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					                                                                                                         -~.       ,"~,

                                                                                                            Wanted        poster:   Spurring   the hunt

                                                                                                            In Washington,     policemen from i
                                                                                                         states massed on the steps of the Capitl
                                                                                                         to demand a crackdown on the recel
                                                                                                         rash of sniping attacks on cops. "Wear
                                                                                                         in a revolution," said their leader. Law
                                                                                                         men and legislators warned that politi
Irc~                                                                                                     cians or government officials might bl
                                                                                                         attacked or kidnaped        by homegro\V1
                                                                                                         revolutionaries   adapting the tactics 01
                                                                                                         Latin American guerrillas. Across the
                                                                                                         border in Canada, that nightmare had
                                                                                                         ah.eady come true: the government in.
                                                                                                         voked emergency war power to combat
                                                                                                         Quebec separatists who had kidnaped
                                                                                                                 hostage-and     and were holclingj
                                                                                                         them public figures had then chosen to'

                                                                                                         kill   (page 35).
                                                                                                                          DESPERATE TURN
                                                                                                             Had Angela Davis, daughter of l..~
                                                                                                         black bourgeoisie, product of Brancleis
                                                                                                         and the Sorbonne, onetime philosophy
                                                                                                         instructor at UCLA, taken the same des-
                                                                                                         perate turn to terrorism? Friends couldn't
                                                                                                         believe she had anything to do with
                                                                                                         the bloody kidnaping-turned-shoot-out   at]
                   End of the hunt: G-men bringing in suspect Davis after her arrest                      the Marin County Hall of Justice in San'
                                                                                                         Rafael, Calif.-not    even the secondhand
                                                                                                         role that the charges against
                                                                                                             The state's case-so far
                                                                                                         disclosed-is    that Miss Davis
                                                                                                         two handguns, a rifle and a
                                                                                                         that were smuggled into the
            S he was, by the FBI's reckoning, the         and the national composure is clearly          room by. 17 :year-old Jonathan
                most-wanted    woman in America-a         showing the strain. The rising tide of
            young revolutionary of rare intellect and     bombing.-; and attacks on the police has       the trial at gunpoint,
            beauty accused of an accomplice's role        become the most emotional issue of the         convicts and took five
            in one of the year's most shocking inci-      fall campaign-one that conservative can-       ing the judge. As they
            dents of left-wing terrorism. There was       didates especially are exploiting to good      ill a van, shootillg broke out
            more to Angela Davis than that. At 26,        effect.                                        the van and from prison
            she was a breath of new life in the dod-          Last week's events pro\ided      further   and .Jackson, the judge        two of
            dering American Communist Party, an           evidence that the forces of law and order      convicts were all killed.
            eloquent champion of the Black Panthers,      were a long way from stifling the ter-             Their plan had been to trade the
                                                                                                         nap victims for the                 c
            an academic cause celebre in California       rorist onslaught. Dynamite blasts rocked
            and an icon to New Left activists from        the Federal Building and seven other           three black convicts ( one of them
            coast to coast. Last week, in an episode      sites in placid Rochester, N.Y. (page 24),     son's brother) under illdictment
            that mingled irony with intrigue, G-men       The librarv of Harvard's Center for In-        illg a prison guard. And a week
            arrested her without      a fight in that     temationaJ Affairs, long a target of radical   California officials thickened
            quintessentially   Middle   American   ref-   ire, was wrecked by a nighttime explo-         further by issuillg a warrant for
            uge-a Howard Johnson's motel.                 sion; an outfit calling itself "the Proud      rest of Miss Davis on charges of
               The capture in New York of the most        Eagle Tribe, a group of revolutionary          and kidnapillg.     No c
            glamorous and provocative fugitive on         women," claimed credit for the sabotage        she had been at the scene
            the Feds' list came at a fortuitous time       (the police were skeptical about that}        out. But four of the weapons used
            for the beleaguered       authorities. The    and dedicated the exploit to Miss Davis        Jackson were allegedly purchased
            country is in the grip of the worst spasm     "because her actions and example have          her-and    under California    law an
            of left-wing violence since anarchist days,    inspired us,"                                 complice to a crime may be held

of the same offense as its perpetrator.
