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					    Design Administration
        November 17, 2011

            Presented By:
           Kathy D. Lachney
Director of Membership and Programs
             AIA Louisiana

             Brief History
                of AIA

The American Institute of Architects was
founded in New York City in 1857 by a
group of 13 architects. Today, the
membership exceeds 83,000 and is based
in Washington, DC, with over 150
             What is AIA?

The AIA is a professional organization for
architects and emerging professionals that
offers education, government advocacy,
community redevelopment and public outreach
to support the architecture profession as a
whole and improve its public image of
architects and architecture.
            What is AIA?

AIA members adhere to a code of
ethics and professional conduct
intended to assure clients and the
public of an architect’s dedication to
the highest standards in professional
             What is AIA?
The AIA serves as the voice of the
architecture profession dedicated to
serving its members, advancing their
value, and improving the quality of the
built environment. We carry out our goal
through advocacy, information, and
community involvement.
               What is AIA?
Each year, the AIA:
• Sponsors hundreds of continuing education
  seminars, symposiums and workshops to help
  architects maintain their licensure
• Sets the industry standard in contract
  documents with more than 140 forms and
  contracts used in the design and construction
               What is AIA?

• Publishes online publications
• Provides countless Web-based resources for
  emerging architecture professionals
• Conducts market research and provides
  analysis of economic factors that affect the
  business of architecture
              What is AIA?

• Hosts the annual AIA National Convention and
  Design Exposition
• Serves as an advocate of the architecture
• Champions architects’ future through an
  annual ad campaign
               What is AIA?

Components of the AIA:
Complementing the AIA Board are more than
300 state and local components (or chapters),
which link AIA members into a supportive
network, providing members an opportunity to
make a significant difference for the profession.
          What is AIA?

The AIA is a three-tiered
organization requiring
membership at the local, state,
and national levels.
                           Organizational Structure

AIA Central                                                             AIA
 Louisiana                                                           Southwest

       AIA Baton
         Rouge                                                   AIA South

                   New Orleans                          AIA
              What is AIA?

The national component of the AIA unites local
and state members in the common causes of
advocacy, community, and knowledge.
Networking and national volunteer
opportunities are available through knowledge
communities and the Center for Communities by
               What is AIA?

Many state components offer educational
conferences and networking opportunities and
they play an integral role in representing your
interests before state legislatures and regulatory
agencies on architecture-related issues.
               What is AIA?

Local components sponsor a wide range of
activities, including educational conferences,
community service projects, post-disaster and
urban design workshops, and Architect
Registration Exam preparation classes.
                       Benefits of

• Educational Programs              • AIA Trust
• eNewsletters                      • American Architectural
• Knowledge Communities               Foundation
• AIA Contract Documents            • AIA Mentoring Program
• Career Center                     • AIA Media Relations
• AIA Advantage                       Support Center
• Publications and Resources        • Local and State
• Government Advocacy                 Components
521 America Street, Baton Rouge LA 70802
Phone: 225-387-5579 / FAX: 225-387-2743
                       AIA Louisiana
Your AIA Louisiana Staff:
Lynn B. Robertson, Executive Director

Kathy D. Lachney, Director of Membership & Programs

Janet Simoneaux, Administrative Assistant

Joelle Wilkinson, Receptionist/Student Worker
                   AIA Louisiana

In addition to AIA National benefits:
• Discount on AIA contract documents
• Discount on AIA Continuing Education seminars
• Recording of CEH/LU’s on behalf of members
• Annual Celebrate Architecture event
• Annual state conference (includes CE programs, golf
  tournament, awards program and networking)
• Government Advocacy
                    AIA Louisiana
• Each year, successfully sponsor legislation
• Representation on Ethics Board
• Launch of new web site, designed with a fresh user-friendly experience
  and updated resources,
• Awarded 2 Traveling Fellowships ($5,000/each), and grant money to the
  AIAS chapters of the 5 schools of architecture ($500/each)
• Involvement in FP&C regulation meetings
• Sponsored ARE educational sessions and statewide IDP summit
• Recipient of the 2008 National Component Excellence Award for the
  Intern Development Summit
• Co-sponsored the new licensee reception with the Louisiana State Board
  of Architectural Examiners (licensing board)
                     AIA Louisiana
• Dialogue with State Licensing Board concerning LLC rules
• Active involvement with Priestley Charter School (Legacy project)
• Co-sponsored Center for Planning Excellence Summit, Beau Soleil (the
  Louisiana Solar Home – ULL), LA Tech Habitat for Humanity, LA Trust for
  Historic Preservation
• Conducted outreach to public officials on architects’ important role in
  planning and design with communities
• Dedicated $9,000 in AEPlans revenue to intern development programs
• AIALA PAC support of legislators
                      AIA Louisiana
• Raised $10,000 for the La. Architectural Foundation. Grant recipients
  included Priestley Charter School for Architecture and Construction; AIA
  New Orleans: DesCours: Architectural and Visual Arts; and AIA Baton
  Rouge: “Architecture: The Process Behind the Project” and “Building
  Blocks: If Kids Ruled the City”
• Developed membership recruitment brochure for use by local chapters
• Distributed flyers to educate local officials on state fee curve changes and
  the importance of hiring an AIA architect
• Publicized Honor Award winners, state board members, Celebrate
  Architecture symposium/speakers
                    AIA Louisiana
AIA Louisiana Leadership/Committee Structure

