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					The Family Life Resource

 Speakeasy is being delivered across the County in
    many Children and Family Support Centres
   Speakeasy is an accredited course encouraging
    parents to talk to their children about puberty, sex
    and relationships
   Speakeasy is considered especially useful when
    working with young parents
   Speakeasy is expensive and involves a heavy
   Speakeasy is a sexual health course and therefore
    not usually the remit of the Children’s Centre
                   Family Life

 Family Life is a free resource that can be used
  without signing up, training up, stocking up or
  committing to!
 Family Life contains everything needed to set up
  and deliver a 4 session, non-educational parent
 Family Life sessions can stand alone and be used
  as individual discussion aids
 Family Life can be used to supplement other
  courses eg SFSC or to meet specific group needs
            Why Children’s Centres?

Families access Children’s Centres for many reasons, including:
 Support
 Learning
 Parenting skills
 Communication
 Confidence building
 New ideas / initiatives

Family Life offers free & easy to use resources that can aid your

Through presenting topics for discussions or activities Family Life
  challenges existing views and encourages the development of new
  ideas. It promotes family communication and raising of self esteem.
                  Session Topics

 Puberty & Growing Up

 Talking to Children and Young People

 Influences Pressures on Family Life

 SRE in schools and at home
                 Family Life & Self Esteem

The biggest strength of Family Life is the promotion of
 positive activity between parent and child

Example Activity                  What I like best about my child

                                          Clever at making virtual robots
       Plays nicely with others
                                          Cute in pyjamas
             Good at swimming
                                          Not grumpy when poorly
               Makes us laugh

 A parent thinking positive thoughts about their child has a
            huge impact on the child’s self esteem.

 Session Aims

 Session Plan

 Appendix

 Worksheets / Factsheets / Quizzes
       Accessing the Family Life course

        Family Life will eventually be available
                   as a download.
        A hard copy is available to each of the
              Children’s Centres in Kent
The resource book or any part of it can be photocopied
     for use by anyone supporting parents in Kent

Information and regular updates about Family Life can
  be found on the Supporting Parents page:
If you would like to know anything more
          about Family Life

 Or about the opportunities offered by
      Collingwood Training
            please contact:

        Catherine Collingwood

         Or visit the website:

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