   Miss Davis promptly disappeared. She
reportedly bought a plane ticket from
San Francisco to Los Angeles a few hours
after the shoot-out, but for weeks later,
there was no trace. The FBI mounted
an elaborate search, interviewing what
seems to have been hundreds of people
who knew her. In view of the bureau's
distinctly spotty record of tracking down
other radical fugitives (page 22) , most
of her friends were confident that she
had successfully escaped overseas to
friendlier shores-Cuba, perhaps, or even
   In fact, lawmen said, she had made
her way to Chicago and a shadowy fig-
Ul.enamed David R. Poindexter Jr. Poin-
dexter's late father, who was black, had
been a Communist during the '30s; his
mother is a wealthy white woman who
is divorced and now lives in Hollywood,
Fla. The mother reportedly had settled a
considerable {ortune on him, and to the
extent he was known in Chicago at all,                                                                                                  UPI

he was seen as a handsome, dapper play-                  Protesting cops massing on the Cap,itol steps: 'We are in a revolution'
boy, dabbling in business deals here and
there and cruising around in a flashy               tect this star witness, Gov. Claude Kirk      and had also trimmed her eyebrows into
Cadillac. Poindexter had been divorced              had ordered 24-hour police protection         a new arching curve. There was no con-
once, and his second wife recently com-             for Celona, and so the Golf Lake Apart-       cealing her striking beauty-the     couple
mitted suicide, leaving a note reading:             ments, during the time Angela Davis           in the room across the hall called the Gil-
"David, I'm tired of you, your Momma                stayed there, was under constant police       belts "simply    stunning"-but    she had
and your whores."                                   surveillance. Poindexter further tempted      managed deftly to change her type.
   From Chicago, Poindexter apparently              discovery by buying a new car, a white           Nevertheless,   five days after they
drove Miss Davis to Miami, where he                 Toyota, which he registered under his         checked in, the FBI closed in. Miss
registered ( under his real name) at the            correct name and the Miami address.           Davis and Poindexter were out when the
Golf Lake Apartments. This was an ironic               What seems to have flushed the cou-        agents arrived and staked out their $30-
choice of lodgings. The security chief at           ple, however, was neither the police          a-day, twin double-bedded room on the
Golf Lake is a former Miami deputy sher-            detail nor the car registration but a story   seventh Hoof. About 6 o'clock, the cou-
iff named Charles Celona whose grand                splashed through the Miami press late in      ple returned; they surrendered without
jury testimony on police corruption re-             September. A local charter-boat captain       any fuss. "It was done very discreetly,
cently resulted in 22 indictments. To pro-          reported that he had been approached          very quietly,"   said Slevin. "There was
                                                    by a black woman with an Afro hair-do         no fanfare."
                                                    and two black men who ordered him at
                                                                                                            EXTRADITION FIGHT
                                                    gunpoint to take them to Bimini. He had
                                                    persuaded them, he said, that he didn't           Everything   was so discreet, in fact,
                                                    have enough gas, and they fled in a           that some of Miss Davis's West Coast
                                                    Cadillac. The story was later discounted,     friends wondered      whether   she might
                                                    but it produced pictures of Miss Davis        have wanted to be caught. "I just don't
                                                    in local papers and more than 500 tips        think she wanted to run any more," sug-
                                                    to the FBI. Miss Davis and Poindexter-        gested one. Another thought "maybe she
                                                    who had reportedly been planning to           figured she would have a more effective
                                                    take a clandestine flight to Cuba-de-         voice from prison as a martyr." But the
                                                    camped hastily for New York, so hastily       FBI insisted heatedly there was nothing
                                                    that when the FBI finally searched their      prearranged about the capture-and      Miss
                                                    room at Golf Lake, they found unmailed        Davi.5 seemed to bear this out. She
                                                    letters in her handwriting and the un-        promptly engaged .John .1. Abt, a veteran
                                                    collected registration of the Toyota in       Old Left attorney (sample clients: Paul
                                                    the mailbox downstairs.                       Robeson, Elizabeth Gulley Flynn and
                                                       The fugitives turned up next in New        the CP itself) , and he announced she
                                                    York. They checked into a Midtown             would fight extradition back to Califor-
                                                    Holiday Inn and then, for some reason,        nia. She will be held without bail, as
                                                    decided to move. William Slevin, man-         is customary in capital cases, until her
                                                     ager of the Howard Johnson's Motor           extradition hearing ( conveniently timed
                                                     Lodge, had an FBI "Ten Most Wanted"          for Nov. 9, which means that Gov. Nel-
                                                    handbill pinned to his desk when "Mr .         son Rockefeller will not have to issue any
                                                     and Mrs. George Gilbert" registered on       order until after Election Day) .Poin-
                                                     Oct. 8. But he spotted no resemblance         dexter, who was charged with harboring
                                                    between the flamboyantly Afro-coifed           a fugitive, was released in $100,000 bail.
