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                           MINUTES OF THE TRUSTEES MEETING
                    HELD ON 21 JANUARY 2011, AT ROBERTSON GOLF CLUB


M.V. Brumer    (MVB)          Chairman
C. Newell      (CN)           Trustee
R. Keytel      (RK)           Trustee
E. Smit        (ES)           Trustee
R. Williams    (RW)           Trustee
M. du Preez    (MdP)          Trustee
A. Greenaway   (AG)           Trustee        Managing Agent
A. Smuts       (AS)           RGC            Club Captain

G. Essop        (GE)          Trustee
Ludwig Vercuiel (LV)          RGC Manager

Danie Krynauw     (DK)        Pro-Debt

1.     Welcome                                                                   ACTION    ACTION
MVB welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for taking the time to

2.     Minutes of the Meeting held on 29 October 2010 Accepted
       Confirmed by RW
       Seconded by RK

Matters arising:
1.2    CN to finalise RGC - DVA loan agreement based on a repayment              CN        Nxt mtng
        Period of 3-4 years with interest calculated at the prime lending rate
        + 4%.
3.8    Construction on the Village Fence have started but no further             MVB       Nxt mtng
        progress to report since the last meeting.
4.2    Trees to be removed in river. A machine was hired by MVB to
        remove the trees, but this was not successful. The amount of
        R12277.80 to be paid out of the boat license fund.
        A machine was also hired at the same time to clear the opposite
        Riverbank at a cost of R9416.40
       Contract between SHOA and Caravan Park to be attended to. RK &            CN / RK   Nxt mtng
       CN to draft written agreement.
4.4    Attempts has been made by ES and RB to contact the contractor for         ES/RB     Ongoing
       the security gate and ES also emailed him the outstanding snaglist.
       ES is on site today, 21/01/11 to see to snaglist. Will try and resolve
       as best possible as no retention was held back and contractor was
       paid in full.
4.5    MVB stated that the clearance of the silt from the Sandriver is an
      important issue. Sally Durandt has written a letter of motivation to the
      Provincial Road Engineer that it is imperative that the culvert is
      enlarged. The letter has been sent to Louis Bruwer, but no further
      feedback is available.
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      The insurance claim for damage to the course and estate is still an MVB              Immy
      open case and Danie Cloete informed LV that MVB needs to send
      copies of the letters regarding the culvert to the insurance company
3.5 DVA loan repayment - 2 months interest in arrears to the total of         AG           Ongoing
    R1225. AG sends monthly interest invoice to RGC
3.8 Defaulters have been handed over to the Pro-Debt collection agency.       AG/DK        Ongoing
    Danie Krynauw attended the meeting to give clarity around the cost
    structure of Pro-Debt and the process of collection that they follow. He
    reiterates consistency in dealing with defaulters and that they should
    be handed over with in a set period as agreed by the board. DK will
    provide a cost breakdown for future liability to the board on a quarterly
    basis or as requested.

3.1 DVA accounts must be reviewed and a budget set up in order to cut           CN/RW/AG   Nxt Mtng
      expenses. AG has done a draft budget and a copy was sent to CN.
      A finance meeting needs to be scheduled to discuss further.
3.2 The cost of the shop and the house that is occupied by HK needs to
      be reviewed. Currently no rent is being paid for either. HK does pay      MVB        Immy
      a monthly water & electricity bill that is paid into the SSHOA account.
3.3 A separate Finance Meeting needs to be set. Proposed dates were sent        CN/RW/AG   Nxt Mtng
3.4 A complete asset register needs to be drawn up for the SSHOA and
     the DVA. A register has been drawn up and this has given raise to some
    questions. Please see the accompanying Managing Agent Report

4.3 Landscaping & Security Contract to be finalised. ES & MVB will meet on      ES/MVB     Immy
    Monday 24/02/1011 to finalise and sign all documents

Building Guidelines & Construction
4.6.1 The tidiness of River Town houses needs to be addressed. Letters to       AG         Immy
       be sent to those that are not keeping their houses tidy.