A – Alliance Development – Leadership: Mark Stielper, AIA
R – Recruitment & Retention – Leadership: Will Tregre, AIA
C – Communications – Leadership: Jeffri Spikes, AIA
F – Fiscal – Leadership: Charles Montgomery, AIA
E – Education – Leadership: Tracy Lea, AIA
L – Legislative – Leadership: Jay Chase, AIA
A – Advocacy – Leadership: Jay Chase, AIA
Engage. Connect. Succeed.

Architect Member (AIA)
Individuals licensed to practice architecture in a U.S. state or territory.

National Dues: $246/year
State Dues: $60/1st year of membership; $70/2nd year; $80/thereafter
(1st and 2nd year dues does not apply to reinstating members)
(+ state supplemental dues, if applicable. $120/year per employee)
Local Dues: For local chapter dues, go to:

Membership dues are calculated on a calendar year, January to December. New member dues are
prorated quarterly.

Associate Member ( Assoc. AIA)
Associate AIA is open to individuals who meet the following criteria:
•   Professional degree in architecture
•   Currently enrolled in the Intern Development Program (IDP) and working towards licensure
•   Currently work under the supervision of an architect
•   Faculty member in a university program in architecture

National Dues: $106/year
State Dues: $60/year (1st year dues waived) (does not apply to reinstating members)
Local Dues: For local chapter dues, go to:

Membership dues are calculated on a calendar year, January to December. New
member dues are prorated quarterly.

New-Graduate Membership ( Assoc. AIA)
In order to take advantage of the new graduate offer, you must have
graduated with a professional degree in architecture from an accredited
school of architecture during the 2011-2012 academic years. Eligible
individuals must provide a copy of their diploma or transcript for verification
(Complimentary membership with the AIA at the Associate level for up to 18 months after
graduation and receive complimentary registration for the AIA 2012 National Convention and
Design Exposition in Washington, DC, May 17-18, 2012)
National Dues: First year dues are waived
State Dues: First year dues are waived
Local Dues: (amount varies depending on chapter)

International Associate Member ( Assoc. AIA)
Individuals who have an architecture license or equivalent from a non-U.S.
licensing authority

National Dues: $178/year
State Dues: $60/year
Local Dues: For local chapter dues, go to:

Membership dues are calculated on a calendar year, January to December. New
member dues are prorated quarterly.

National Individual Allied Membership
National Individual Allied Membership is designed for those individuals who do
not qualify as AIA or Associate AIA members, but are employed outside the
architecture practice and are involved in positions allied to the field of
National Allied Membership does not include membership at the state and local
levels. For information about local allied membership, please contact your state
and local component.

National Dues: $329/year
State Dues: N/A
Local Dues: N/A
Membership dues are calculated on a calendar year, January to December. New
member dues are prorated quarterly.
State and Local Allied Individual Membership
(Professional Affiliate)
State and Local Allied Membership is designed for those individuals who do not qualify as
AIA or Associate AIA members, but are employed outside the architecture practice and are
involved in positions allied to the field of architecture.

