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4CH Mobile H.264 Digital Video Recorder

  Chapter I. Before Use
   1.1. Important Safety Notice ···········································································         3
   1.2. Introduction ···························································································    5
   1.3. Specification ··························································································    6
   1.4. Material in a package ··············································································        7
   1.5. Installation ····························································································   9

  Chapter II. Getting Started
   2.1. IR Remote Controller ···············································································        10
   2.2. Live Screen ···························································································     10
   2.3. Menu Screen ·························································································       11

  Chapter III. Viewer Software
   3.1. Installation Viewer on PC ··········································································        20
   3.2. Viewer Window ·······················································································       22
   3.3. Viewer Icons ··························································································     23
   3.4. Backup ·································································································    24

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                                             MCL-4001 User’s manual
                            Chapter I. Before Use

1.1.           Important Safety Notice
 Follow these instructions to help guard against personal injury and damage to your system.
 It is highly recommended that you to read the User’s Manual before you use this product.

            This Manual uses “Warning” and “Notice” attention messages. Refer to the following
            table for:

                Warning: This sign indicates that the user could die or be seriously wounded
                         if not used or installed properly.
                Caution:     This sign indicates that the user could be wounded or could expect
                             property damage if not used or installed properly.
                Notice:      This sign indicates that the user could be taken minor injury or
                             damage to product if not used or installed properly.
                :            Special care should be taken in this case to ensure safety.


     1.   Do not block ventilation holes with any material. It could overheat the unit and cause a fire.
     2.   Do not expose this device to smoke such as comes from candles and cigarettes. It could result in
          a fire.
     3.   Do not use this device near inflammables or combustibles. It could result in fire or explosion.
     4.   Do not insert sharp objects into ventilation openings or A/V port as it may result in electric shock
          and/or fire.
     5.   Never open, repair, and/or modify this device. It could result in electric shock and/or fire. For post-
          purchase service, please contact Technical support.
     6.   Do not install this device in a wet area. It may result in electric shock and/or fire.
     7.   Do not touch the product with wet hands. It may cause malfunction or electric shock.
     8.   Do not spray insecticide or flammable spray while driving. It may cause fire.


     1. Do not clean this device with water. It could result electric shock and/or fire.
     2. Use this device follow right voltage. It could result electric shock and/or fire.
     3. Do not allow children to touch or play with this device. It could result in an electric shock.
     4. Use the power cord, which is supplied or recommended by the supplier, or it may cause fire.
     5. Do not disassemble or reassemble the product. It may cause malfunction or fire.
     6. Enquire to your vendor for repair. It may cause electric shock or fire if the repair is not done
     7. Install this device tightly on surface. It may result in mechanical failure or cause personal injury


     1. Operate this device on a flat surface. Placing the unit upside-down could result in mechanical
        failure or cause personal injury.
     2. If smokes or bad odors are emitted by this device, unplug it immediately and contact technical
        support. Failure to do so may result in electrical shock and or fire.
     3. Place the product where can be free from outer physical shock. It could result electric shock
        and/or fire.

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                                             MCL-4001 User’s manual
4. Install the product on even place where less vibration
5. Product installation must be ensured to a professional for product installation, or it may cause
    malfunction, electric shock or fire.
6. Place the system in open place where air ventilation is guaranteed, or it may cause over-heating
    and seriously damage the system to be fired.
7. Prevent water from instilling inside electrical parts. Clean with a dry towel or malfunction or
    electric shock could result.
8. Use a proper power source. Do not operate this product from a power source that applies more
    than the specified voltage (DC 9V to 29V at least 1A or over).
9. Use a proper unit in vicinity temperature from -20°C to +70°C. If not, it may cause malfunction or
    electric shock.
10. Do not operation unit during drive by yourself. It may cause serious accident or die.

1. Make certain to protect this device from sources of moisture.
2. Do not place a humidifier near the product as extreme humidity can badly affect the product’s
   normal operation
3. Avoid dust, humidity and do not place the product where temperature changes extremely.
4. Do not place the product near a microwave, Radio or TV which can generate signal noise due to
   radio frequency.
5. Direct ray of light can cause abnormal operation. Keep the product away from direct ray of light
6. Prevent metallic foreign substance from going inside the product. It may cause malfunction or
   electric shock.
7. This unit is only support device for user’s convenience. Keep in mind use safety.
8. Do not place the product near microwave, Radio or TV which can generate signal noise due to
   radio frequency.

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                                     MCL-4001 User’s manual
1.2.        Introduction

  This device is Mobile Digital Video Recorder which is applied many kinds of Vehicles and special
  usage. Someone called it mobile black-box but it can take care of video, audio, G-sensor and
  GPS data only. However, it has opened more functions if users want to put special data through
  RS-232, network or USB which is customize project only.