                                                     young woman pictured on the flyer and         The bond was put up by his mother,
                                                     the elegant Mrs. Gilbert before him.          who rushed up from Florida for the pur-
                         JosephRuncl-Boston GlObe    Angela no longer wore her hair in an          pose. "My beautiful black prince," she
    Harvard     blast:    Tribal   tribute           Afro-she was sporting a short-haired wig     had declared earlier when she heard

October   26,   1970                                                                                                                      19

~                                                               Revolutionary album: Angela as a IO-year-old Girl Scout in Birmingham,
"-                                                              and (seated, top right) at a 1964 family reunion after study abroad. ..

               o f h er son's arrest, "can d o no wrong. "   she was 3, her mother took her to a             Robbe-Grillet)     under the direction or
                   Miss Davis's adherents were just as       poetry reading by Langston Hughes and           Prof. Murray Sachs, who became the
               strenuous in her cause. They marched          led her up to meet the poet afterward.          first of a string of academics to pro-
               up and down before the Women's House          Angela was swift to demonstrate her             nounce her "one of the two or three best
               of Detention where she was being held,        cultural precocity. "I like your poems,         students I've ever had" or some variation
               and it seemed apparent that the chant         Mr. Hughes," she allowed. "I know one           on that superlative theme. Her junior
               .'Free Angela!" would well up from radi-      too-'Mary had a little Iamb. ..' " Despite
                                                                                                             year she spent in Paris. A classmate,
               cal rallies for some time to come. After      such sallies, most of her teachers, both        Vivian Auslander, recalls her as both
               her arraignment, a spectator inside the       then and later, sensed she was a shy,          scholarly ("she had index cards of almost
               courthouse shouted "We love you from          standoffish sort. " At school," her mother
                                                                                                            everything     we read")      and shy ("you
               the West Coast to the East Coast-and          recalls, "she'd never volunteer. But if        could hardly hear her when the teacher
               you will be free." Miss Davis, whose          she was called on, she'd know the an-          called on her, but she always had the
               hands were handcuffed before her,             swer. I'd tell her, 'Angela, you've got to     right answer") .
