GHG Reporting workshop programme by KLNS4Q


									Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reporting workshop
Tuesday 1 March 2011

In 2003 IPIECA published the Petroleum Industry Guidelines for Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions
(“Guidelines”), assisting oil and gas companies in voluntary reporting of GHG. Continuing this work,
IPIECA subsequently published guidelines on GHG reduction projects (general, carbon capture and
geological storage, and flaring) and uncertainty.

Due to the evolution of reporting (both voluntary and under regulatory requirements, IPIECA has
completed an update to the Guidelines. This update makes essential changes in order to meet the needs
of members and to maintain consistency, where relevant to the oil and gas sector, between the guidelines
and other nationally or internationally recognized GHG inventory standards and/or guidelines.

Workshop Objective
To inform IPIECA members of the major revisions to the GHG reporting guidelines, as well as update on
recent activity on reporting, both voluntary and regulatory in Europe and the USA.

CONCAWE offices
Boulevard du Souverain 165

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                                             GHG Reporting workshop
                                     CONCAWE offices, Brussels, Belgium

                                                                      Tuesday 1 March 2011

08:30   Registration

09:00   1. Introduction – Terry Killian (Marathon, Chair CCWG)
               Introduction, agenda, fire procedures

09:15   2. Evolution of voluntary reporting
               Overview of voluntary reporting – Charles Allison (ERM)
               Focus on CDP – Laura Verduzco (Chevron)

9:55    3. Regulatory reporting
               The EU – Emmanuel Thiebaut (Total)
               The U.S. – Terri Shires (URS Corp)

10:45   4. Panel Discussion (Voluntary & Regulatory Reporting)
             Panellists from the morning presentations

11:15   Break

11:45   5. IPIECA GHG Reporting Guidelines update – Tim Stileman (BP)

12:15   6. Uncertainty
               IPIECA/API Guidelines – Terri Shires (URS Corp)

12:35   7. Discussion

13:00   Lunch

14:00   8. Organisational boundaries overview
               Overview of organisational boundaries – Michael Cass (Shell)
               Reporting according to CDSB – Michael Cass (Shell)

14:15   9. Organisational boundaries
               Financial control and equity reporting – Tom Beagent (PwC)

14:45   10. Discussion

15:15   Break

15:45   11. (IPIECA only) Members views on organisational boundaries
               3 company approaches to organisational boundaries - (Total; BP; Shell)

16:00   12. (IPIECA only) Closing Discussion

17:00   Close
Charles Allison
Charles is a Partner in ERM's sustainability and climate change practice in the UK. In this role
he provides services to help ERM's corporate clients to assess and manage the business risks
and opportunities arising from GHG emissions and climate change. As part of his work, Charles
has supported clients in the retail, manufacturing, chemical, ICT, oil & gas, mining, utility, and
support services sectors to compile GHG inventories and report performance under both
voluntary and mandatory frameworks. Over the last two years, he has also lead ERM research
projects for both EC DG Environment and UK Department for the Environment in relation to
company GHG reporting.

Tom Beagent
As one of the Assistant Directors for PwCs Sustainability and Climate Change team in the UK
Tom has particular responsibility for sustainability reporting and non-financial management
information. His focus is on developing what the future of reporting will look like, to ensure that
the information sets used at the heart of business creates the cohesion, alignment and
credibility needed for sustainable business success. He has 10 years experience of leading and
advising both public and private sector organisations on their wider sustainability related issues,
including carbon accounting and reporting. Tom developed the world’s first example of best
practice GHG emissions reporting – Typico plc. This built on the current and emerging best
practice sustainability monitoring and reporting standards.

