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									                         NatWest OneCard Form Completion
“Notes for Guidance on Charge Cards in Schools”.
2.2   It is for the governing body of the school, guided by the headteacher, to determine whether
      it is appropriate for the school to operate a charge card facility.
      Schools considering operating a charge card should read the whole of this guidance before
      making a final decision so that they are as well informed as possible prior to making that
      decision. The decision to proceed should be taken by the Governing Body and minuted as

The NatWest OneCard application forms are available electronically via the link supplied within the
website. You are required to complete 1 form (unless you do not have a bank account with
NatWest, in which case 2 forms will require completion), which should be returned to the Schools
Finance Team (Mouchel) for verification, together with the Milton Keynes Council use of charge
cards in schools declaration form, available under the “Notes for Guidance on Charge Cards in

Also included within the website is an example of the NatWest web page, which shows once you
enter the website which forms you need to click on.

Typically, when applying for a NatWest OneCard , there is now only one form to complete:

Application and Agreement Form 1 (not form 1A).

Cardholder Application Form 2 is now only needed when adding a cardholder.
Instruction to your Bank or Building Society to pay by Direct Debit (Mandate) Form 4 is now only
needed if you do not hold a NatWest bank account.

There is an optional Diversion and Individual Blocking Form 3 and also a form 5 to make certain
amendments, such as changing programme co-ordinators, changing names (for example, due to
marriage), removing cardholders, etc. Please contact the Schools Finance Team regarding these

To assist you further with the completion of forms 1, 2 and 4, they are described below. The forms
have also been scanned with the pertinent sections highlighted and annotated and are available in
the Charge Card section of this website.

Form 1 (revised 11/11)

This is the main application and agreement form. There are two main parts of the form:
“Pre-Contract Information” form, which appears on pages 2 to 10 of the pdf document. Please
retain this section for your own records. There is then the separate “Application and Agreement”,
pages 1 to 15 that appear on pages 40 to 54 of the pdf document.

Pages 1 to 5 of the pdf document relate to credit cards and do not require completion.

Particular notice should be made of page 2 of 15, section 2, line 2, “Business Credit Limit
Required”. Although the maximum limit for primary schools charge cards is £5,000 per month
(£10,000 for secondary schools), no matter how many cards are held, this line is asking for the limit
for two months total spend. So, for example, if the school has requested a total spending limit of
£5,000, you would put £10,000 in this box to cover two months spending. For a £3,000 total
spending limit, you would put £6,000 in this box.

Pages 4 to 7 of 15, section 2.4, is for cardholder details. The bursar cannot be a cardholder but
may be a programme co-ordinator (see section 2.1 on page 2 of 15). There should be a maximum
of two cardholders for small schools and a maximum of three cardholders for larger schools. The
total monthly credit limit for all cardholders should not exceed £5,000 for primary schools and
£10,000 for secondary schools, as per the guidance for charge cards in schools. For example, for
                                                                          Revised February 2012
a primary school, cardholder 1 could have a limit of £2,000 and cardholder 2 could have a limit of

Page 8 of15, section 2.7 is asking for the principal and secondary business signatories. NatWest
have requested that the signatories should print their title, first name and surname as printed on
the form, and also sign their name after the printed information.

Pages 9 to11 of 15 relate to credit cards, and do not need to be completed.

Pages 12 to 14 require completion and signatures, as indicated.

Page 15 does not require completion by the school, but should be returned to Schools Finance
with the other forms.

Form 2 (revised 05/11)

This form is now only needed when adding a cardholder to an existing OneCard account.

Please make sure that the monthly credit limit for the cardholder added does not put the overall
monthly credit limit in excess of its limit. Please be sure that the cardholder application is
authorised at the bottom of page 3 of 4 in accordance with the school’s signatory list.

Form 4

This form is only required if the school’s bank is not NatWest. This is the instruction to your bank
to pay the balance on the OneCard by direct debit. Please complete as indicated and be sure that
the form is signed in accordance with the school’s bank account signatory list.

If you have a problem completing these forms that the guidance within the schools website cannot
help with please contact NatWest Commercial Banking – Telephone: 01908 355335.

               Please return all completed forms to the Schools Finance Team

                                                                          Revised February 2012

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