               raised them about waist high and, smil-       speak up. If you know something, you've             So far, there had been few hints of
               ing slightly, gave a clenched-6st salute.      got to expressyourseIf ' ."                   anything but a profound and original in-
                              CROSSROADS                        There was one thing that every black        tellectual fascination with the themes of
                                                             child growing up in Birmingham in the          Continental literature. But when Angela
                   To people who had known Angela            mid-1950s couldn't help knowing, and           returned to Brandeis, she met Herbert
                Davis in earlier and happier times, a        that was the racial furies abroad within       Marcuse. He was in his final year of
                squalid New York jail cell seemed a gro-     the town. The Davis family lived, along        teaching at Brandeis, an eclectic Marx-
               tesque way station in an extraordinary        with many other middle-class Negroes,          ist philosopher who laid much weight on
               career. For she had made her spiritual        on what came to be called "Dvnamite            subtle forms of repression within capital-
               home at the crossroads of two cultures,       Hill" after white night riders begin bomb     ist democracies and the psychic need for
               and somehow she managed to inhabit            attacks on the homes of the civil-rights      individual     acts of refusal-to     break s(J-
               them both, declining the rewards that         leaders clustered there. She knew some        ciety's     molds.   Angela     found    herself
               either would have bestowed on her if          of the four black girls killed in the blast   strongly attracted to his views: she took
               she had been willing to live within its       that devastated a church and Sunday           up the study of philosophy and, at the
               rules alone. She could have opted for         school in September 1963. "My political       end of the year, instead of gOillg to
               the life of scholarship-a precocious          involvement," she declared in an inter-       teach at a Southern university as her
               childhood, attendance at the best of          view last year, "stems from my existence      literature    teachers urged, she em.olled
               schools, junior year at the Sorbonne and      in the South."                                for graduate work in philosophy at the
               graduate study in Germany, European              When Angela was 15, a representa-          Marxist-oriented      Institute of Social Re-
               literature, Kantian philosophy, professor-    tive of New York's Elisabeth Irwin High       search at Johann Wolfgang Goethe Uni-
               ships, tenure and learned publications.       School, a socially progressive private        versity in Frankfurt.
               Or she could have chosen the world of         school, came to Birmingham looking for
               the streets-of swelling black conscious-      talented black children to recruit. Her                      GOING HOME
               ness in the nation's ghettos, mass rallies,   own high school recommended her, and             In Frankfurt, recalls sociology profes-
               Afro hair-do's, angry slogans, guns and       she didn't hesitate an instant before ac-     sor Oskar Negt, "she learned German
               violent death. But she chose both worlds      cepting. Things were not easy for her at      a remarkably short period and grasped
               at once-and the tension lent special          Elisabeth Irwin-she had never, for ex-        Kant and Hegel in equally amazing fash-l
               power and poignance to her story.             ample, studied any French. In response        ion." He particularly remembers
                   As the daughter of a schoolteacher        to the challenge, she majored in              rate seminar paper of hers on "The
               (her mother has an M.A. from New York                                                       ception of Interest in     -
                                                             French, graduated with distinction and
               University) and a reasonably prosperous       went on to win a scholarship at Brandeis      the Powers of Pure Reason."
               service-station owner, Angela had op-         University.                                   doubt, refined her sophisticated
               portunities afforded few other black chil-       At Brandeis she pursued the literary       tual brand of Marxism-even as she
               dren in Birmingham, Ala. At the age of        studies that had become her chief inter-      sponded to the gathering racial
               2 she began piano lessons, and her par-       est: French literature continued to be        tion back in the U .S. According to
               ents rewarded her with a Wurlitzer con-       her major Geld. She wrote her honors          Wittenberg, a German student to
               sole piano on her sixth birthday. When        essay (a study of French author Alain         she was very close in those days, she
                                                                          NATIONAL         AFFAIRS

                        a Brandeis   student     in 1965, with    Marcuse    in Cali.
                              fomia,    and picketing      with    Jonathan     Jackson    in June


a number of visitors from the States who thing of an expatriate, plucked out of                  society?' Because of the long commit-
                                                                                                 ment and obvious sincerity of the CP she
kept her posted on racial developments the black community by a white elite                      joined it, even though it was considered
on the home front. "The amazing thing         that had spotted her talents and reward-
about Angela," he says, "was that she ed them with the best training it had to                   too old hat, 40 years old, dull. She chose
                                                                                                 CP Marxism because it is scientific, itde-
didn't treat this racial thing as a personal offer. Like a number of black intellectu-           velops class consciousness and it is a
issue. She had an ability to keep her als before her, e.g., Richard Wright and
own feelings out of her assessment the James Baldwin, she had been drawn to
                                       of                                                        long-range project."