5.3   Mr J van Molendorff’s fine for his daughter driving the golf cart into
     the fence will not proceed further at this stage and no fine will be
     issued. AG points to the process in the Constitution that has to be
     followed in order for a fine to be issued to a Home Owner. Within the
     Rules & Regulations of the SHOA a fine could be issued in this
     instance, but the process must be adhered to. RGC & SHOA must
     have agreement in how rules regarding golf carts will be implemented
     on the golf course and the HOA so that they do not contradict each

3.     Finances
       AS stated that the full 35% of the monthly SHOA levy should be paid
       over to the RGC on a monthly basis regardless of any arrears as
       accrued in the SHOA account. The board agrees that all arrears will
       be kept in an accrual fund in the SHOA accounts and funds will only
       be paid over to the RGC once the full levy has been received. The
       SHOA cannot pay over money that has not been received.
       MVB will settle the arrears account for the rental of the Sales Office MVB          End Feb
       by the end of February 2011
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4.       Portfolio Reports
4.1      Governance                                                                   GE
         No Issues

4.2    OEMP                                                                           CN
      The Audit report was circulated to all parties including LV to address
      issues relevant to RGC
      AG has made list of items to be addressed and will report on monthly            AG       Ongoing
4.3    Contracts                                                                      ES
4.3.1 MVB & ES to finalise Landscaping & Security Contract                            MVB/ES   Immy
4.3.2 RGC & Landscaping service provider to liaise regularly regarding
      salaries & bonuses to minimise feelings of unfairness

4.4      Security                                                                     ES
         See Report Attached

4.5      Communication / marketing / liaison                                          MVB
         No Issues

4.6     Building Guidelines & Construction                                            RK

4.7      Estate Maintenance Manager’s Report
         See Report Attached

4.8      Managing Agent Report
          See Report Attached
          MVB reads out the Managing Agent Report along with an email dated
4.8.1     Fencing cost 23/10/2009 paid from the DVA account. MVB stated
          that the one portion is for his account but not the 50 -50 cost split for
          the fence between the DVA & the Caravan Park
4.8.2     MVB stated that the servicing on the golf cart used by the Security
          Company is part of the security costs and therefore forms part of the
          DVA loan for the security gates. MVB stated that this is not for his
4.8.3    A quad bike was bought from the DVA fund for R17 000 and is
         currently used by the RGC. This money needs to be transferred back
         to the DVA account from the SHOA account and a rental agreement
         must be set up with the RGC for its use.
4.8.4    Ongoing outstanding payments due to the SHOA will be settled in full
         by MVB by the end of February 2011.
4.8.5    Riverside Properties - MVB explains that the riverbank and the front 9
         plots were originally part of the development. MVB then went into a
        Joint Venture with Virtigo Properties and JCO Agricultural to release a
        further 28 plots. This ground does not form part of the development,
        but it was the intention that once these have all been sold they will
        then be incorporated into the Development and bring in future levy
        income for the SHOA.
4.8.6   The Doculam system was purchased by MVB and is in use at the
        entrance gates. The system that was purchase by the SHOA at a cost

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      R21 279-24 is the Donkerhoek System, and this system is currently not
      in use. AG made the suggested the possible sale of this system as it
      is not suitable to the SHOA needs.
4.8.7 MVB stated that the Caravan Park has not been transferred from the
      SDC and therefore the house or any other part there of do not have to
       pay a levy.

4.9    DVA Manager’s Report
       No Issues

4.10    Golf Course Report
        AS stated that the RGC is showing positive turnaround in finances.
        Projects will be started with conservatism.
        The Restaurant is turning a profit but needs a larger function room.
        Drink water taps will be placed on 4 holes on the course next month.
        4 Quotes have been obtained for the cleaning of the river, and the
        RGC will progress with this project in sections.
        Flooding is a big concern and MVB must provide letters to Louis
        Bruwer. MVB stated that letters were sent to Jaco Jooste (Town
        Engineer) and L Bruwer and stated that it is the duty of the Provincial
        Roads Department to complete the works on the culvert.
        AS stated that there is a damaged sewage pipe and power cable due
        to the flooding, but MVB stated that the river needs to be cleared first
        before any work can progress.
        AS queries who is responsible for the section between the bridge and
        the 17th. MVB stated that the road belongs to the HOA along with the
        sections above the floodline. The rest is RGC responsibility.
        The area between the culvert to the river is a 50 -50 split between the
        SDC & the HOA in cleaning responsibilities
5.      General
        RK stated that there were more smaller craft on the river. They do
         not have to pay and they do not adhere to the rules.
5.1     Boating levies - The funds are to be used for the upgrade of the
         To date 38 licenses issued. AB to pay over for 6 annual licenses that
         was paid directly to her along with 2 daily launch fees to the total
         value of R7600. ES suggested that design and quote is obtained now
        and then the project will be started once sufficient funds are available.
5.2     Awaiting quote to be able to proceed with the fixing on the perimeter
5.3    Riverside erven - a proportionate levy is proposed as these owners do
       not share in some of the services as owners on the golf course and in
       the village. This proportionate levy will not be calculated in retrospect
       of levies already paid.

