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					             Whispering Pines West                                      Volume 3, Issue 2011
                                                        March 2011

Carolyn’s Column                                        Carolyn McGrane, WPW President
Spring has Sprung, or it just feels like it lately! I wish the pool would open sooner; especially if
we continue to have days with temperatures in the 70's.

Speaking about the pool, it is with great regard and appreciation that I'd like to thank someone
that has been instrumental in managing the operations of the clubhouse and the pool year
after year. Candace Daberkow has decided to retire after being our lead clubhouse and
pool monitor for over 15 years. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication to running an
efficient operation. It will be hard to fill her shoes. Thank you, Candace, for all your years of
service to our community!

Now, I need to transition into a not so popular topic. During the Homeowner's Forum at
January’s HOA meeting, we had in-depth discussion regarding the back-ups the condo buildings
are experiencing due to numerous items being put down the disposals and drains. As an HOA
we regularly warn owners and tenants about what's causing the backups yet the backups
continue. I covered this concern in my article last month as well, and I'm discussing it this
month because the HOA continues to see expenses for snaking lines and clearing clogs. These
are LARGE expenses which are accumulating to become a considerable hunk of our yearly
budget. The problem seems to be primarily contained to the condo units, but that's with the
consideration that most of the townhome owners snake their own lines if they have a back-up
because their lines don't stack on-top of each other as the condo units do.

With the budget in mind, the board continues to discuss how we maintain our on-site property
management and perform the other necessary capital improvement projects while having to
pay out increasing amounts of money each year for these drain lines. The only option right
now to make the budget work is to work together. We need everyone's commitment,
especially condo residents, to NOT PUT THESE ITEMS DOWN ANY DRAIN -- this means your
kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, showers/tubs, or toilets:

       household cleaning wipes                diapers and tampons            potato peels
       sponges, rags, or towels                cigarette butts                celery stalks
       grease, fats or oils                    large animal bones             pasta and rice

       Do Not Put Anything In The Garbage Disposal That Is Not Biodegradable Food.
  If the items listed above continue to be put down the drains, the Board of Directors will have
  no option but to increase the HOA dues or issue a special assessment. We question if this is
  fair to everyone, but these costs are real. Please do your part if you own and live in your unit. If
  you are an owner that has a tenant please make sure your tenants understand the
  ramifications. If the HOA dues increase, there will be higher rents for our community. This
  problem is not just a burden the HOA carries; we all carry this burden!

  Whispering Pines West Homeowners Association Board of Directors

                           IMPORTANT WPW INFORMATION

WPW BOARD OF DIRECTORS             CLUBHOUSE Closed Tuesday             Remember that both the
Carolyn McGrane, President         and Thursday.                        WPW Rules and the City
Natasha Kasprzyk, Vice
                                                                        and County of Denver
   President                       DENVER POLICE DISTRICT 3
Olga Feldman, Secretary-           STATION                              require you to pick up any
   Treasurer                       Non Emergency 720-913-2000           solid dog waste!!!
Doug Gayer, Director
Jude Myers, Director               EMERGENCY 911                        BACKGROUND CHECKS
Fayre Ruszczyk Director                                                 REQUIRED BEFORE NEW
Sandi LaRiviere, Director          DENVER POLICE COMMUNITY              TENANTS MOVE IN!
                                   LIAISON                              Per R&R Annex "J", background
ON-SITE PROPERTY MANAGER           Cari Jimenez 720-913-1175            and credit checks for new
Mike Bleakley                                                           tenants must be provided to
Phone 303-773-9383 (24/7)             CITY OF DENVER WEBSITE            WPWHOA. The HOA will help
Fax 303-773-9309                             you obtain these for a small
Email                                                 fee. The Board of Directors
Office Hours Mon – Fri 9am -       DENVER CITY COUNCIL                  voted to enforce the long-
- 5pm                              DISTRICT 4 COUNCILWOMAN              standing rule. Prevent a Rules
                                   Peggy Lehman                         & Regs hearing and a $200 fine
ON-SITE MAINTENANCE                Phone 303-504-5781                   by submitting the reports
Stephen Clark                      Fax 303-504-5786                     before the lease is signed.
Phone 303-773-8116                 Email
                                   504-5781                                   WPW CALENDAR
Open Monday, Wednesday,            RUNS!
                                                                        March 24th --7:00pm
Friday and Saturday from 3 to      Once again we need your
                                                                        At the Clubhouse
9pm.                               grocery bags to help keep our
                                                                        -- Homeowners’ Forum
Open Sunday 3 to 6pm.              community clean. Please bring
                                                                        -- Board of Directors Meeting
                                   them to the office.
Mike’s Missive                            Mike Bleakley, WPW Property Manager

Hello WPW community residents! It certainly feels like Spring has arrived even though its official
entrance is on March 20th. Before you know it the pool will be open and we'll be starting our capital
improvements! Here's the 'buzz' this month:

Exciting News
     This month's flier is the new Residential Fire Safety Equipment Report! Required biannually by
        the City & County of Denver, this form is extremely important for our community to maintain
        our compliance with fire code. For those of you new to the community, if you submit your
        completed form by April 30th, you will not be fined $200. Please help us keep our community
        safe by turning this in ASAP!
     Completed Projects. All the major carport repairs have been completed, with minor follow-up
        items to take place as weather permits. We also finished dumpster enclosure repairs at
        7314/7372 East Princeton and reinstalled the enclosure doors.
     Recycling & Trash switchover. On January 31st we switched from Waste Management to Allied
        Waste Services. Thank you for your feedback about how seamless the process was; many
        didn't even know we've made the change! There is no increase in cost but a big increase in
        service! This is a great time to read the yellow notices on the recycling bins to familiarize
        yourself with what's accepted and what's not. Best of all, no sorting!
     Free inspections for your home! Are you concerned about leaks in your hall closet, underneath
        your kitchen sink, or in other areas of your home? WPW will perform a free inspection to
        determine if there are any signs of a leak. Please contact the office to set up an appointment if
        this is a service in which you're interested. The homeowner still bears responsibility to pay the
        costs of any needed repairs and must hire repair professionals. Let's be proactive and prevent
        expensive repairs!

Important Reminders
    Petty crime We’ve received some reports about vehicle vandalism and items being taken from
      residents’ cars. Please make sure you always lock all car doors, leave nothing valuable in your
      car, and make sure any valuable items (purse, wallet, cell phone) are on your person at all
      times. As always report any suspicious activity to the police immediately.
    Office Appointments. We are pleased to have on-site management so we can meet you in
      person and quickly handle any questions or concerns. We have had an increase in the number
      of resident visits and the length of the visit. To facilitate our goal of providing good customer
      service, we ask that if you need more than 15 minutes to meet with Mike or Gini, please call in
      advance to schedule an appointment. Thank you for your help so that we make sure
      everyone's voices are heard!
    Laundry Room Hours. Due to resident concern, we want to remind everyone that the condo
      laundry facilities are only available for use between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Everyone
      has different work schedules. Please be considerate of your neighbors.
    Changes at the Clubhouse! Due to changes at the clubhouse, we are looking for responsible
      and friendly residents who would like to be a clubhouse monitor! This is a paid position with
      evening and weekend shifts available. Please call or come to the office if you're interested.
      Denver Police District 3. Please see the following information about what numbers to call for
       various illegal activities. If you are in danger, being subjected to loud party (or other) noise, or
       suspect illegal activity, call 911 or 720-913-2000 immediately. You can always report these
       activities to the office and the Rules &Regulations committee, but illegal activities first and
       foremost need to go through the police!

I look forward to seeing all of you at the March 24 meeting. Please remember your Board of Directors
meets the 4th Thursday of the month at the Clubhouse at 7:00 p.m. We are so lucky to have our
amazing staff, but most importantly the best residents! On-Site office hours are Monday - Friday from
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in order to assist you however possible.

Sincerely,                                 Please help keep WPW clean by disposing your cigarette
Mike Bleakley                              butts and chewing gum in the containers at each condo
Property Manager                           building entry door NOT ON the sidewalks and/or stairs.






WPW Co-Mingled Recycling Program, aka Single Stream Recycling

These items are acceptable and can be mixed in the recycling bins:
Newspaper                            Chipboard (cereal, &                   Plastic Bottles (neck is equal
Mixed paper                            tissue boxes, for example)             to or smaller than the base)
Office paper                         Empty aerosol cans                     Butter & yogurt containers
Bulk or junk mail                    Aluminum, steel or tin cans            Plastic milk & juice jugs
Catalogs & magazines                 Aluminum foil & pie tins               Liquid detergent containers
Phone books                          Glass bottles & jars                   Soda, water & juice bottles
Brown paper bags                     Plastic containers #1-7                Cleaning solution bottles
Flattened corrugated boxes           Plastic screw on tops                  Rinsed shampoo bottles
WPW Recycling Program (cont.)

NO USED DIAPERS, TRASH, FOOD                   Discard caps, lids, pumps on bottles
  OR PET WASTE                                 Make sure aerosol cans are totally empty
PLASTIC ITEMS NOT ACCEPTABLE:                  Rinse containers to remove as much food
PLASTIC BAGS                                     residue as possible
Plastic egg cartons                            Discard microwave cooking sleeves, the
Plastic plates                                   cellophane/plastic bags inside boxes, and
Plastic six-pack ring holders                    plastic/shrink wrap from catalogs,
Tyvek overnight mailing envelopes                magazines, and phone books

Denver Doings
Denver Botanic Gardens FREE DAY March 20th 1007 York Street, 720-865-3500;

Doors Open Denver 2011 – A Free Event
Celebrate Denver’s unique architectural landscape. The theme for this year’s Doors Open Denver is
modern architecture featuring sites from the 50’s to present. Attendees will have access to more than
seventy of Denver’s prominent architectural gems and lesser-known treasures. About half of the sites
to be featured in 2011 are new to Doors Open Denver. Hours will be 10am to 4pm on Saturday, April
16th and Sunday, April 17th. Event headquarters will be located inside Union Station (1701 Wynkoop).
For more information on tours and sites, please visit

Metro Denver, We Want Your Opinions
The Denver Foundation* is conducting a Listening Campaign to learn how to better serve the Metro
Denver Community. We want your candid opinions about the challenges and opportunities facing
Metro Denver and how you think the Foundation can help improve opportunities for Metro residents
to have a high quality of life.

