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									Design Your Own Tshirts Online Now

Mississauga, Ontario, 30-JUL-2012 - PromoPays has recently launched a
website that gives customers searching for ways to expand their effective
marketing strategies to include clothing. The site makes it easy for you
to design tshirts online that are unique and will give you the
opportunity to gain presence and visibility with your potential

When interviewed recently John Simos stated, "Most business owners are
looking for ways to reach a wider audience in creative and cost-effective
ways. The ability to design your own clothing online can expand your
marketing effectiveness and, by including a unique and distinctive brand
logo in your t-shirt designs will create greater brand awareness. We
recognize the growing need for businesses to be creative and think "out
of the box" when they are creating a marketing strategy. Until now, the
ability to transfer design ideas to clothing and t-shirts was limited and
often expensive. In response to the needs of our customers we have
created a site that makes it easy to create your own t-shirts and design
your clothing online. We strive to provide our customers with the highest
quality products and our knowledgeable staff are available to answer
questions and provide information on the latest popular and upcoming
trends that will help you build your brand."

When a customer chooses to design tshirts online there is a choice of
several printing methods that will be a perfect fit for the areas where
the shirts will be worn. Screen Printing offers an affordable way to
customize t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and other clothing. Available in
vibrant colors that do not require special treatment to remain bright,
you can design your clothing online that will give your customers
multiple choices for exposing your brand.

Embroidery is often chosen for customizing corporate clothing and is very
popular for branding companies, schools, or organizations where you want
to create a professional looking team. This type of strategy is
especially effective for work uniforms, jackets, hats and other apparel
that will you want to remain crisp and sharp.

Clients visiting the website are able to choose from thousands of
designs, change the designs that are online or create their own design.
When you want to create a unique and distinctive brand look, the
designers at PromoPays are able to assist with advice or create a design
for you.

The website offers information regarding design ideas and how to design
your clothing online to both increase revenue and expand your customer
base. The team at PromoPay keeps production in-house and works closely
with customers to ensure that delivery of your clothing is on-time. The
experienced staff are able to assist with planning, promoting and
building marketing strategies and campaigns for fundraisers, events, or
company growth.

To get more information about how to design tshirts online and other
services offered by PromoPays, visit today.
Individuals and members of the press interested in getting more details
about this press release will find contact information below.

John Simos


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Mississauga, ON L5L 5P6


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