American racial situation. This allowed Europe for the cultural stimulus avail-                      Miss Davis's Marxist commitment grad-
her to arrive at rational rather than emo- able there, and perhaps it is fair to say             ually led her away from Ron Karenga's
                                                                                                  US, an organization devoted to black na-
tional conclusions." One of her conclu- that back in 1967 when she returned
                                                                                                  tionalism and cultural consciousness,and
 sions was that it was high time for her to from Germany, she seemed less Ameri-
                                                                                                  toward the Black Panthers, who were
be getting home. Theoretical specula- can than a product of European intel-                       evolving a Marxist ideology of their own.
 tions alone had apparently begun to lose lectual culture.
 their appeal for her; in 1967 she left, as       Certainly her attractioL to the Com-            She never, as far as is known, formally
                                               munist Party stemmed from a severe ra-             became a member of the Black Panther
 one of her teachers explained, "because                                                          Party, but by 1968 she was moving wide-
 she could no longer tolerate the deterio- tionalism rather than ghetto soul. As one              ly in its circles. She had also emerged as
 ration of the situation in the U .S. without  fellow student from her San Diego days
                                               recalled last week, "She used to say,              a leading figure among blacks on campus.
 becoming actively involved."                                                                     helping to set up a Black Students Coun-
    But her career still followed orthodox 'What group in the country has been con-               cil and drafting guidelines for the "Third
 academic contours. She made her way to sistent in a Marxist analysis of American
                                                                                                  College," an experimental school-within-
 the University of California at San Diego,                                                       a-school, run by and for minorities. But
 where Marcuse had moved, and began                                                               her role, some of her friends sensed, was
  studying for her master's and doctorate                                                         hampered a bit by her tendency to talk
  under his tutelage. Her choice of a Ph.D.
  thesis topic-Kant's analysis of violence in                                                     in conceptual terms: Angela's eHective-
                                                                                                  ness was directly proportional to the abil-
  the French Revolution-seemed to signal,                                                         ity of other students to determine what in
  however, a gradual shift in the focus of
                                                                                                   the world she was talking about. And
  her scholarly interests, and she also be-
                                                                                                   there was that old aloofness. "She was
  gan to dip into the organizing of the
  black community then afoot in San Diego.                                                         never really hung up on that leadership
                                                                                                   thing," says Tyra Garlington, a San Diego
           DETACHEDOBSERVER                                                                        girl friend. "It was always something
     «She was at all the meetings, constant-                                                       personal with her-if others wanted to
 ly around and nibbling at the edges," re-                                                         follow, that was their worry, not hers."
 calls Tom Johnson, a journalist who was                                                                         CAUSE CELEBRE
 head of the San Diego NAACP at that
                                                                                                        Then, in the middle of 1969, Miss Da-
 time. "I remember she wasn't really that
 involved-she was always concerned but                                                               vis had leadership thrust upon her. Not
 aloof. She seemed to be a detached ob-                                                              by choice but by circumstance, she be-
                                                                                                     came a cause. The UCLA philosophy
 server at that time, always asking ques-                                                            department was looking for an instructor,
 tions without saying very much herself. It
 seemed as if she were merely intellectu-                                                            and she seemed to fit the bill perfectly.
  ally curious. ..In    fact, she seemed so                                                          Not only was she black-all major uni-
  determined to get a feel of what was                                                               versities were hungering for talented
                                                                                                     Negro teachers by then-but she WaS
 happening on the street level in the com-
 munity that I first thought she was an                                                              strongly schooled in the Continental Eu-
                                                                                                     ropean philosophical tradition of Kant,
  FBI plant."                                                                                        Hegel, Nietzsche and the existentialist-s.
     Miss Davis was feeling her way into a
  world that was largely new to her. For,                                                  UPl       "The rest of us," notes a UCLA philoso-
                                                      Poindexter:    Last companion                  phy professor, "are under the inHuence
  up to that point, she had been some-
 October 26, 1970
of British empiricists and analyticallogi-
cal positivists. Her real value was that
she filled a tremendous gap in the offer-
ings of the deparbnent."                             Face it, we're in what amounts to a         mailed to news media around the nation.