State and Local Allied Membership does not include membership at the National level. For
information about local and state allied membership, please contact your state and local

National Dues: N/A
State Dues: $100/year
Local Dues: (amount varies depending on chapter)
Membership dues are calculated on a calendar year, January to December. New member
dues are prorated quarterly.
                    Other Membership
Other AIA membership designations:

Emeritus (AIA-E)
Emeritus membership is open to AIA architect or associate members whose
membership has been in good standing for 15 successive years, and/or:
 - At least 65 years of age
 - Incapacitated as to be unable to work in the architecture profession (a letter
   of explanation is required)
 - Has achieved Emeritus status under law in any state of the United States

 Contact AIA Louisiana for the “2012 Emeritus Membership Elevation” Form
             Other Membership
AIA’s most prestigious honor is the designation of a
member as FAIA (Fellow). This membership is
awarded to members who have made contributions
of national significance to the profession.
Architect members who have been in good standing
for at least ten years may be nominated for
Fellowship. Architect members may be advanced to
Fellowship under guidelines set by the AIA Board if
they have contributed notably to the advancement of
the profession of architecture.

An “Architect Membership Elevation” form must be completed
and submitted to AIA, along with a copy of your current license.
If this process is not completed, your AIA designation will remain
as Associate AIA.

Contact AIA Louisiana for a “Architect Membership Elevation” Form

To transfer your membership from one state
and/or local component to another, a “Transfer
Request” application must be completed.

Contact AIA Louisiana for the “Transfer Request” Form

AIA membership payments are due on or before
January 15th. Grace period is through March 15.
Nonpayment of dues by March 15 will result in
termination of membership.
Renew your membership online at, or mail all renewal invoices
and new and reinstating membership applications
to: The American Institute of Architects, c/o P. O.
Box 64185, Baltimore, MD 21264-4185
• Renew your 2012 AIA membership by
  December 31, 2011, and receive one free
  continuing education course from AIA Virtual
  Convention, which offers online education
  anytime, anywhere.
Dues Installment Program
All renewing members are eligible to participate
in the 2012 Dues Installment Program. Enroll by
April 30, and pay your membership dues in
installments. 2012 membership dues must be
paid in full by June 30, 2012. For more info,
Dues Installment Program
To enroll in the DIP, members must agree to the
program’s terms and conditions and pay a $40
administrative fee to help cover the cost of
administering the program. The administrative fee
will be distributed in equal portions to the member’s
monthly installment payments. To enroll, visit: or
Dues Installment Program

Up to six installments, based on the day of
enrollment, are available in the 2012 plan. You
may enroll in the program up through April 30,
2012. April 30, 2012 is the last day to enroll.
Dues Installment Program
Based on enrollment date, available installments are
as follows:

October 2011 – January 31, 2012: Up to six installments
February 1, 2012 – April 30, 2012: Up to five installments
March 1, 2012 – April 30, 2012: Up to four installments
April 1, 2012 – April 30, 2012: Up to three installments
Waiver of Dues
Members may request a dues waiver or adjustment
due to:
• Financial Hardship
• Medical Disability
• Sabbatical
• Family Leave
• Unemployment/partial employment
Waiver of Dues
When a membership dues adjustment request is
submitted and approved by the AIA Secretary, the
dues will be adjusted equally across all of the
components to which a member is assigned. The
State and Local component must certify that they are
in agreement with the Waiver and/or reduction.
Contact AIA Louisiana for a “Dues Adjustment Request” Form
           State Supplemental

Supplemental dues are levied by AIA Louisiana
and helps underwrite the expense of providing
programs and services received by the
profession as a whole. AIA Louisiana tailors it
programs and services to meet the needs of all
its members. The following list contains the
benefits that are shared by the profession as a
           State Supplemental
• AIA Contract Documents is the standard in
  design and construction
• Government Advocacy – lobbing for laws and
  codes to protect the architects’ interests and
  educate legislators about the issues that
  directly affect the practice of architecture
• Branding – advocating to the public the value
  of the architect’s role in the community
              State Supplemental

• Public Outreach – creating public belief in the value of
  design and a preference for AIA members as valued
  partners in the creation of a better built environment
• Media Relations –creating awareness among major
  national media and industry trade press explaining the
  benefits of an architects’ early involvement in the
  planning process, and highlighting the architect’s role as
  a leader in community and sustainable design
• Support of Emerging Professionals – ARE preparation
  programs, ARE Study materials, and Intern Summit
            State Supplemental

• Education programs designed to enrich the
  relationship between architecture educations and
  practice, further integrating practice culture and
  practical experiences into professional degree
  education, and promote continuing professional
  development in diverse practice settings
About CES Discovery
(launched October 25, 2010)

AIA CES Discovery is a Web-based, automated system for
managing AIA members’ continuing education credits and
transcripts. The AIA CES records management system is a single,
Web-based point of contact for all CES needs, including the
• On demand access to transcripts and course offerings
• More customized course – and provider-search functions.
AIA = requires 18 LU hours annually to retain your
membership in the AIA. Of those 18 LU hours, at least 8
hours must be in Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW). Of
those 8 HSW hours, at least 4 hours must be in topics
relating to sustainable design (SD) (through 2012).