  Mobile Car DVR has been business very long time. It has been installed Buses and Trucks
  generally. At this time, increased many type of users are demand higher quality and stable
  operation by Mobile Car DVR they called Car Black-Box generally.

  This device based CCTV stand alone DVR but it is adjusted to fit mobile industry. Always, mobile
  DVR have problem with unstable electricity power from vehicle environment. We have designed
  for Auto-mobile which is many things are developed how to run in vehicles. For example,
  Electricity power can be accepted 9 Volt to 29 Volt because passenger cars have 12V, and Buses
  or Trucks have 24V. If users want to protect more voltage, we can provide special utility device
  for more voltage protection. And, we use storage that CF-card (Compact Flash Card) has risk
  free for vibration or impact when it is installed auto vehicle. It gives to user easy replace storage
  device or/and easy carry. We provide PC viewer software. Also, it gives easy user interface
  search and abstraction data on PC.
  This device provides easy installation and removes for installer. It is very helpful managing and

  This device has many features for vehicle which are recording video and data to CF-card, SSD
  card or HDD Storage about many information from installed cameras, GPS, G-Sensor or/and
  others during vehicle is operated or parked. It can be evidence for accident or investigation.
  Many options which are GPS, G-sensor and storage are cover from many buyers requested site
  by site because many of projects or clients have different surrounding and situations.

  This device has newest codec compression algorithm technology which is H.264 solution. It has
  high quality and longer recording time. Old fashioned device must use Hard Disk Driver because
  it has large compression video file but H.264 solved that problems. It provides longer recording
  time and higher recorded video quality. User can have many options with it.
  GPS data with recording data shows position of event and track Google Map on the own PC

  Specially, related mobile things Mobile DVR items must be guaranteed keep video data at
  anytime or any situation. This device gives risk free such as loosing data when vehicles crashed
  or accident period because it is dropped many function from cause of problems.

  Choice with this device will give you powerful satisfaction and self protection from unexpected
  accident or situation. It provides you true evidence which is save your life.

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                                       MCL-4001 User’s manual
1.3.               Specification
                              MCL-4001A                                                          Specifications
                                                                Channel                    4ch (Customized connection)
                                                           Signal Selection                   Auto Detection(NTSC/ PAL)
                                 Input                         Input Type                 Composite (Customized Connector)
                                                            Signal Format                               NTSC/ PAL
         Video                                            Video Loss Check                                Support
                                                                                         Rear : TV-OUT (Stereo Jack Connector),
                                                           Display output
                                                                                 Front : TV-out & 12V DC Power out (Wafer Connector)
                                                              Output Type                       Composite 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
                                                            Signal Format                               NTSC/ PAL
                                                                Channel                     4ch (Customized Connector)
         Audio                                                  Codec                                     ADPCM
                            Output (Mono)                                                     1ch (Stereo Jack Connector)
                                                Sensor Input                                      Up to 4ch (Terminal)
                                                Alarm Output                                           1 ch(NC/NO)
                                                                                       NTSC                                      PAL
                                                Frame Rate                        120fps(30fps/ch)                         100fps(25fps/ch)
                                              Channel Disable                                             Support
                                            Video Loss Detection                                          Support
                                                Screen Split                                                1, 4
                                           Rear View Auto Popup                                 Depend on SW (Optioal)*
                                                Compression                                                H.264
                                             Source File Format                             Own file format / AVI file format*
                                                                                       NTSC                                      PAL
                             Resolution &                 360x240/ 352x288      Max 120fps(30fps/ch)                       100fps(25fps/ch)
                           Recording Speed                720x240/ 720x288      Max 120fps(30fps/ch)                       100fps(25fps/ch)
                                                          720x480/ 720x576      Max 60fps(15fps/ch)                        50fps(12 fps/ch)
                                    Adjust Frame Rate per channel                                         Support
                                         Frame Rate Concentration                                      Event Driven*
                                                                 VBR                                 3 Levels, 5 Levels*
                          Image Quality Level
                                                                 CBR                              3 Levels*, 5 Levels*
                                              Recording Mode                             Continuous /     Motion, Sensor or both
                                         Motion Detection Sensitivity                                     Support
                                           Pre Recoding by Alarm                                         1~30 sec*
                                          Post Recoding by Alarm                                         2~300sec*
                                     CF Full Warning (Overwrite)                              Beep & OSD Indication Alert*
                                            daylight saving time                                          Support
                             Exteranl CF                   Interface Type                   CF Memory Card / SSD Card*
                             Memory Card                  Capacity of 1 CF               Over 2 Giga Byte, up to 64 Giga Byte
                               Playback                         Control         One step Forward/ Reverse, Play, Fast Forward/ Reverse
                             (Viewer S/W)                       Speed                                     x2, 4, 8
  Search & Playback
                                             Realtime Playback                                            Support
                                                Search Mode                                          Time & Date, Event
        User I/F                          Video Stream with OSG                                       Own viewer S/W
                                               Multi-Language                                             Support
                                                    GPS                         1 Serial port for External GPS optional device requirment
  Additonal Function
                                                 G-Sensor*                                     3 axis accelometer support
                              External IR Receiver for Remote Controller                     Required 1 Port optional cable
                                            Control & Debugging                                        RS232 / Media
                                             Operation System                                 Embedded Linux (Ver. 2.6.xx)
                                                                                            150x150mm for main board
                                          Dimension (WxHxD mm)
        System                                                                (172x174x40mm with set, 200x205x130mm with package box)
                                                 Net Weight                                     1KG (2KG with package)
                                                 Power Out                                  10.5V DC to camera (4 channel)
                                               Power Source                                             9~29V      1A
 * Optional functions
 ** Customizing project

