Heritage Assets & Low Carbon Renovation � Experiences from a by TO2Z2JmP


									  Heritage Assets & Low Carbon
Renovation – Experiences from a
joint project of Kirklees Council &
        Leeds City Council

  RTPI Conference: Emerging contexts
  for Heritage and Conservation 2011.

          Matt Bentley
   Senior Conservation Officer
  Sustainable Development Unit
        Leeds City Council.


        Joanne Needham
   Conservation & Design Officer
Investment & Regeneration Service
         Kirklees Council.
  Brief Introduction to our project
• Regional project lead by Leeds City Council and Kirklees Council
• Part of a wider project on up-skilling local governments in climate
• Specifically leading on the role Heritage Assets can play in the battle
  against climate change

        Overview of project origins
•   What is RIEP?
•   Where is the funding from?
•   What RIEP streams were identified for up-skilling professionals?
•   Why was heritage identified as a key theme?

National policy

                    Key objectives
Behaviours & performance
• Behaviour and performance of historic buildings
• Behaviour of users

Historic environment
• Designated assets (Significance)
• Undesignated assets (Local distinctiveness & sense of place)

Promote & advocate
• A holistic approach (Understanding the behaviour and performance
   of the building and its users should inform any
   upgrading/improvements NOT a piecemeal approach)
                   Target audience
• Building owners & users
• Politicians
• Built environment professionals (Planners, Architects, Surveyors,
  Engineers etc)
• Building industry
• Suppliers of suitable products and services (both ‘heritage’ and
• Educational institutions (academic & vocational)
• Students
• Amenity and civic societies and other interested groups/bodies

                  Project outputs
• Guidance & training module (web-based resource) to be delivered
  via RIEP
• Good practice case studies (designated assets)
• Preparation of brief for ‘exemplar’ building case studies
  (behavioural & performance monitoring before and after works)
• Toolkit
• Guidance of ways to improve typical undesignated assets
• Professional educational event via HELM (June 2011)
• Public awareness event (June 2011)

                  Progress to date
• Best practice? - struggling with case studies
• June events - coming together, working with HELM, lots of interest
• Exemplar work - due to go out to tender for exemplar & working on
• Guidance and training – questionnaire released, but responses
• Building up a good network of contacts and interest of various
  groups and individuals

                   Our experience
• The project has, and continues to, receive a lot of interest by all
  those contacted thus far by ourselves and others are also
  registering their interest who have heard about the project through
  other channels
• Caution - many projects that have been self-promoted as
  ‘exemplars’ in terms of building conservation have been
• There is a need for a more co-ordinated approach regionally and
• Lots of work being undertaken, but not much of it known about
  outside of specialist circles

                    Our experience
•   There are only 8 months from November 2010 – June 2011!

                    Desired results
• Hope to help to raise awareness of the subject and continue the
  dialogue with the interested parties

• Hope to create new links between interested parties and
  strengthen existing links and relationships

• Hope to see a reduction in our carbon footprint by providing useful
  outcomes that will assist people in making informed decisions

• Hope that this project will just be the beginning and lead to further
  work and projects

                      Get involved

• We welcome your comments both positive and negative
• We welcome ideas and offers of involvement
• Can you suggest any good practice case studies?
• What are your thoughts on the planned ‘toolkit’ designed to assist
  owners and agents?
• Who & what would you like to see at the education day (HELM)?
• What would you want to see in the training module (RIEP)?

• Education day – June, details to be announced.

• Public awareness event – June, details to be announced.

                  Thank you

Contact details

Matt Bentley
0113 2478145

Joanne Needham
01484 225800


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