Louisiana State Board of Architectural Examiners =
requires 12 hours/CEH’s annually to retain/renew your
license in Louisiana. All 12 hours must qualify for Health,
Safety and Welfare (HSW).
*LU = Learning Units (AIA)
CEH = Continuing Education Hour (Licensing Board)
CES = Continuing Education System (AIA/CES) (AIA’s
HSW = Health, Safety & Welfare
SD = Sustainable Design
*Beginning January 1, 2012, LU’s will become CEH’s

LU’s and CEH’s are both computed in hours:
1 LU = 1 hour of instruction
1 CEH = 1 hour of instruction
The AIA Board of Directors modified the AIA-
member continuing education requirement to
include 4 hours of education in sustainable design
as part of the existing 18-hour annual
requirement. This sustainable design requirement
goes into effect in calendar year 2009 and extends
through 2012.
AIA/CES Providers

To ensure the highest qualify professional standards,
AIA/CES Providers complete a comprehensive
evaluation. Only AIA/CES Providers can offer
professional learning units, the hallmark of quality in
continuing education and training.
When attending a program sponsored by an AIA/CES
Provider, the provider will report your attendance to
AIA/CES Discovery for inclusion on your AIA transcript.
Non-AIA/CES Providers
If you attend a seminar/program sponsored by a non-AIA/CES
provider, you must self–report your attendance via AIA’s web site
(AIA/CES Discovery).
Beginning January 1, 2012, aligning closer with state licensing boards’
practice, AIA/CES providers will need to report HSW courses for members to
receive HSW credits. Members can continue to self-report non-HSW credit
hours, but will no longer be able to self-report HSW credit hours.

Sign in with current email address and password
(password is last name, case sensitive, unless password was reset)
You can access your transcript, self-report and
many other resources online 24/7:

Sign in with current email address and password
(password is last name, case sensitive, unless password was reset)

AIA Virtual Convention
AIA’s Virtual Convention is a Web-based system that
features a rich variety of online courses carefully
selected from recent national conventions.
Course/transcript questions:
Waiver of AIA Continuing Education Requirements

Architect members may petition for a waiver of all or part of
the CE requirement for any one year only on the following
• Medical disability or other serious health condition affecting the member
for a period of more than six months and/or throughout the last three
months of the year
• An unexpected, temporary assignment outside the member’s country of
residence for a period of more than six months and/or throughout the final
three months of the year; or
Waiver of AIA Continuing Education Requirements

• Severe financial hardship

The Secretary of the Institute, at his or her discretion, may also
grant a waiver for other such good cause as the member may

For additional info and to submit a waiver petition, visit:
          Louisiana Architects
            Selection Board

The Louisiana Architects Selection Board is
operated under the Division of
Administration, Facility Planning and
Control. The Selection Board is not
affiliated with AIA Louisiana in any manner.
          Louisiana Architects
            Selection Board

As a member benefit, AIA Louisiana emails
the Architectural Services Wanted
advertisements to our members and their
staff. We are notified of projects via FP&C’s
Electronic Notification.
           Louisiana Architects
             Selection Board
You can access the following forms and
services from FP&C’s web site:

Selection Boards
  • Architects Selection Board Services Form and
  • 2007 LASB Application
       Louisiana Architects
         Selection Board

• Selection Board Advertisements and
• Electronic Notification of LASB
• LASB Member List
• Selection Board Calendar
              Louisiana Architects
                Selection Board
“Design and Construction” link:
• Documents for Construction
  •   Instructions to Designers
  •   Louisiana Code for State Owned Buildings
  •   La. Administrative Code, Title 34, Gov’t Contracts, etc.
  •   Change Order Form
  •   BCI and CPI and Schedule of Representative Fees
      BCI=Building Cost Index      CPI = Consumer Price Index
  • 1985, 2004 and 2006 Editions of the Louisiana Capital
    Improvement Projects Procedure Manual for Design
    and Construction
                 Louisiana Architects
                   Selection Board
FP&C staff contacts can be found at:

Facility Planning and Control
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 94095, Baton
Rouge, LA 70804
Physical: 7th Floor, Claiborne Bldg., 1201
North Third St., Baton Rouge LA 70804
          Louisiana Architects
            Selection Board

