Tourism Industry Carbon Offset Scheme by TO2Z2JmP


									Tourism Industry Carbon
     Offset Service
               What is TICOS?
The Tourism Industry Carbon Offset Service

► TICOS   is being developed as an industry-wide
   programme to stimulate collective action by
  all operators and travel agents selling holidays
        including air or other forms of travel
                     Why Now?
► Rapid increase in Global Warming are causing
  devastating changes to destinations around the World
► October 2006 Stern Review highlighted consequences
  of Global Warming if no changes are made
► Extensive media coverage on carbon offsetting
► Huge consumer interest, not always well-informed
► In March 2007 UK government will release a white
  paper which some believe will bring aviation
  into the compulsory Kyoto mechanism
            Aims & Objectives
► To lead Travel Industry into being proactive
  in the Climate Change debate
► To create an industry wide scheme
► To support CO2 reduction projects across the globe
► To offset CO2 at a low operational cost
► To encourage involvement by all participants
► To create energy-efficient working environments
► To promote consumer awareness
                  Why TICOS?
► There is no specific travel and tourism carbon
  offset scheme
► TICOS operates using a unique Standard -
► Functions are separated to ensure integrity
► Project variety – not just tree-planting
► Destination-related projects
► Transparent service
► Low operating costs (20%)
► 9 AITO Members already indicated intention to use
  all or part of the Service
►   All TICOS projects will achieve CO2 reduction but will also be
    designed to provide wider range of pro- poor, social,
    environmental, economic and educational benefits
►   Projects supported will have a direct link with tourism
►   UNESCO & IUCN World Commission for Protected Areas have
    formally agreed to work with TICOS on offset projects
►   TICOS team are currently evaluating 40 different projects in over
    30 countries
►   Companies using TICOS can submit own project proposals
►   9 project proposals currently available for viewing at
                    Project Example
►   Sustainable Energy Society of
    Southern Africa
►   Replacing electrically heated geysers
    with solar heaters to produce hot
    water for visitors to protected areas
►   In 7 years system will pay for itself and
    prevent emission of 16,473 kg of C02
►   Education programme for park visitors
          How Will it Work?
► Small  consumer donations
► Donations are entirely voluntary
► Consumer ‘opt-out’ system
► Consumers will have the opportunity to
  fully offset their carbon costs
                   TICOS Support
►   TICOS team to work closely with companies joining scheme by:
- identifying methodology to raise funds (usually through
  customer opt-out fee)
- finding appropriate project(s) to receive funds raised
- providing offset advice and information for company and its

►   Members will also have the opportunity of:
- Hot link from TICOS site
- Free Energy Audit
- Annual certificate of achievement showing its offset
  and reduction totals
               What Next?

► Fullinformation about the Service, including
  a Q&A page, is available on the website
► Contact Dick Sisman
  to discuss your specific needs

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