The meeting closed at 17h45

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Appendix 1

From Hein Kriel
Maintenance Manager
Dated: 25 December 2010

Golf Estate

      Cleaned roads
      Entrance maintained twice weekly
      Irrigation system serviced
      Cut vacant plots

Village Estate

      Every 2 weeks cut the grass at the village townhouses
      Entrance maintained twice weekly
      Irrigation system serviced
      Grass in open areas cut every two weeks
      Grass along river bank are cut every two weeks
      Roads cleaned
      Remove grass cuttings
      Follow up reeds in dams
      Removed reed cuttings from around the Village dam & plant grass
      Cleaned flower beds along fence

Golf Club

      Repair chip fryer


      The grassed area on both sides of the road between Golf Estate and Village is cut 2 weekly
      Sewage pumps are serviced weekly
      Garage where rubbish is stored are inspected weekly
      Bins are cleaned every Monday & Friday
      Cut DVA Grass
      Take water meter reading every month
      “Olyf Boord” is cleaned weekly

Planning for January 2011

      Clean vacant plots
      Clean roads
      Clean all flower beds
      Spray reeds in dams
      Repaint Village Entrance
      Spray grass for “Wilde Klawer”
      Border between Village and Bruwer farm to be cleaned

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Appendix 2

Enquiries:     Rejeanne Botha                                Rejeanne Botha
Telephone:     023 626 1188                                  Silwerstrand Security
Cellphone:     076 450 2042                                  Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate
E-mail:                      Robertson

                                                             01 January 2011

SSHOA                                                        (For attention: Chairman)
Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate

Installation of new alarms

Mr Burger, Erf 7141 Chardonnay Street, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson


Mr JP Coetzee, Erf 7172 Riesling Street, Golf Estate
Mr Outien Rabie, Chardonnay Street, Golf Estate
Mr Eichrodt, Erf 7034 Silwerstrand boulevard, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate


Security still has the problem of visitors arriving at the access gates especially The Golf Estate entrance
that uses Robertson Golf Club to gain access on to the Estate. They will then stop at houses that is still
under construction and walk around on the premises. Accidents is due to happen.
We will urgently have to look to options to combat this problem.
We have the same problem with visitors to residents,tenants and Landmark.

We will have to formulate a plan to used the mircom system more efficiently.

Application for a power boat launching licence

Currently 38 new licences for 2010/2011 were issued.

Building contractors currently busy with construction

Golf Estate

Slaney Construction    Erf 7178 Riesling Street 1, Golf Estate
                       Erf 7106, Sauvignon Street 13, Golf Estate
Mr JP Coetzee          Erf 7172 Riesling Street 7, Golf Estate
CCD Construction       Erf 7042, 7043, Silwerstrand Boulevard No 40/42, Golf Estate
DJ Schneider           Erf 7034, Silwerstrand Boulevard No 24, Golf Estate
JSM Construction       Erf 7126, Chardonnay Street 16, Golf Estate

The Village
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Christiaan Builders Erf 7379, Lily Crescent 13, The Village
De Beer Construction Erf 7372, Willow Close 3, The Village
Smith Construction Erf 7388, Lily Crescent 3, The Village
Andre Kuhn           Erf 7384, Lily Crescent7, The Village
BJ van Niekerk       Erf 7371, Willow Close 6, The Village

Building completed

Lily Crescent no 10, The Village, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson.
Chardonnay Street 9, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson
Chardonnay Street 27, Golf Estate
Village Way 3, The Village, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson
Mr Outien Rabie, Chardonnay Street, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson
Mr & Mrs Burger, Erf 7141 Chardonnay Street 17, Golf Estate


Rejeanne Botha
Manager/Silwerstrand Security

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Appendix 2

Managing Agent Report
To: Chairman of the Board of the Trustees & all Trustees

Dated: 20 January 2011

Matters Arising out of compiling an Asset Register for both the DVA & HOA

      23 Oct 2009
       Garden Crete wall erected between DVA & Caravan Park
       Robertson Beton Mure (Supplier)
       42m x 2.1m          R11 970     Fence between DVA & Caravan park
       36m x 1.8m          R10100      Fence between road & Caravan park

       Full payment was made by DVA on 27 Oct 2009 (R22 070)

       Is there an agreement to support the payment by DVA for fencing in Caravan park?
       (The R10 100 amount?)
       Should the cost for the fence between the DVA & Caravan Park not be shared    50/50?

      29 Jan 2010
       Servicing of Golf Cart
       When the security gates were installed an amount for R9931.20 was paid to E-Z-Go
       for the servicing of a golf cart.
       This golf cart is the one used by the Security Company and is their property
       The amount was paid from the SHOA account?
       What is the arrangement around this payment?