The Architects Selection Board is
comprised of five architects from districts
around the state, John Davis, Mark Moses,
and a representative from the user agency.
AIA Louisiana submits nominees from each
            Louisiana Architects
              Selection Board
Terms commence on September 15th of
each year through September 14th of the
following year.
- 1 year term
- Cannot receive state work during term or for 6
  months thereafter
- Must be a resident architect holding a current
  Louisiana license
                 AIA Contract

• AIA Contract Documents has been the industry
  standard for 120 years. There are over 140 AIA
  contract documents.
• AIA Louisiana is a Full Service Distributor, which
  means we must adhere to a standard of service. AIA
  Louisiana sells only hard-copy documents. Software
  must be purchased through AIA.
• AIA contract documents are copyrighted.
               AIA Contract
Get support from AIA staff for answers to your
questions about the content or usage of AIA
Contracts Documents, by calling: 202-626-7526
or email:
                    AIA Contract

How to Choose an AIA Contract Documents
                     AIA Contract
• Annual Limited Docs 100 License
     - Member Price: $189 (available only to AIA members)
• Annual Limited Docs 300 License
     - Member Price: $299
     - Non-member Price: $469
• Annual Unlimited Single Seat License
     - Member Price: $679
     - Non-member Price: $969
                 AIA Contract
• Annual Unlimited Multi Seat License
     Member Pricing
     - Up to five seats     $2,119
     - 10 seats             $4,059
     - 20 seats             $8,059
     - 30 seats             $11,099
     - 40 seats             $14,699
     - 50 seats or more     Call the AIA for pricing
                 AIA Contract
• Annual Unlimited Multi Seat License
     Non-Member Pricing
     - Up to five seats     $3,449
     - 10 seats             $6,449
     - 20 seats             $12,669
     - 30 seats             $18,799
     - 40 seats             $24,799
     - 50 seats or more     Call the AIA for pricing
                    AIA Contract
For AIA Contract Documents Reference Material,
including free downloadable documents, synopses,
amendments, supplementary conditions, etc., visit:

To access the AIA Contract Documents Knowledge
Base, which includes an extensive view into the AIA
Contract Documents Software and the Content of
AIA Contract Documents, visit:
                  AIA Contract
AIA Documents-on-Demand Online Store
The AIA DoD is an easy-to-use and cost-effective, web-
based solution allowing access to over 70 of the most
popular AIA Contract Documents that can be quickly
and easily completed online.
• Access to 72 AIA Contract Documents
• Convenient: 24/7 access to the most popular
  documents, anytime, anywhere
               AIA Contract
• Flexible: Purchase one or several documents –
only the documents you need when you need
• Fast: Print your document in a few minutes
              AIA Louisiana
             Awards Program

The AIA Louisiana Awards Program is made up
of two sections – the Power Point submission
and the Presentation Board. Both the Power
Point and presentation board must be submitted
in order to qualify your project in the Awards
program. Failure to submit all material will be
grounds for disqualification.
                 AIA Louisiana
                Awards Program

No animations, overlapping photos or hyper links in the
Power Point presentation. If these are used, the submittal
will be disqualified. Use digital images in provided
template only. Submission must have between 8 and 12
image slides and 2 information slides. There may be
multiple images on an individual slide, however all
images must fit within the 7”x7” square indicated on the
sample slide. Image resolution is limited to 100-300 dpi,
and the maximum size of the Power Point submission file,
in its entirety, should not exceed 15 mb.
                  AIA Louisiana
                 Awards Program

Comments from past jurors and chairmen:

•   Poor photography will kill the best architecture
•   Do not use overlapping photos
•   1st impression image: Building vs. Plan
•   Bullet points vs. Prose
                AIA Louisiana
               Awards Program

• Use only your best images – fewer high quality
  images is better. The jury will probably make their
  first cut based on their first impression without
  digging into the details
• Convey your design intent. Most often this isn’t
  obvious from the photos. Use your descriptive text
  to convey this
                AIA Louisiana
               Awards Program
• Emphasize how your building made a difference –
what impact it had. Jurors would like to see the
effectiveness of the building
• And last, but not least…make sure that you read,
understand and follow the rules carefully! If you are
unclear about a particular rule, please call for
  Design Administration Workshop
Thank you for your interest and attendance at
   today’s Design Administration Workshop

Thank you for your membership and support of
     The American Institute of Architects

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