   Hardly had she been hired as an act-           guerrilla war with the kids. And so far,           At the weekend, the Ten Most Want-
ing assistant professor than an FBI in-           the kids are winning.                          ed list had expanded to carry the Ilames
former announced there was a Commu-                                                              of a record 16 fugitives, nine of them
nist on the UCLA faculty, and Angela              I t was hardly the Administration's official   considered radicals. Included were Kath-
was publicly identified soon thereafter.              line. Nevertheless, that stark admission   erine Power and Susan Saxe, 21-year-old
Against the strong recommendation of              from a veteran Justice Department staffer      former Brandeis University    coeds who
the faculty and the chancellor, the Uni-          last week dramatically      underscored the    are charged with a bank robbery in Phil-
versity of California's conservative-mind-        increasing problems faced by the govern-       adelphia and another in Boston durillg
ed board of regents promptly fired her.           ment-and especially the Federal Bureau         which a policeman was murdered. Also
A storm of protest broke over the UCLA            of Investigation-in     the escalating war     listed: Student Nonviolent Coordinating
campus, the ouster was challenged ( and           with violent revolutionaries.                  Committee leader H. Rap Brown, who
eventually quashed) in the courts, and               The successful manhunt that led to          dropped from sight last March; Cameron
a crowd of 2,000 students and faculty             Angela Davis's arrest last week was a          David Bishop, charged with sabalaging
turned out for her first lecture in Phi-          rare coup nowadays-and          even if she    power lines to a defense plant in Colo-
losophy 199, "Recurring Philosophical             should prove guilty as charged, she is         rado last year and four young men in-
Themes in Black Literature."                      evidently not the kind of extremist whose      dicted after a bomb blast in Madison at
    They had, perhaps, expected a dia-            tactics and life-style now confront the        the University of Wisconsin in August.
tribe on academic freedom. Wllat they             FBI with its toughest challenge. The               More than a dozen other radicals, also
got was a scholarly discourse on the              bureau's responsibility is, of course, lim-     under Federal indictment,     are beiI1g
thought of onetime slave Frederick
Douglass. The process of liberation was
the theme of the course, and Assistant
Professor Davis began to trace what had
become one of her own main preoccupa-
tions: the psychologically liberating force
of the act of refusal. "Resistance, rejec-
tio\l, defiance, on every level, on every
front are integral elements of the voyage
toward freedom," she declared. ". ..The
path of liberation is marked by resistance
at every crossroad: mental resistance,
physical resistance, resistance directed to
the concerted attempt to obstruct the
path. I think we can learn from the expe-
rience of the slave."
                NO FLAWS
   Miss Davis's courses that year were
the most carefully monitored in the uni-
versity: faculty members sat in, her lec-
tures were tape-recorded, students were
thoroughly quizzed on her performance.
"There were no flaws," reports Prof. Don-
ald Kalish, then chairman of the de-
partment. "She rated excellent in every                    Nixon, Mitchell, Hoover (left) at Justice: A new crime bill.        ..
area." She was, by almost all accounts,
well prepared, accessible to questions in         ited. The FBI is an investigative agency,      sought    on charges     stemming     from
or out of class, open to points of view           not a national police force. The basic job     Weatherman's "Days of Rage" in Chi-
different from her own, and very articu-          of protecting individuals and institutions     cago last October and various bomb
late. Even so, at the end of the academic         rightfully belongs to local and state po-      plots. Among them are Mark Rudd, a
year last June, the regents fired her             lice. But the FBI earned its proud repu-       leader of the rebellion at Columbia Uni-
again; this time they made no mention             tation by stalking and capturing a seem-       versity in 1968, and Cathlyn Wilkerson
of her CP membership ( so as not to be            ingly endless procession of kidnapers.         and Kathy Bouilin, the two young wom-
overruled again by the courts) but cited          bank robbers and cold-war spies, and           en who disappeared after a bomb fac-
allegedly inflammatory speechesshe had            director J. Edgar Hoover's men have            tory exploded, destroying a town house
                                                                                                 in New York's Greenwich        Village .