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                                                              MCL-4001 User’s manual
1.4.        Martrial in a Package
        Main item in the package.

                                                      Remote Controller
                 MOBILE DVR
                                                        AAA BATTERY

                                                              4P Cable X 4
             MANUAL & UTILITY CD
                                                            POWER Cable X 1

                                         *CF-card (Storage) and Power supply are not included

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                                   MCL-4001 User’s manual
 Optional item in the package.

                     CAMERA POWER, VIDEO, AUDIO CABLE

                        CAMERA POWER, VIDEO CABLE

       IR RECEIVER                                      GPS

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                           MCL-4001 User’s manual
1.5.         Installation
                                                             <Sensor In 4 channel>

                                             <Audio/Video Out>

 <Power Input 9V to 29V>                             <GPS Receiver
                <Input Video/Audio Channel
                 & Power Out to Cameras>

                                   <Optional IR Receiver
                                   Extension Connector>

How to connection with Basic Standard Cable

 Power input from some place. This package is not included adapter or power supply because it is
 installed some unfixed place also vehicles have 12V or 24V. It has covered 9 Volt to 29 Volt.

 Provide standard 3 of Video/Power cable for camera and 1 of Audio/Video/Power cable for camera
 to device. Connect to special connector each channel.

 Optional IR extension unit connect to IR EXT stereo jack.

 Audio/Video stereo jack connect convert RCA cable.

 Optional GPS receiver device connect RJ11 4 pin connector which are Power, RX, TX and Ground.

 4 channel Sensor input and 1 channel relay out to device.

 NTSC or PAL mode detect automatically by signal from channel 1.
 No signal from channel 1 will be shown with NTSC.

 Must do cable connect before power off the device.
 After connection all cables, check devices work fine with power.

 Customized cables will be compatible every ports. You can connect matched it.

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                                       MCL-4001 User’s manual
                 Chapter II. Getting Started

2.1         IR Remote Controller

                                                                  1    Record
                                                                  2    Quad Mode
                                                                  3    Zoom
                                                                  4    Enter
                                                                  5    ESC
                                                                  6    Menu
                                                                  7    OSD ON/OFF
                                                                  8    Cursor (Up, Down, Right, Left)
                                                                  9    Channel & functions

2.2         Live Screen
       Displayed Channel Number                       Displayed Recording

                                                                                Current Time & Date

                                                                                 Remained Storage

             Displayed GPS data (Position & Speed)

 Anytime use 1 to 4 number button at remote controller, it will be shown that channel full screen.
 Also, use enter button at remote controller then quod screen as normal.

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                                      MCL-4001 User’s manual
2.3         Menu Screen
a. Record: Set Frame Rate, Quality, Resolution each channels.

                                    Video Quality for Each Channel
                                         (High, Middle, Low)

 Set Frame rate Each Channels                                        Set Resolution for Each Channel
   (NTSC : 0, 1, 3, 7, 15, 30)                                            (Full D1, Half D1, CIF)
     (PAL :0, 1, 3, 6, 12, 25)

Use arrow button by remote controller then chose with enter button what you need.

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                                     MCL-4001 User’s manual
b. Configuration: Set Date & Time, Language and Format

                                                                      Set Year, Month, Time
                                                                      Set GMT time zone
                                                                      Display mode for Date & Time
                                                                      Set Time mode
                                                                      Set Language
                                                                      Time Synchronize from GPS

               <Set GMT time zone>              <Display mode for Date & Time>

                <Set Time mode>                            <Set Language>

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                                  MCL-4001 User’s manual
c. Search: Search by Time & Date from recorded data.