Michael Cass
Michael is the GHG Reporting Manager in the Shell corporate Safety and Environment
department. Current responsibilities cover the measurement, accounting, reporting and
verification of GHG emissions. He also coordinates Shell’s response the CDP. Michael has
worked in various HSE positions for Shell at local, country, business and corporate levels. He
has a Masters in Environmental Science and BSc (Hons) in Geology and a Diploma of

Theresa M. Shires
Terri is a senior engineer and project manager with URS Corporation in Austin, Texas. She has
more than 20 years experience in the air quality, pipeline safety, and greenhouse gas-related
projects. Her areas of expertise relate to greenhouse gas emissions inventory and protocol
development, emissions verification, emission reduction strategies and technical services for
energy industry clients. Through her work with greenhouse gas emissions, Ms. Shires has had
the opportunity to consult with and advise developers of state, regional and national climate
change programs and policies. She is currently supporting petroleum industry clients in
developing reliable emissions inventories; in promoting worldwide, industry consensus on
greenhouse gas emission estimation methods; and in developing common reporting guidelines
for emission reduction projects.

Tim Stileman
Tim works in the BP central GHG management team. His responsibilities include the corporate reporting
of GHG emissions. He was part of the task force that worked on the revision to the IPIECA GHG
Reporting Guidelines. Tim has been with BP for approximately 5 years having joined the corporation
from IPIECA in late 2005 where he worked as the Climate Change Project Manager. Tim has an MSc in
Environmental Strategy from the University of Surrey and a BSc in Biological Sciences from the
University of Edinburgh.

Emmanuel Thiebaut

From 1981 until today: TOTAL Refining (7 refineries in France, 4 in other European countries and 1 in
USA). From 2005 - Head office - coordinator for environmental performances, with a focus on GHG and
ETS. 1999 - 2005 : Raffinerie de Normandie - Head of environmental, health and industrial safety. 1995-
1999 : Raffinerie de Provence : technical department logistics. 1992-1995 : Raffinerie de Provence :
refinery scheduling, performance control and expeditions. 1989-1992 : Raffinerie de Provence :
Operation of energy, and logistics. 1982-1989 : Raffinerie des Flandres : Maintenance and project
Electricity – control. 1981-1982 : Project new units - numerical control. Prior 1981 : Saint Gobain
(engineering) and CNRS (research center).

Laura Verduzco
In her fifth year with Chevron, Dr. Verduzco is currently working as a Lead Planning Engineer in the low
carbon technologies group of Chevron Energy Technology Company. In her role, she helps assess global
climate change- related issues to provide technical and strategic guidance to the Corporation. She also
manages the sustainability-policy pathway of Catchlight Energy, a joint venture with Weyerhaeuser to
produce second-generation biofuels. Previously, she was a carbon management advisor in the
environment and climate change group.

Before joining Chevron, she supported the Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies group of
the US Department of Energy. She has also held different positions in Mexico, including general
manager of a polypropylene sacs factory. Dr. Verduzco holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical
Engineering from the "Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico" in Mexico City and a doctoral degree
in Environmental and Energy Management from the George Washington University in Washington, DC.

First name   Last Name             Organisation
Charles      Allison               ERM
Tom          Beagent               PwC
Alan         Burns                 Hess
Michael      Cass                  Shell
Yanni        Chrysostomidis        ERM
Katia        Ferreira              Petrobras
Brian        Flannery              ExxonMobil
Laurent      Fragu                 RasGas
Silke        Haupt-Herting         OMV
Annabel      Holroyd               OGP
Haroon       Kheshgi               ExxonMobil
Terry        Killian               Marathon
Glenn        Kramer                Hess
Michael      Lane                  CONCAWE
Arthur       Lee                   Chevron
Oddvar       Levang                Statoil
Melanie      Nielsen               Maersk
Brigitte     Poot                  Total
Alan         Reid                  CONCAWE
Wishart      Robson                Nexen
Eva          Romero-Giron Gracia   Repsol YPF
Terri        Shires                URS
Robert       Siveter               IPIECA
Reid         Smith                 BP
Tim          Stileman              BP
Laura        Verduzco              Chevron
Thea         Vieira                Maersk
James        Walker                BP

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