made out of class.                                nowhere as good a record when it comes
   Those speeches,according to most ob-           to bringing today's new-breed revolu-          March. Another celebrity from the sub-
servers, were certainly radical but hard-          tionaries to justice once the smoke of        culture, LSD guru Timothy Leary, re-
ly incendiary. She regularly denounced             their dynamite bombs has cleared.             cently went over the fence at &         v
university support of military research.              Right now the bureau is hunting an         prison colony in California and vanished,
And she had actively espoused the cause           impressive array of leftist celebrities. In-   apparently with the help of Weather- I
of the Soledad Brothers: she headed a             deed, within hours of Miss Davis's cap-        man radicals. And even Father Daniel
                                                                                                 Berrigan, the antiwar priest, led ---
committee for their defense and began             ture, her spot on the FBI's renowned
a correspondence with one of them,                "Ten Most Wanted" list was assigned to         agents a merry chase for four
George Jackson. The speechesdid, how-             another female fugitive-Weatherman             popping up here and there for
ever, seem to mark a turning point in              Bernardine Dohrn, 28, who has been            mons and seminars before finally
Angela Davis's career. She had become,             sought for ten months. The nationwide                                           I
                                                                                                 captured on Block Island ( NEWSWEEX,
like it or not, a public personality. At first,   search hasn't kept Miss Dohrn from mak-        Aug. 24) .
according to one observer, she seemed             ing herself heard-via        tape-recorded        The FBI itself warns of new revolu- .
                                                                                                 tionary perils to come. "Several ~ ..
nervous in her new role, then to grow             bomb threats and other pronouncements
                    (Continued on Page 24)
                                                                                                                       NA TIONAL      AFF AIRS

     tic groups reportedly have plans to kid-       their communities. And the FBI has scored      Boston. "They have no understanding of
     nap government officials," reported Wil-       its triumphs in establishing sources with-     the subculture."
     liam C. Sullivan, one of Hoover's top          in that other great American bureauc-              Some experts feel the bureau must
     assistants, in a speech to journalists in       racy, the Mob.                                make radical changes in its methods. "It's
     Williamsburg, Va., last week.                      By contrast, the young revolutionaries     going to take time and an entirely new
         The government has countered the            are so decentralized     and anti-bureau-     approach to the problem," says ex-FBI
     continuing pattern of political terrorism       cratic that they present the authorities      man Quinn Tamm, executive director of
     with some strict, short-term measures.          no structure to pierce. They hold no reg-     the International Association of Chiefs of
     To begin with, security was tightened          ular weekly cell meetings or "education-       Police. One suggestion is that the FBI
     last week at Federal office buildings           al groups" that can be infiltrated as in      switch from its present "zone defense"
     from coast to coast; unguarded doors            the old days; often they form small ( ten     -in which responsibility for capturing a
     were locked, parcels and briefcases             to twelve members) "affinity groups" or       fugitive is switched from one local office
     cht'cked, identification  demanded from         communes acutely suspicious of strang-        to another-to      a "man-on-man" in which
     suspicious entrants. Even the Pentagon          ers. Being children of the middle class       the same agents would trail a suspect
     st('pped up its already snug security;          rather than conventional criminals, they      wherever the scent might lead, Brandeis
     guards in electrically     powered     carts    leave little in the way of police records     history Prof. .John Roche, who worked
     marked "Special Pentagon Police" pa-            to be traced and are unlikely to draw at-     with the FBI as a Lyndon                  Johnson
     trolled the corridors far more visibly than     tention to themselves while on the lam        staffer, proposes that the bureau form a
     ev('r before. The heavy security blanket        by, for example, bragging about their ex-     new special force, "a bureau of political
      thrown over the 25th anniversary cele-         ploits in saloons. And they know how to       analysis, or something            like Scotland
     bration of the United Nations in New            get around in the jet age.                    Yard's Special Branch, which would spe-
     York disrupted normal activities on Man-           Difficult to catch on the fly, the revo-   cialize in understanding             these weird
                                                                                                   undergrounds." "What you really need,"
                                                                                                   one Capital lawman told NEWSWEEK'S
                                                                                                   Robert Shogan, "is a domestic CIA."
