SILWERSTRAND HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION
                             MINUTES OF THE TRUSTEES MEETING
                              HELD ON 16 JUNE 2010 AT 09HOO
                            AT THE ROBERTSON GOLF CLUBHOUSE


M.V. Brumer    (MVB)         Chairman
C. Newell      (CN)          Trustee
G. Essop       (GE)          Trustee
E. Smit        (ES)          Trustee (By proxy)
R. Williams    (RW)          Trustee (By Proxy)
A. Smuts       (AS)          RGC Captain
C. Papenfus    (CP)          Managing Agent
A. Greenaway   (AG)          Appointed Managing Agent

F. Grunewald (FG)            Trustee
M. du Preez (MdP)            Trustee
R. Keytel    (RK)            Trustee

1.      Welcome                                                                 ACTION    ACTION
MVB welcomed all to this meeting and thanked them for taking time to
attend on a public holiday.

2.      Minutes of the Meeting held on 4 May 2010

Matters arising:
1.1    GE presented the prepared financial control policy, soft copy to be      GE        Nxt mtng
       distributed to all trustees via email.
1.2    RW forwarded loan agreement to CN prior to meeting, with his proxy.      RW        Nxt mtng
       To be copied to all trustees via email. CP have drawn up invoices for
       interest repayments from SHOA and RGC to DVA, sent to CN and RW
       for approval. SHOA to repay loan plus interest to DVA with money         CP        Immy
       raised via special security levy. RGC invoice to be forwarded.
1.3    CP have drawn up budgets and forwarded to CN and RW for
       comment. CN have forwarded re-worked budget, to be distributed to        CN/RW     Nxt mtng
       trustees after this meeting, and new levy to be decided at next
4.2    Diver to inspect whether tree lodged in netting that covers the pipe
       going through to Riverside plots – diver did dive to inspect, tree not
       lodged in the netting.
       Contract between SHOA and Caravan Park to be attended to. CN             MB / CN   Nxt mtng
       again stressed that servitude be registered for access to river by
       home owners.                                                             CN / RK   Nxt mtng
       Meeting discussed control of boating activity on the river, SSC to
       control access as per the boating license regulations. CN & RK to
       advise on new boat license fee for July 2010 to June 2011.
4.3    Sale of SSC to SHOA – MVB stated that this sale will only materialise
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        when SHOA has sufficient funds to purchase the assets of the security
        company. CP suggested that SSC deregister for VAT (min income
        now R1m) then salary administration can revert back to SSC.
        MVB stated that comment at previous meeting that security
        monitoring fee increase proposed by Rejeanne Botha should be
        ratified by the SHOA trustees, was irrelevant, SSC is an independent
        contractor, and will obviously not price itself out of its only market.
4.4     ES will arrange a meeting with contractor to address minor points of
        gate installation – CP to follow-up whether meeting have resulted yet. CP          Immy
4.5     MVB to be requested to gave feedback on
        a) Katota Deal – MVB stated that at start he stressed that SHOA will     MVB
        have to carry on as if possibility of Katota deal does not exist. The
        finalisation of the deal still pending, Bowman Gilfillan attorneys to
        finalise agreements this week, and if conclusion reached, guarantees
        could be issues by the end of July.
        b) assisted living deal – MVB met with Lasercor 1.5 weeks ago, busy
        finalising proposal – probably end next week. Lasercor will have due
        diligence meetings with SHOA, RGC and Langeberg Municipality re
        assisted living option over the next three months.
        MVB stated that if/when Katota deal materialises, he will present
        assisted living option to them, as this is the market segment that has
        been proven to be buying.
        c) physical aspects of estate – MVB stated that HK was doing well
        with the maintenance of the gardens and the machinery. MVB stated
        that the clearance of the silt from the Sandriver is an important issue.
        AS replied that a quote of R470K was obtained to move the silt,
        department of water affairs could help out – looking to fill up an area
        near Bonnievale, if they don’t find closer source, will at least move
        some of the sand deposits. MVB stated that a 2m wide by .5m deep
        channel should provide enough clearance. MVB requested help of
        RGC to pressurise province to enlarge road crossing.
4.6     Building sites – Rejeanne Botha (RB) of SSC has been appointed to
        control builders. AS stressed that owners of complete houses should
        also address appearance – wheelbarrows against walls, trucks,
        caravans on developed erven and containers on unused sites should
        not be allowed, neatness of estate should be strived for. MVB agreed,
        stating that managing agent can send letter to owners to point out
        transgression. RB to take photos of non-conforming erven to
        accompany letters.

