How to Change a Flat Tire - PowerPoint by HC120730133036


									Representor: Yoo D. Moon
Date : November 25, 2008
 What    you will need

 Process

 Tips   and warning
   Jack

   Lug wrench

 Spare tire
 Tire blocks (Optional)
 Gloves (Optional)
 Flashlight (Optional)
 Step   1 : Choose your spot well
    Put the car in park in a level area
    Apply parking break
    Put manual transmissions in gear
    Turn Engine off/ turn on hazard light
    Open the hood
 Step   2 : Remove tools from vehicle
    Wedge wheel using a solid object
    Get a spare tire, lug nut wrench, and jack.

 Step   3 : Loosen the lug huts
    Remove the hubcap,
     if necessary
    Using the lug wrench, begin to
     loosen the lug nuts
    Do not remove the lug nuts,
     only loosen them
 Step     4 : Jack up the vehicle
    Position the jack under the car, and raise until it
     contacts the frame
        Position the jack on the right position
          Contacts the car at a small plate
           on the frame of the car
          The plate is located just in
           front of the rear tires, and
           just behind the from tires.

    Extend the jack about 6 inches off the ground
 Step     5 : Remove the flat tire
    Remove the lug nuts from the bolts, and put
     them aside
    Grab the wheel
        Easy way : grab the tire at the
                  “nine o’clock” and
                  “three o’clock” position
    Pull the wheel straight toward you, and off the
 Step   6 : Put on the spare tire
    Position the spare tire directly in front of the
     wheel well
    Align the holes in the center of the spare tire
     with the bolts on the car
    Lift the spare tire and position it on the threaded
    Push the tire onto the car until it cannot go any
    Replace the lug nuts on the bolts and tighten
     them, but not too tight
 Step   7 : Lower the vehicle
    Lower the car with the jack until the car is again
     resting on all four tires
    Tighten the lug nuts with one, then moving to
     the one opposite it, and so on
 Step   8 : Put the tools away
    Place the tools and the flat tire back to the
     original place

    Carefully inspect your work area and make sure
     that you are not leaving anything
 Put   them all together
 Squirt oil on the base of stuck lug nuts
 Keep equipment ready
 Never get under car with only a jack for
 Pull lug nuts (Don’t push)
 Use knees (Not back) when using wrench
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