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									                           Conference Steering Group Meeting
                           Friday 11th December 2009 @ 13:30
                             Leicester Energy Agency, LCC

Paul Maplethorpe        (PM)    Conference Steering Group Chair
Brian Sexton            (BS)    Conference Steering Group Chair
Alison Hartley          (AH)    Vice Chair – North West
Erica Pretty            (EP)    Vice Chair – South West
Helen Atkins            (HA)    CAN Secretariat
Rob Leeson              (RL)    CAN Secretariat
Alison McCafferty       (AMc)   Vice Chair – East Midlands
Darsh Chauhan           (DC)    CAN Secretariat
Sue Rees                (SR)    GOSW

1.       Welcome and Apologies
PM welcomed the group and conveyed apologies for SR.
2.       Matters arising and previous minutes
 The previous minutes were signed off as a true record and there was only one minor amendment,
DC was missed off the attendance list on the previous minutes.
3.       Conference theme
RL showed 3 different graphic design ideas for the conference literature. The group liked the ideas
and after some discussion agreed to go with DC suggestion to use the penguin design but integrate
the different stages of evolution with the background changing from ice caps to jungle scenes.
4.       Finance/Sponsorship
DC provided an update on sponsorship for the event. Although there was initial interest, no one has
committed and it’s apparent that the economy is affecting companies’ decisions not to sponsorship.
DS also raised concern about public sector cuts and that councils are reducing budgets for travel and
training, which was evident at the 2009 event when, for the first year, not all the two nights
accommodation packages sold. Although the conferences are self-funding, HA was concerned that
there weren’t sufficient funds in place nationally to cover any upfront costs or potential losses.

After much deliberating the group agreed that the most appropriate decision was to cancel the 2010
event, postponing it in until 2011 when it would be held at the Palace Hotel, Torquay.

HA looked at the contract and cancellation periods, whilst BS tried to contact the chair, Andy
Stephenson. The period where cancellation was free (six-month prior to the event) ended on 10.12.09
- the day before the meeting. Andy Stephenson was not available at the time, so the decision to
cancel was made by the steering group and BS advised the hotel and enquired about cancellation
charges. Katy at the Palace thanked the group and said she would need to discuss it with her
manager and call on Monday to advise of costs.

Post meeting note: The hotel agreed to waver the 10% charge (of the total amount, approx £5k) as
the date has been postponed rather than cancelled.

PM will draft a press release for dissemination to members and for inclusion in the next magazine. HA
will also send it out to previous sponsors, exhibitors and speakers. It was however, agreed that prior
to this being published the people who had invited speakers (or site visits) should advise them of the
changes imminently. HA to inform the AV company, Carolyn O’Sullivan and Conference Care.
As budgets for 2011 are being set now, it was felt this was best time to approach organisation and a
new sponsorship presentation pack will be developed that is easier to understand and will be used to
encourage companies to sponsor. It will include presentation, video clips, packages etc. HA will
produce a tow tier sponsorship package with one main and up to eight associate sponsors. It was
agreed that members of the group would personally approach and visit companies in their region to
promote and negotiate deals.

Post meeting note: Three tier sponsorship packages are now being used with one main sponsor, up
to four associate sponsors and a badge and lanyard sponsor. This is to limit the number of sponsors
as not to affect the exhibition area and also because of the practicalities of multiple logos.

DC will devise a list of previous sponsors, exhibitors and partners to approach with the new
presentation pack and request a meeting.
Provisional dates for the 2011 event are 9,10,11 May, however these may change to aid the change
in programme structure originally planned for 2010.

Post meeting note: A final copy of the email, as agreed by the group and national chair:

Re: Carbon Action Network Conference 2010 - Cancelled
The CAN Conference Steering Group met on December 11 2009 to discuss planning of the 2010
conference; however it was reported that sufficient sponsorship couldn't be secured. Approaches
were made to all utilities and major insulating contractors without success.

Given the current climate many organisations are rationalising their sponsorship of events. The group
was also mindful of the restraints being put upon council officers and we know that many of you will
be experiencing restrictions on your travel and attendance at training events.

The joint chairs of the Conference Steering Group, Brian Sexton and Paul Maplethorpe, in full
agreement with the rest of the steering group therefore made the reluctant decision to cancel the
2010 conference. A great deal of effort has been done by the secretariat and the conference steering
group and therefore our decision as not been taken lightly. We can well understand the
disappointment this will have for many of you.

Due to the constraints with sponsorship and the hotel's requirements for notification for cancellation
this decision has to be taken now or we would have incurred a cost, which we were keen to
avoid. We did however assure the hotel that we would like to reserve the venue for a
2011 conference and we are - as I know you all will be - hopeful that financial conditions will have
improved by then.

The steering group will meet again in the summer to begin planning for 2011 and in the meantime will
continue to secure funding to that end. A further update will be posted on the network at that time.

To recognise the continued work of local authority officers we will proceed with the annual awards.
Further news on this will be circulated soon.
Should you have any questions regarding this matter or would like to enquire about conference
sponsorship for 2011, please feel free to contact: Helen Atkins at the CAN Secretariat (tel: 0116
2995133 or email:
5 - 9. Programme, Seminars, Site Visits, Delegates and Exhibition
To reflect the decision to cancel the 2010 event further discussion about the programme, seminars,
site visits, delegates and exhibition did not take place (agenda items 5–8).

These agenda items will be discussed at the first 2011 conference meeting in August 2010.
10.     Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony
It was suggested that in keeping with the changes to HECA and the company name the Diana
Maddock Life Time Achievement award be changed to The John Chesshire Life Time Achievement
Award in memory of John and his contribution to the CAN and the conference. HA will seek approval
from his family prior to any publication. It was decided that even though the conference was
postponed for a year the awards would still go ahead to maintain morale. The secretariat will look at
options and funding for awards and possible event.

Alan Jones, Leeds City Council was put forward for the 2009 lifetime achievement award, but as John
Davies was retiring he was awarded in 2009 for his excellent services to the industry. Alan has
however since announced his retirement which will have started before the 2011 conference. Alan will
still receive the award in 2011 for his contribution to HECA, the national and regional fora Network
and Leeds City Council. HA to maintain contact with Alan.
11.       Any other business
No other business was raised at the meeting.
Date of next meetings: August 2010


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