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									                 Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa Credit Card Policy

   The Conservation Corps may request Elan to issue an Credit Card in my name. I am responsible for all transactions
    charged against the Card except for charges made without my permission or knowledge (the card or card number is lost
    or stolen).
   If my card is lost or stolen or if I become aware that the Card was used without my permission, I understand that I must
    notify the Corps (651-209-9900) immediately, or if no one is available, notify Elan directly at (1-800-344-5696). I agree
    to provide information requested for investigation of potential fraudulent charges.
   I understand the Credit Card is to be used for business purposes only, and all purchases must be in compliance with
    the Corps’ purchase guidelines.
   All purchase must be accompanied by a receipt.
   All charges on the Card will be billed directly to and paid directly by the Conservation Corps.
   Each month I will retrieve an online credit card statement, which will report all transactions charged on the Card. I am
    responsible for reconciling my transactions on a monthly basis, attaching the receipts, coding each receipt. I am to sign
    the statement and to have my supervisor sign off on the statement. I will submit my receipts to the Finance Department
    immediately upon completion of this reconciliation.
   Receipts should include: location, date, type of expense (food, lodging, project materials etc.) and short description. For
    expenses including meals and lodging, the receipt must include the names of people, and the reason for the expenses.
    Receipt should include fund and activity code.
   I understand that the Card is provided to make purchases on behalf of the Corps. Any charges not for Corps related
    expenses must be repaid to the Conservation Corps.
   I understand this card is the property of Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa. I agree to surrender the card
    immediately upon the Corps’ request for any reason including but not limited to upon termination of employment.

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We will request approval from your supervisor via e-mail.

After completing form mail with receipts attached to: 2715 Upper Afton Rd Ste 100, Maplewood, MN 55119

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