                                                                              Pick recorded Date

                                                                               Pick Recorded Hour

                                                                               Pick Recorded Minute

          Close : Escape from Playback mode

          PREV : Revert frame by frame

          FR x2, x4, x8 : Fast Revert play mode. Speed will be changed each time pressed button.

          REV 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 : Slow Revert play mode. Speed will be changed each time pressed button.

          REV – Revert Play mode.

          PAUSE – Pause the playback

          PLAY – Playback

         PLAY 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 : Slow play to forward. Speed will be changed each time pressed button.

          FF x2, x4, x8 : Slow play to forward. Speed will be changed each time pressed button.

          NEXT – Play to forward frame by frame

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                                     MCL-4001 User’s manual
d. System: Set system environment.

  This part is important for system environment. All sets are in here which are System, Password,
  Camera setting, Motion, Alarm and Audio. Each one has different set value but user can
  change to fit their needs.

   ① System Setting

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                                    MCL-4001 User’s manual
                                                     Display OSD On/Off option
                                                     Automatically recording with booting system option
                                                     Format storage option (must reboot system)
                                                     Revert to factory setting option
                                                     Input Vehicle’s Identification (up to 12 Character)

② Password Setting

   Generate Password by remote controller 2 times.

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                                 MCL-4001 User’s manual
③ Channel properties

  Adjust environment for each channels.

                                            Chose Channel what you need.

                                            Input each Camera’s Identification (up to 12 Character)

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                              MCL-4001 User’s manual
④ Motion Detection Setting

  Set motion detection function and action after received signal.

⑤ Alarm/Sensor Detection Setting

  Set Alarm/Sensor function and action after received signal.

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                                MCL-4001 User’s manual
⑥ Audio Setting

  Set Audio and action how to output method.

                                               <Chose audio channel arrange camera>

       <Chose channel out to quad screen>

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                               MCL-4001 User’s manual
        ⑦    Zoom

            Choose full screen by target channel on play back or live mode then can use zoom function by
            remote controller.

    Press zoom button at full screen at any channel.

(a) Press zoom button on remote controller             (b) Press zoom button again – ZOOM X 2

(c) Press zoom button again – ZOOM X 3                 (d) Press zoom button again – ZOOM X 4

    Use Arrow button on remote controller to target area as shown mini square on center of screen,
    after then press esc button to exit.

    Zoom function on Live screen : following step as (a)  (b)  (c)  (d)
    Zoom function on Play back screen : following step as (b)  (c)  (d)

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                                         MCL-4001 User’s manual
                Chapter III. Viewer Software

3.1        Installation Viewer on PC

1. Click next

2. Find expected Folder for install of PC VIEWER.

3. Choose install File on selected Folder.

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                                      MCL-4001 User’s manual
4. Choose Create icon on Desktop on PC.

5. After ready for installing software, Click Install button.

6. All done install for Viewer software on PC.

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                                        MCL-4001 User’s manual
3.2          Viewer Window


                            7                                             4

 1. Screen for founded none video file.
- Shown started viewer software before bring video file from CF-card.
- Shown After brings CF-card but it could not find recorded video file in there.

 2. Displayed driver’s name when CF-card is connected on the PC.

 3. Listed recorded date when selected CF-card in driver on the PC.

 4. Displayed red bars on time table at selected date on CF-card.

 5. Displayed graph about G-sensor data with recorded video file

 6. Control Panel buttons for Play Back / Capture and AVI convert button

 7. Display information about video file.

 8. Display Time, playback speed and GPS data.

 9. Display tracking root on Google Map by GPS data.

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                                          MCL-4001 User’s manual
3.3   Viewer Icons

       Minimize PC VIEWER window.

       Close PC VIEWER Software on PC.

       Full screen any channel.

       Display by Quad Screen.

       About PC VIEWER.



       Revert Play frame by frame

       Play frame by frame

       Fast Revert Play. X2, X4 and X8 speed when click each time.

       Fast Forward. X2, X4 and X8 speed when click each time.

       Capture selected screen.

       Convert to AVI file selected area.

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                               MCL-4001 User’s manual
 3.4           Backup
Save as JPG file format on PC.

    1                                   Stop playback on target screen.

    2                                   Save as capture file. (JPG file format)

    3       Save as to target folder.

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                                         MCL-4001 User’s manual
Convert and save AVI file to PC

                   Click Icon


    1. Chose start time for backup to PC on TIME TABLE – Click Set button after chose Start time zone.
    2. Chose end time for backup to PC on TIME TABLE – Click Set button after chose end time zone.
    3. Convert – Chose folder on PC

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                                        MCL-4001 User’s manual

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