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Neck_Tie_Tying by ChadBrown5


Neck Tie Tying

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A man without a tie seems to be half dressed up and neck tie tying is a very simple task if one tries these
easy steps.

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Shirts, pants, shoes and other apparels are incomplete unless you have a nice miss-match of neck tie to give
you a perfect look in your dressing. Tying a neck tie is very essential in occasions like a formal meeting in
the office, party or functions and workplace etc.

Neck tie tying is a hard task for someone who is ignorant of the tips and tricks to manage one. Here we shall
discuss some important factors or tips on how to tie a neck tie? For this the first step is that you should
decide the most suitable color that matches your shirt and trousers. Normally solid tie could be worn with
patterned shirts and designer tie with solid color shirts. You should never make your tie choice that might go
funky with your dressing style.

Secondly, if you are a beginner don’t just leave the task of tying a neck tie to someone else who knows it
instead try it hard as many times unless you are confident enough of tying one. Steps to tie a neck tie are as

1. You should button up your shirt and collar too. Flip your collar up and wrap the tie around your neck
beneath the collar. The wide part should hang twice the thin part along the dominant hand of yours, right or
left as the case may be.

2. Then take the wide end and wrap it over the thin part, below your neck in such way that the long part goes
around the short end once.

3. Then slip the wide end through the knot that has formed.

4. You need to tuck the long wide end through the knot.
5. Then pull the thin end from the wide end in order to tighten the knot.

6. Then hold the thin end with one hand that is in-dominant and slide the knot upwards with your dominant
hand but don’t tie the knot so tightly that you feel uneasy to breathe.

There is much type of knot styles like the four-in hand-knot, half-windsor knot, windsor knot etc that goes
well with your dressing style.

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