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Neck tie Etiquettes

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Know more about the fashion mistakes that most of the men make when they tie or adjust their neck tie.

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Most of the men love to have a perfect match of neck tie along with their dress outfit when they want to
look serious, stylish or successful at formal functions. If a man wears a neck tie since a long time doesn’t
means that he is doing all correct. Many men make fashion mistakes while they tie or adjust a neck tie such
as a wrong kind of knot or not tying the proper length.

There are few simple ethics or rules of thumb that could help you out in getting the proper necktie etiquette:

<b> Length of the neck tie </b>
The most often made mistake that men make is when they adjust their neck tie in a way that lets it hang too
short or very long. A properly worn neck tie is one that will graze the top of a man’s pants to cover the pants
buttons. While tying the neck tie up on the chest or belly is too high and covering the pants zipper is very

<b> Label of the neck tie </b>
Many of the men tuck the narrow part of the tie into the label sewn at the back of the wide part which is not
the right way. This is because the label is not there to be used as such and ties suppose to have some natural

<b> Knot of the neck tie </b>
A wimpy or narrow knot is a big mistake because it is preferable to tie strong Double Windsor where the
wide end of the neck tie is tied over the narrow end. This gives a fuller knot and a much better look.

<b> Dimples on the neck tie </b>
Dimples never look good upon any neck tie but it doesn’t matters how many dimples are there as long as
these are centered in the middle of the knot.
These are some solutions that will let you and every man wear the neck tie in the best possible manner and
look or feel great wherever he goes. For more information, visit our recommended website <a
href=""> </a>

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