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					  DESKTOP 2002


   March 11, 2002

Executive Summary

Building on the success of previous releases of the standard FAU Desktop, Academic
Computing Services has developed the 2002 FAU Desktop. Earlier versions were
developed to take advantage of new operating system releases, such as Windows NT 4.0
and Windows 2000 Professional, and to provide users with current versions of standard
desktop applications and utilities. The 2002 FAU Desktop is the next step in this

The 2002 FAU Desktop is designed to function with, and to take advantage of features
available in Microsoft’s latest operating system for business networks, Windows XP
Professional. On April 8, 2002, this latest version of the FAU Desktop will be released.
All new workstations pre-installed with Windows XP Professional, as well as existing
workstations upgraded from previous versions of the Windows operating system will
have the 2002 FAU Desktop installed. This desktop standard will be supported on all
FAU campuses.

Joe Di Liddo
Manager, Information Technology and Desktop Support Services
Academic Computing Services

Migration Plan
Beginning April 8, 2002, Academic Computing Services (ACS) will install and support
Windows XP Professional and the 2002 FAU Desktop. This is the next step in the
continued development of the standard desktop applications made available to faculty
and staff. As stated in the ACS Strategic Plan,1 desktop development is a continuous
process where support for new software versions begins within six to nine months after
their release. At the same time, support for the oldest software versions will be phased
out in completion of the application support life cycle. Keeping our desktops
standardized in this way will increase support efficiency, maximize the use of an ever
improving network infrastructure, facilitate file migration and sharing, and eliminate the
redundant use of different software applications employed for the same function.

Windows XP Professional will be available for installation on new workstations and
older machines that meet the minimum requirements established for this operating
system. Due to the instability of traditional upgrades, Windows XP Professional will not
be installed over previous versions of Windows. Rather, user data will be backed up; the
hard drive will be reformatted; and a new installation of the operating system will be
performed. Though this is a longer, more time-consuming process, it is a more reliable,
resulting in greater operating system stability. New installations of the Windows NT
operating system have come to an end as of December 31, 2001, however, support of
existing Windows NT systems will continue. Windows 2000 Professional will continue
to be installed on appropriate hardware configurations through 2003, with support
available through 2004.

The new 2002 Desktop will advance our existing FAU Domain Model, allowing for
single user logon with a central FAU account for workstation access, desktop
authentication, domain authentication, and the mounting of network drives. Local
usernames and passwords will continue to be phased out. With the new 2002 Desktop for
Windows XP, older or incompatible versions of supported software applications will be
replaced by current versions. Furthermore, additional utilities have been added. Specific
changes are as follows.

 Academic Computing Services Strategic Plan 2000-2003: Blueprint for the Millenium, Strategic Goals
Objective 14, Academic Computing Services, Information Resource Management, Florida Atlantic

1. Microsoft Office XP (2002) - Per our Microsoft Campus Agreement, Office
   XP (2002) will replace version 2000 and is included with the standard desktop
   installation. FrontPage 2002 is included in the Office suite, replacing the 2000

2. Microsoft Outlook – This email client is included with the default installation
   of Microsoft Office XP. Faculty and staff will continue to be migrated from
   Eudora Lite to MS Outlook.

3. Internet Explorer 6.0 – This will replace version 5.01. The continuing
   migration of Netscape users to Internet Explorer as a default web browser is
   essential for better security. Access to intranet web access with single user logon
   and authentication using central FAU accounts is another benefit. Additionally,
   many software applications require recent versions of Internet Explorer to
   function properly.

4. McAfee VirusScan 4.5.1 – This is the latest product version compatible with
   Windows XP Professional and Internet Explorer 6.0. It will replace the existing
   version 4.5.0.

5. Hummingbird Host Explorer 7.1 – This Windows XP compatible version
   will replace version 6.2.

6. Hummingbird FTP 7.1 – This product is bundled with Hummingbird Host
   Explorer 7.1 and will replace the incompatible freeware application WS FTPLE

7. Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.05– This version can be read by screen reader
   applications such as JAWS and WindowEyes, and is therefore ADA compliant. It
   will replace version 4.0.

8. Windows XP Professional Desktop Guide – This useful guide is
   available on the desktop to help end-users become accustomed to the Windows
   XP Professional operating system and the FAU desktop. It is similar in form to
   past guides for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Professional.

9. System Status icon – This new FAU Services folder desktop icon is a link to
   the System Status web page. Kept current by the IRM Help Desk, this page
   provides up to date information regarding IRM related systems and services.
   Information can include scheduled system maintenance, downtime or other
   system-related issues.

In conjunction with these application updates and changes, a revision of current desktop
folders and icons can also be found on the 2002 FAU Desktop. The FAU Applications
and FAU Services folders include the following icons:

FAU Applications Folder:
Outlook 2002
Word 2002
Excel 2002
Access 2002
PowerPoint 2002
Internet Explorer 6.0
Acrobat Reader 5.0
Windows XP Professional Desktop Guide

FAU Services Folder
FAU Directory
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Service Requests (EForms)
System Status

       Supported desktop configurations

2001    Windows NT 4.0              OS Support:
        200 MHz processor           Windows 95
        32 MB RAM
        2GB hard drive              OS Installation/Support:
                                    Windows NT 4.0
        Windows 2000 Professional   Windows 2000 Professional
        300 MHz processor
        128MB RAM                   Desktop Support:
        4GB hard drive              1999 FAU Desktop (Windows 95 and Windows NT)
                                    MS Office 97 (Windows 95 and Windows NT)

                                    Desktop Installation/Support:
                                    2000 FAU Desktop (Windows NT)
                                    2001 FAU Desktop (Windows 2000)
                                    MS Office 2000 (Windows NT and Windows 2000)
2002    Windows 2000 Professional   OS Support:
        300 MHz processor           Windows NT 4.0
        128MB RAM
        4GB hard drive              OS Installation/Support:
                                    Windows 2000 Professional
        Windows XP Professional     Windows XP Professional
        450MHz processor
        128MB RAM                   Desktop Support:
        6GB hard drive              2000 FAU Desktop (Windows NT)
                                    MS Office 97 (Windows NT)

                                    Desktop Installation/Support:
                                    2001 FAU Desktop (Windows 2000)
                                    2002 FAU Desktop (Windows XP)
                                    MS Office 2000 (Windows NT and Windows 2000)
                                    MS Office XP (Windows 2000 and Windows XP)
2003    Windows 2000 Professional   OS Support:
        300 MHz processor           Windows NT 4.0
        128MB RAM
        4GB hard drive              OS Installation/Support:
                                    Windows 2000 Professional
        Windows XP Professional     Windows XP Professional
        450MHz processor
        128MB RAM                   Desktop Support:
        6GB hard drive              2001 FAU Desktop (Windows 2000)
                                    MS Office 2000 (Windows NT and Windows 2000)

                                    Desktop Installation/Support:
                                    2002 FAU Desktop (Windows XP)
                                    MS Office XP (Windows 2000 and Windows XP)


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