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									   Hate Crime Symposium

Hate Crime: Policy & Practice
         11th September
Hendon Campus, Middlesex University

                                      Theo Gavrielides, CEO

                                      Anthony Salla, Hate Crime Policy Officer
Race on the Agenda
•   Social policy think-tank set up in April 1984 which works with London’s
    Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities and others
    interested in race equality, towards achieving social justice by the
    elimination of discrimination and promotion of human rights, diversity and
    equality of opportunity.
•   We achieve these aims by informing London’s strategic decision-makers
    about the issues affecting the BAME third sector and the communities it
    serves and by making government policy more accessible to London’s
    BAME organisations
•   Current policy priorities: Crime & Anti-social behaviour, Equalities &
    Human Rights, Community Cohesion, Health & Social Services and
    Regional Government.
Restoring Relations Project (RRP)
A London-wide cooperative initiative, which aims to help reduce hate crime and its
impact through the use of restorative justice and the encouragement of multi-agency
partnerships between the Third Sector and crime reduction agencies.


Reduce hate crime in London boroughs by encouraging stakeholders to concentrate
resources on types of crime, types of victims and perpetrators and geographical
•   Produce models for short-term conflict resolution and long-term prevention
•   Forge and maintain multi-agency partnerships between Third Sector
    organisations and statutory bodies


Phase 1: Desk Research (June 2006 – June 2007)
Phase 2: Fieldwork (June 2007- 2008(
Phase 3: Dissemination and implementation (2008 – ongoing)
Youth Advisory Group – acting as a scrutiny panel

       Funders since 2006
KEY FINDINGS: Gaps & Challenges
•   Definitional ambiguity: research/policy/legislation/implementation.

•   Reporting of hate crime

•   Nature of hate crime in London

•   Hate crime as a multi-dimensional issue

•   Working in Silos

•   An effective response from the CJS for lesser incidents is currently absent.
MAIN FINDINGS: Recommendations

•   Prevention – the key to combating hate crime

•   Supporting community based Restorative Justice programmes

•   Building, maintaining and sourcing cross-sector multi-agency partnerships
ROTA: Moving forward together
•   Transformative Justice Forum (Increase collaboration between the Third
    sector & statutory bodies and formulate strategies to share best practice).

•   Develop and inform policy about the needs of groups that suffer high
    victimisation levels

•   Increase awareness of CJS and support services available to victims

•   Training and networking
Topics for discussion:
• Best practice examples: multi-agency work

• RJ, prevention and young people

• Policy and legislative improvements for moving forward
Contact Details
   Race on the Agenda
   Unit 101, Cremer Business Centre,
   37 Cremer Street
   London E2 8HD

   020 77291310

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