      12 December 2008
       Quad bike: R17 000 payment was made from the DVA account.
       The RGC use the bike. Is there a written agreement to confirm this arrangement?

       According to HP statement: (email received 12/01/2011)

        Die 4 wheeler behoort aan die DVA en die ooreenkoms was dat die baan/klub dit gebruik,
        hoofsaaklik omdat ek nog daar was en baie op die baan moes wees. Indien die Trustees/Mark dit wil
        verander kan hulle dit enige tyd doen want die klub het hulle eie vervoer en dinge om te gebruik -
        hierdie reeling was ‘n vergunning omdat almal maar die groter prentjie wou laat goed lyk en die baan ‘n
groot deel daarvan uitmaak. Hulle kan selfs dit vir sekuriteit on iets dergliks gebruik, dit is  hulle eiendom.

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   Other questions

      Ongoing outstanding payments due to the SHOA
       Vertigo Properties (operators of Caravan Park) owes SHOA R19629.20 in water &
       SDC (Silwerstrand Development Company) owes SHOA R3267.40 in rent paid on their
       behalf for office rental of sales office
       SCC (Silwerstrand Security Company) owes SHOA R377.43 for electricity
       Total outstanding = R23 274.03
       Hard copy of Statements were handed to Mark Brumer on 19 January 2011
       Copies attached for your information

      Riverside Properties Sold
       On 18 November 2 properties (7427 & 7429) were transferred from Vertigo
       Property to a private owner. Sell price R300 000 each. The R3000 per erf (1% for
       DVA Fund) has not been paid to date by seller? Total due to DVA = R6000-00

      Riverside Properties Transfers
       18 erven transferred to Vertigo Properties on 20 July 2009
       1 erven transferred to JCO Agricultural Enterprises on 20 July 2009
       7 erven transferred to Robertson Development Company on 20 July 2009
       I believe this refers to Mr Steyn’s question at the AGM
       Mark Brumer did explain this to me, maybe he needs to just explain to you all as well, if
       the question is ever raised again.
       A list of the river erven is attached for your information.

      Doculam system
       This system was purchased 25 May 2008 at a cost of R21 279.24 as an entry          control
       system at the main entrance gates for contractors. This system is in a      box in the
       security office
       On discussion with RB apparently this is a wages clocking system and not suitable
       for contractors access?
       The other reason why this system is no longer in use, there is an annual license fee
       of approx. R3105.60. One payment was made on 18 Aug 2008 and then no further
       payments toward the annual license. From what I understand from RB the system
       can only be used if the annual fee is paid. If you want, maybe we should look at
       selling the system, if the decision is made not to use it any more?

      Work done by HK for the RGC:
       HK collected the RGC rubbish on a Monday & Friday and also did repair and
       maintenance work for the golf course (this is also listed on his monthly reports).
       Is there any kind of agreement? He uses the HOA labour, time and vehicle to
       complete these tasks. Do I need to invoice for these tasks to the RGC?

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      Caravan park lawn mowing:
       HK (working for the SHOA and paid by them) cuts the grass for the Caravan park.
       He estimates on average 1 or 2 times per month. The machines, petrol and labour
       from the SHOA are used to complete this task.
       Cost of R? + VAT x 12 = R?
       Is there anywhere where an agreement has been made for the record?

      House in Caravan Park:
       Is there planning permission?
       Is it a permanent dwelling?
       Where is the water & sewage connections made?
       Should they pay a levy?

      Boat license fees:
       7 daily license fees paid to date for this FY
       28 Annual license fees paid
       6 Annual license fees paid to Ansabe
       (no payment received from AB - licenses were issued by Security - email sent 14/01
       to AB - no response to date)
       Based on the Year to date information around the daily boat fee, if only 7 boats paid a
       daily launch fee, should it not just revert to an annual boat license for all?

      Bill for Erf clearing on the Riverbank and tree removal in river:
       Received a bill from Klein Karoo Machine Rental on Monday 17 January 2011, to the
       amount of R21 694.20
       This is made up of the following:
       R8743-80 for the removal of the trees in the river (from boat levy fund)
       R3534-00 for the filling of the slipway             (from boat levy fund)
       R9416-40 for the clearing of the riverside land
       Mr Brumer authorized the work and informed me that I need to pay the bill. I did
       ask if Mr Brumer is not responsible for the landscaping (as the Developer) of the
       riverside and there after the SHOA maintain the landscaped areas? I did ask if
       Trustees need to be informed of the expenditure?
       The work was during November 2010.

   Written by: Antonette Greenaway
               Managing Agent - Trustee

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