We invite you to share your insight and opinions by completing a very quick survey at The more input we obtain the better we can address the needs
of the broadest segment of community, so please encourage others to also take the survey as well.
We welcome you to share your input at a Community Input Session
    March 22, 2011 from 5:30-7:00 p.m.                Parking available at the Ronald McDonald House
    Oleta Crain Center, 2102 Marion Street, Denver 1300 E. 21st Ave. (across from the Center)

Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness;
it is generally the by-product of other activities. Aldous
                               As of 10-2010

   Smoke detectors are required in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area, and on every
   Smoke alarms have a life of approximately 10 years and must then be replaced. Put a
     sticker on the back of your new alarm with the installation date so you’ll know when to buy a
     new one.
   Develop and practice an escape plan so that if the alarm sounds your family can get out

    Every home must have one or more portable 2A:10BC fire extinguishers.
    Every multi-family residential facility must have one or more portable fire extinguishers,
       regardless of any other type of fire protection provided. At WPW these are located in the
       condo hallways and laundry rooms.
    In both situations, the portable fire extinguishers must be located within 75 feet line of travel
       of all areas of the living unit. OR one 2A:10BC portable fire extinguisher must be located
       within each living unit.
    Denver Fire Code requires that you have your portable fire extinguishers inspected and
       maintained annually. This is a thorough examination of the extinguisher’s mechanical parts,
       fire extinguishing agent and expellant gas. A fire extinguisher professional licensed by the
       Denver Fire Department is the ideal person to perform this annual maintenance because this
       person has the appropriate servicing manuals, tools, recharge materials, parts, and lubricants
       as well as the necessary training and experience.

Recommended Maintenance:
Give your portable fire extinguisher(s) a quick check every 30 days. This is a task you can easily do by
answering three questions:
   1. Is the extinguisher in the right location?
   2. Is the extinguisher visible and accessible?
   3. Does the gauge or pressure indicator show the correct pressure?

    Every residence with fuel-burning appliances (e.g., gas clothes dryers, gas furnaces and gas
       water heaters) must be equipped with at least one U.L.-listed carbon monoxide alarm.
    One carbon monoxide alarm on each level of a multi-level dwelling unit.
    One carbon monoxide alarm within 15 feet of each bedroom entry door.
    CO alarms inspected and tested every six months and that the batteries be changed at that
    CO alarms have a life of approximately 5 years and must then be replaced.
                                                                                                Department of Safety
                                                                                                    Fire Department
                                                                           Fire Prevention and Investigation Division

                            Residential Fire Safety Equipment Report
Homeowner: As a homeowner in a multi-unit residential facility, you are required to complete this report
and submit it to the homeowners’ association (HOA) semi-annually. We recommend that detectors be tested
in the spring and fall—at the same time you change the clocks for daylight savings time. Portable fire
extinguishers must be inspected once a year and hydrostatically tested every five years.

HOA Administrator: As the homeowners’ association administrator, you are required to obtain Residential
Fire Safety Equipment Reports for each unit. The reports must be kept on file and ready for inspection by
Denver Fire Department personnel for three years.

   CONDOMINIUM / TOWNHOUSE                                  UNIT
   ADDRESS(ES):____________________________________________ NO (S):_______________________
   OWNERS S): __________________________________________________________________________
   ADDRESS:    __________________________________________________________________________

   SMOKE ALARM (must be tested and batteries changed every 6 months)
   Number of Smoke alarms in residence________________ Year(s) of Manufacture__________________
   Date test was completed__________________________ Batteries changed? Yes_____        No_____

   PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHER (must be inspected once a year)
   Number of portable fire extinguishers in Residence_______ Year(s) of Manufacture________________
   Date of last inspection_______________________________

   CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM (must be tested and batteries changed every 6 months)—Townhomes Only
   Number of carbon monoxide alarms in residence________ Year(s) of Manufacture__________________
   Date test was completed__________________________ Batteries changed? Yes_____         No_____

                                                                 /   /
   OWNER‘S SIGNATURE                                             DATE

       Please complete and sign this form by the last day of April and October. Return to:
                Whispering Pines West HOA                       Result of Non-Compliance:
                7693 E. Quincy Avenue                           $200 Fine, $10/Day
                Denver, Colorado 80237                          18% Interest
                Fax 303-773-9309                                Attorney Fees

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