                                                                                                       There is some evidence that the FBI
                                                                                                   may be getting with it. Shortly after the
..                                                                                                 big bombing at the University of Wis-
                                                                                                   consin, a mod young man dressed in a
                                                                                                   bell-bottom suit, brown shirt and orange
                                                                                                   tie walked into the student newspaper
                                                                                                   office on the Madison campus and asked
                                                                                                   for one of the editors. "I'd like to rap
                                                                                                   with him," he said. Only later did the
                                                                                                   visitor flip open his credentials and iden-
                                                                                                   tify himself as an FBI man.
                                                                                                       Signing: For those not satisfied by the
                                                                                                   Mod Squad approach there was old-
                                                                                                   fashioned reassurance in the ceremony
                                                                                                    attending President Nixon's signing last
                                                                                                   week of the new omnibus crime bill. The
                                                                                                   President      has asked for 1,000 new
                                                                                                   agents, partly to meet the bomb threat,
                                                                                                   and the new legislation somewhat wid-
                                                                                                   ens the bureau's authority to move in
                                                                                                   immediately in cases involving bombings
                                                                                          "PI       or cop killings.
                and a new member       of the FBI'8 Top Ten, Weatherman        '8 Dohrn                For the signing itself, the President
                                                                                                   journeyed over to the Justice Depart-
     hat tan's East Side for hours, and customs     lutionaries   all but disappear on the         ment, which was aswarm with an unusu-
     officials at airports around the country set   ground in the milieu of a new youth cul-       ally large contingent of Secret Service
     off trafFic snarls of their own as they        ture-or slip out of the country altogeth-      men. With Attorney General John Mitch-
     searched thousands of cars for explosives      er. Perhaps most important, those who          ell and Hoover himself watching with
     that might be used in aircraft-hijacking       assist the fugitive radicals do not con-       obvious approval, Mr. Nixon invoked the
     attempts.                                      sider themselves accessories to a crime        Angela Davis case to underscore the
         Helpful as such preventive measures        but counterculture      patriots, and this     government determination to stamp out
     may be, they are a long step from the          makes them all but immune to one of the        terrorism. In so doing, he seemed to en-
     kind of sophisticated effort that may be       law's most persuasive mechanisms: the          gage in another bit of Presidential pre-
     needed to counter the terrorist threat.        bribe. "Traditionally,"    says a veteran      judgment similar to the premature ver-
     Today's young, free-form revolutionaries       lawman, "the great majority of cases           dict he rendered on West Coast murder
     present a new and peculiar challenge to        have been solved on the basis of in-           defendant Charles Manson two months
     the time-tested methods of the FBI. A          formation given in exchange for money.         ago. Said the President: ". ..The actions
      generation ago the bureau found it rela-      But these people don't give a damn             of the FBI in apprehending Angela Da-
     tively easy to infiltrate the Communist         about money."                                 vis. ..[are]      an indication.that     once the
     Party U.S.A., with its bureaucratic struc-         'Tied Up': Part of the problem is the      Federal government           through the FBI
     ture and predictable methodology. (The         culture gap between the G-men and              moves into an area, this should be a
      FBI's numerous pipelines into the party       their quan-y. The typical agent is a col-      warning to those who engage in these
      are still operative and may in fact have      lege grad ( from a conservative campus,        acts that eventually they are going to be
      played a role in the successful hunt for      often as not) with a degree in account-        apprehended." Then, handing the bill to
      Angela Davis. ) The bureau has also           ing or. Jaw. "Like in Vietnam, the forces      Mitchell and Hoover, he said, "Gentle-
      done exceptionally well in penetrating        of order in this country are being tied up     men, I give you the tools. You do the
      the Ku Klux Klan, most of whose mem-          by their own attitudinal weaknesses," in-      job." Replied Hoover, confidently:           "We
      bers are poor, ill-educated and rooted in     sists a Weatherman now free on bail in         will, Mr. President."

      October   26,1970                                                                                                                        23