only times you should use
the 4th of April 2012 at 9pm in the New Inn
at Pembridge to allow Mark Bishop an expert
                                                   your PIN is at a cash machine or shop's using
in outdoor security to demonstrate the latest      chip and PIN machine.
technology available in cctv and alarms, all are
welcome.                                           Visit www.financialfraudaction.org.uk for
                                                   more information.

                  0300 333 3000
No callers without an appointment.               S

Elderly and vulnerable residents may be
targeted by distraction burglars. We have
produced a door sticker which is attached
below which will be distributed within                       HAVE YOUR SAY!
communities to remind vulnerable residents
not to open the door if they are not              Shobdon surgery's will continue on a Saturday
expecting anyone or do not recognise the          on a monthly basis.
person, and to let callers know that they
are not welcome without an appointment.           The next surgery's held will be:
                                                  Saturday 17th of March 2012 9:30 until 10:30

                                                  Saturday 21st of April 2012 9:30 until 10:30

                                                 Contact Your Local Policing Team
          HAVE YOUR SAY!                         Web:
PACT stands for Partners and Communities         www.kingtonrural.lpt@westmercia.pnn.
Together. It gives you the chance to tell your
local policing team and partners about the
issues that are causing concern within your      Voicemail: 01432 346711
neighbourhood and which ones you want us to      Please leave a message and we’ll get back
deal with as a priority.                         to you.
          Your next PACT Events are:             West Mercia Police: 101
   Pact surgery’s are once a month at the
          following locations & times:           Mobile phone numbers:
          Thursday 29th of March 2012            Pc Jo Ellis 07977098394
           Thursday 26th of April 2012
                                                 Cso Dick Allford 07968462523
Weobley - The Old School Shop
9:30 until 10:30 hours.                          Cso David Boden 07970176814
Pembridge - The Old Steppes Shop                 E-mail:
11:00 until 12:00 hours.
Eardisland Shop
15:00 until 16:00 hours.                         richard.allford@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
Lyonshall - The Royal George Inn                 david.boden@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
18:00 until 19:00 hours.

                0300 333 3000

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