3.      Finances
3.1     CP to send follow-up letter to municipality re back-log on
        availability fees.
3.2     Performance of Muller Baard attorneys were discussed, MVB stated
        that during his meeting with MBDT he established that they have
        done all the legal moves required, but due to bonds owing to banks
        (preferred debtor), the legal cost of attachment of unmovable
        property was not feasible.
        CN stated that the write-off of bad debt should be discussed with
3.3     Linking up with the Accountability group was discussed, CP explained
        that it gives the benefit of being able to blacklist bad debtors directly,
        and having that tool might prevent owners from defaulting. It also
        provides the benefit of credit checking, background checking of
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        potential employees, deed searches and free advertising to
        Accountability members. The R220 cost per month can be shared by
        the SHOA and RGC. After discussion the meeting agreed to try this
        system for 1 year.
3.4     CN stated he is has still not received the correct information from
        Mutual & Federal (Afrikaans version of basic conditions supplied,
        requires English version).
3.5     MVB stated that he agreed with the comments of Roy Keytel at the
        last meeting that the hotel site looked unsightly, he will arrange to
        have it cleared. The hotel site is however not yet liable for levies, this
        will only occur on transfer. The clearing of the port jacksons across
        the river is a longer term project, due to the costs involved to have it
3.6     Security levy on all new owners – CP stated that the resident agent,
        with the sole mandate for selling erven from the developer, will be
        advised of the decision that all new owners have to pay their share of
        the security levy, and that documentation to transferring attorneys
        will also state that all owners purchasing erven from the developer
        will be liable for the R950 security levy.
3.7     GE raised the issue of delayed transfer on some erven across the
        river. MVB replied that the erven that have been transferred were
        bought from SDC, and the other erven were bought from a third
        party, and the sale of the erven in that company is not yet ready for
3.8     CP to remind MVB re reply on incomplete Village fence
3.9     CN referred to the email sent to all trustees following the May
        financial reports – the levies will have to be increased to ensure
        sufficient income. The suggested levy increase is R1100.00 from 1
        August 2010. The possibility of adjusting the levy downwards, as
        soon as the building levy commences in Feb 2011, exists, but it would
        not be wise to nominate a figure at this stage.

4.      Portfolio Reports
4.1     Governance                                                                   GE
        GE presented the financial control policy and procurement policy.            ALL         Next
        Copies will be emailed to all trustees for comment, intent to sign off                   meeting
        at the next meeting.
4.2     OEMP                                                                         CN
        Boating fees charged on weekends has been invoiced, awaiting                 CP
        payment of invoice.
        Quotation for an environmental audit was requested, awaiting reply           CP
        from OEMP contactor.
4.3     Contracts                                                                    ES and FG
        MVB and ES to finalise contract for Antonette Greenaway, and advise
        remuneration to CN an RW for budgeting purposes.                             MVB / AG    Immy
        AS raised the issue of amendment to the constitution re the obligation
        of multiple owners to take up golf membership for each erf owned.
        MVB read the suggested change to the meeting, saying that the
        constitution will have to be amended before the transfer to Kutota
        transpires. The suggested amendment will be circulated to all
        trustees. AG to arrange SGM before the end of July, 21 day notice
        must be given.

4.4     Security
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        No matters to report.

4.5     Communication / marketing / liaison                                     MVB
        Reported under matters arising 4.5 above.                                          Next
4.6     Building guidelines and construction.                                  HP and RK
        The two incomplete houses of Chad O’Riordan was discussed again,
        RB to take photo’s, request to be sent to Chad to tidy up appearance CP / AG       Immy
        of houses (garage door for storage, appearance around houses).
4.7     Estate Maintenance Manager’s Report (circulated at the end of May)
4.8     Security Manager’s Report (circulated at the end of May)
4.9     DVA Manager’s Report
        (as per Estate Maintenance Manager’s Report and DVA financials
        distributed prior to the meeting.)
        The DVA is now closed until August 2010
4.10    Golf Course Report
        AS will be invited to each SHOA trustees meeting, if unable to attend,
        he will delegate another RGC committee member.

       AS raised the following outstanding issues between RGC and SHOA:
4.10.1 MVB agreed that SHOA will contribute 50% of R3000.00
       increase for current management structure at RGC. GE stated that a
       written motivation should be provided and an agreement drawn up          MVB / CP   Immy
       between RGC and SHOA, to provide the documentation back-up.
4.10.2 VAT shortfall on landscaping contract – RGC has provided a
       reconciliation of VAT shortfall on landscaping contract. Situation
       occurred due to RGC issuing VAT exclusive invoices. CP requested         CP         Immy
       another reconciliation, taking into account the period that Hein Kriel
       worked as the mechanic for RGC. The amended amount will then be
       submitted to SHOA trustees, and the repayment of the amount will be
       worked into the budget.
4.10.3 AS suggested that a driving range be developed as part of the DVA.
       The meeting discussed this suggestion – MVB and AS to meet to
       discuss the framework, issue to be motivated and sent to trustees for
       discussion at next meeting.

5.      General
5.1     A heavy-duty lawnmower was purchased to assist with the mowing of
        the undeveloped erven.
5.2     Laptop and software programmes to ensure seamless transfer to be        CP         Before end
        purchased from CP, CP to provide specs to GE to determine price.                   June
5.3     The 200 club initiative from Albert Reynolds was discussed, MVB
        stated that he supported the initiative, as at least someone was trying
        to get more members and home owners to support RGC and
        supporting the club facilities. The meeting agreed that the benefits of
        the 200 club outweighs any possible negative issues.

The meeting closed at 13h00.

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