CAT II checklist by zu88R1Kt


									               Runway change checklist
               MAX tail wind 15 knots
   MAX crosswind (slippery/contaminated) 15 knots.

 Takeoff data card
       Slope
       Clearway

        DEP    Change RWY
                Enter SID/trans
               No discontinuity

      Thrust LIM: 1-set TEMP/THRUST
      Takeoff:     2-set flaps
                    3-Set wind/slope
                    4- Set Accel/reduction ht.
                    5-Set V speed
      SET V2 speed
      Set RWY HDG
      Set initial ALT
      Ck LNAV is ARM
VIS less than 550.
Landing MIN 100 feet DH/ RVR 350 meters (1200FT)
    Enroute
         Update weather at destination and ALT.
                 (Meteorology MET broadcasts)
            Is the airport authorized?
            Is the runway authorized?
            Is the wind favorable for the authorized runway?
            Do you have the required equipment?
            Are you qualified for CAT II?
                  (300 PIC/100 on the equipment)
            Is the RVR at destination installed and operational?
            Do you have an approach Ban in the country you going
             to? Like (London, India,U.A.E Itc….)
            Did you Review CAT II approach alerts and action?
            Did you ad an additional 15% RWY length?
            Do you have the approved approach light system?
             (ALSF-2 or Calvert high or foreign equivalents)
            Do you have
                 HIRL (High intensity runway light.
                 TDZ LIGHT  (Touchdown Zone light)
                 RCL (runway centerline light).
            Max crosswind 10 knots.
            Did you check your alternate airport weather?
            Did you check your alternate airport in the aircraft

    Approach
         Check RVR above country minimum to start the
           approach. (Approach Ban).
         Two RVR transmissometers is required:
                Touchdown: a value 350 or greater.
                Midpoint : advisory. Substituted for rollout.
                 If reported, must not be less than 200 meters.
                Rollout : a value 200 or greater.
         Adjust your seat position. (Set higher than normal)
         Dim the light in the cockpit
         Turn off the:
                Landing lights
                Runway turnoff light (optional)
                And strobe lights.
         If you miss approach, conceder the following:
               Avoid holding in icing conditions,
               Delay flaps and gear extension if holding in
                 moderate to sever icing conditions.
               Fuel.

                                                   CAPT/Essam jawa
                                                       London LHR
     FRANKFURT FRA                                    RWY 09R/09L
      RWY 07L/07R                     London LHR
         25R/25L                     RWY 27R/27L
       JEDDAH JED                     GENEVA GVA
        RWY 34L&C                        RWY 23
          16R&C                        PARIS CDG
                                        ROME FCO
                                     RWY 16L/16R
       Steady burning red light        DELHI DEL
                                         RWY 28
 High steady burning white light   CASABLANCA CMN
Sequenced flashing white lights          RWY 35
               Threshold lights
                                        DUBI DXB
                                     RWY 12L/30R
                                   JOHANNESBURG JNB

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