Microsoft Powerpoint 2000 Online Tutorial Sierra Online Video E by 091yM18


									                                                   Vince Valenzuela
         Dramatic Artists Agency~50-16th Ave~Kirkland WA 98033~(425)827-4147ph~(425)827-1948 fx

                          Height: 5’8’       Hair: Black      Suite: 44 S           Waist/Inseam: 34/30
                               Weight: 180lbs.    Eyes: Brown       Shirt: 16.5-32/33    Hat: 7.25
        Comedy Central(5x) Make Me Laugh                        Comedian               Dove 4 Point Prods.
        Showtime                Sherman Oaks                    Art Student            Vin Di Bona Prods.
        A & E’s (2x)            An Evening at the Improv        Comedian               TeleAmerica Prods.
        HBO’s                   Loco Slam                       Comedian               There Goes the Neighborhood Prods.
        Entertainment Tonight        Interview                  Comedian               Paramount Productions
        PAX                     Ed MacMahons Next Big Star Comedian                    Next Big Star Productions
        PBS                     Comics A to Z                   Comedian               Sosumi Productions
        Si’ TV(2x)              Funny is Funny                  Comedian               Valdez Productions
        Galavision              Que Locos                       Comedian               Mars Entertainment
        USA’s                   Up All Night                    Comedian               The Production Group
        KTLA’s                  Comedy Compadres                Comedian               KTLA, Los Angeles/Valdez Prods.
        KIRO                    In Color                        Comedian               KIRO TV, Seattle WA
        Qwest/Direct TV         Couch TV guy                    National               FAD, Los Angeles, CA
        Jack in the Box         Manager Extreme Makeover        National               Secret Weapon, Los Angeles, CA
        Dept. of Nat’l Res. Yuppy Cell Phone Litterer           Regional               Production Partners
        FedEx Ground            Deliveryman                     National Sales Film    Paul Hopkins Prods.
        Taco Del Mar            Baja Shrimp                     Regional               H2
        Microsoft               Account Rep                     National               Magic Hour Films, Seattle
        Microsft                Celebrity Poker                 National               Microsoft Studios
        Microsoft               Miguel Email Protocol           International          Sue Corcoran Productions
        Muzak                   Adidas Store Manager            National CD-Rom        Zero Gravity Productions
        City University         Casual Businessman              National               Talking Dog Media
        Microsoft/Dominos Domino’s Pizza Chef                   Nat’l Software Pitch   Microsoft Studios
        Boyds Coffee            Espresso Barista                Nat’l Training Video   Snoqualmie Films
        MTV                     Painter                         National
        McDonalds               Pedestrian                      National
        Rainier Beer            Pedestrian                      National
        American Express        Privacy Spokesperson            Internet                         Media Pro, Bellevue WA
        Nintendo                Tenchu Samuri/Game              Worldwide                        Nintendo
        Nintendo                Tenchu Bandit/Game              Worldwide                        Nintendo
        Seattle Mariners(3x) Young Patriotic Rabid Fan          Regional                         Bad Animals, Seattle WA
        Taco Time               Dorky Husband                   Regional                         Digital One Portland OR
        Homestreet Bank         New Customer/Print Shop         Regional                         Copacino, Seattle WA
        Port of Subs            New York Tony                   Regional                         Innerwest, Reno NV
        Bully’s Sports Bar(2x )Midget Wrestler/Anncr            Regional                         Bad Animals, Seattle WA
        Taco Del Mar            Baja Shrimp/mondo burritos      Regional                         Pure Audio, Seattle WA
        Nooksack Casino(3x) Lucky Joker Character               Regional                         Bad Animals, Seattle WA
        Microsoft               Xbox Video Game/Venard          Worldwide                        Microsoft Studios, Redmond WA
        Nordic Track            Beach Volleyball Player         National Infomercial             Respond 2
        Microsoft Word 2000, Outlook 2000 Online Tutorial Worldwide Web                                     Microsoft Studios, Redmond WA
        Microsoft Media Player, Office 2000       Online Tutorial          “                  “             “          “
        Microsoft Photo Draw 200, Active Sync “            “ “             “                     “          “
        Microsoft Project 2000, Excel, Instant Messaging “ “               “                     “          “
        Microsoft Powerpoint 2000          Online Tutorial      “          “                     “          “
        Sierra Online Video E.LA Gangmember/Waiter              Worldwide                        Sierra Online,Bellevue, WA Megabucks
        Lottery     Air Traffic Reporter             Regional                          Pure Audio, Seattle
        U of Arizona Football(5x) Joe Arizona/Animated Fan Regional                              Digital Reign Studios,Tuscon AZ
        Bud Light Beer          Bud Light Radio Network         Local                            Anhauser-Busch, St. Louis MO
        Edmark/IBM          Loony Loon CD Rom-Surfer Dude National                               Edmark Studios, Redmond WA
        Sierra SWAT Game East LA Gangbanger/Waiter              International                    Sierra Software, Bellevue WA Sleep
        Country USA             Guy Friend                      Regional                         Glen Sound, Seattle WA
        Sleep Country USA Eurotrash Fashion Guy                 Regional                         “                       “
        Nordstrom           Glitch Y2k Show-Contestant/Anncr National                            Glen Sound, Seattle WA
        Carter Volkswagon Pitchman(12x)                         Local                            Production Partners, Seattle WA
        Seattle Sonics          Deadpan Fan                     Local
        Sleep Train             Nice Guy                        Regional                         Glen Sound, Seattle WA
        Sleep Train             Train Engineer(3x)              Regional                         Glen Sound, Seattle WA
        Car Toys                Customer                        Regional                         Pure Audio, Seattle WA
        Terabeam Corp.(2x) Spokesperson                         Worldwide Web                    Jungle Studios, Seattle
Online High School Counselor   Worldwide Web   Pop Multimedia, Seattle WA

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